Sole E35 Vs Sole E95 – Which is Better?

Sole Fitness is a leading brand in elliptical trainers and the E35 and E95 are two of it most popular models so far. Which between the two will serve you better?

My name is Ethan and I have been a fitness enthusiast for over 5 years now. Over the course of my fitness journey, I have come to appreciate the great benefits that come from training on the elliptical.

The two models we are comparing today from the Sole Fitness brand are some of the best built machines I have come across. While they do share similarities in terms of their front-drive construction that feature a backlit console and double-wheel track design, they do have some key differences.

Understanding these unique differences will help you decide on the best Sole elliptical that matches your training preferences.

What are the key differences between Sole E35 and Sole E95?

Sole E35
Sole E95
25 lbs
27 lbs
Magnetic 16Levels
Magnetic 20Levels
0-20 degrees
0-20 degrees
Stride Length
20 inches
20 inches
10 Workout Programs
10 Workout Programs
Weight Capacity
375 lbs
400 lbs

Sole E35 and Sole E95 – How do they differ?


With a heavier flywheel, your riding experience will be much smoother and the weight increases the machine’s stability. If you are into intense training, you need to choose a heavier flywheel.

The E35 has a 25-pound flywheel which is perfect for moderate workouts that maintain your fitness and body weight.

The 27-pound flywheel on the E95 will give greater resistance which enriches your experience. This slight difference in the weight of the flywheel will significantly be felt in training.

On this elliptical, you can go harder in more intense training that will help you lose more weight to achieve your weight goals.

The E95 has a heavier flywheel which is preferable for harder workouts as compared to the E35 which is better for those who like training a little bit more moderately.


Both ellipticals have a monitor that displays all your vitals like heart rate, time, calories, program among other details relevant to your training. The E35 has a 7.5-inch screen that is backlit meaning that even in poor lighting, you will see and read the screen clearly.

The E95 has a 10.1 screen and everything becomes more clearer because of its large size. A special feature in the both is the built-in fan that will keep you cool as you work out plus the iPod dock that keeps you connected to your favorite music.

Apart from their difference in size the console of both the E35 and E95 posses the same features in displayed details, iPod dock, backlit screen and in-built cooling fan. 


Assembling an elliptical may be daunting for some people and you may require to call a professional to get it done for you. However, if you are well versed in the operation and set up of an elliptical machine, the instruction manual should be enough to help you assemble the E35.

The case is different for the E95 as it is a bit more complex to assemble because of its heavier flywheel which adds to its weight. It would be wise to call on a professional.

E35 is easy to self-assemble but the E95’s set up is a bit more complex and you need the help of an expert.

Weight Capacity

As a home training machine, it is important to consider the weight capacity that would accommodate you and paying consideration to anyone else in your circle who may want to hop on your elliptical for a training session.

E35 can handle up to 375 pounds while the E95 carries 400 pounds maximum.

Foot Pedals

Both these ellipticals have adjustable foot pedals in terms of the toe to heel angle. This adjustment will help reduce any sore Achilles tendons and numbness which may be experiences after long intensive workouts.

E35 gives us 3 different adjustable positions for the foot pedals while E95 gives us 10 great options. This is great for the customization of your workouts.

Sole E35 Vs Sole E95 – A Comparison Overview

Sole E35 – Overview

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This elliptical machine provides you with a drive system that is as quiet as a whisper with its 25-pound flywheel and high geared system. This makes your training sessions discreet and noise-free. A heart rate chest strap is provided with your purchase and it works seamlessly with the machine.

The adjustable power incline feature adds to the challenge and works out more muscle groups making for an ideal full body workout. You can expect to work out your upper and lower body harder or easier based on which angle you adjust your ramp to.

As you work out, the 7.5-inch LCD backlit screen will keep you updated on your health and other details for you to keep in mind your progress and training statistics. A fan is in-built as well to cool you off and 10 training programs are available to keep you engaged and excited to work out.

Recently Sole have upgraded this model to include the Bluetooth sync option allowing you to stay entertained with your favorite jams.


  • Quiet operation
  • Customizable features
  • Heart rate strap included
  • iPod and MP3 compatible
  • Consistent resistance


  • Too large to carry or move around
  • On/Off switch inconveniently placed

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Sole E95–Overview

Sole E95

A 27-pound flywheel is fittedin this machine which gives you a smoother ride experience and the foot pedals are adjustable to 10 different options in angle placement. The handles are movable and it also has a simple control panel similar to the E35 LCD monitor but bigger at 10.5 inches big.

On this elliptical you can ride in forward and backward motion which intensifies the challenge of your training which translates to better results over time. The versatility allows for a full body workout that engages your arms, legs, core and back.

It also features 10 training programs and an iPod dock with a fan. The resistance provided on the E95 is 20 which is made by the heavy magnetic flywheel. Additionally, a water bottle holder is part of the structure adding to its desirability.


  • Silent operation
  • Adjustable pedals for extra comfort
  • Movable handle bars
  • MP3 port has good sound
  • Water bottle holder
  • Bluetooth sync ability


  • Large machine needs big room
  • Needs professional assembly
  • Once assembled it can’t be moved around

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Verdict: So, which is the better elliptical between Sole E35 and E95?

Both being from the same reputable company, these ellipticals are ideal for all. It just depends on your preferences and expectations.

E35 is the ideal pick for those who prefer light workouts that give a good cardiovascular workout. In terms of price, it is also more affordable than the E95 and rightfully so.

E95 is perfect for any fitness enthusiasts like myself who like to push themselves while training. This is a hardy and durable elliptical that can handle up to 400 pounds which make sit great for heavy individuals who are looking to shed off some weight.

That being said, the large console and the adjustable foot pedals featured on the E95 give it a leg up over the E35. For this we would conclude that the Sole E95 is the better pick of the two.