SOLE LCR Light Recumbent Bike Review

Are you looking for an indoor exercise bike to intensify your home workouts? The SOLE LCR Light Recumbent Bike is just what you need.

When I started working out at home the routines were easy and didn’t require any equipment. I had to integrate cardio into my routines so I decided to get an indoor exercise bike. Researching for the best and most affordable bike took a while but I found a good one.

The SOLE LCR light indoor bike is the one I decided to go with. It is a comfortable and durable indoor exercise bike that will help you attain your goals. The bike provides challenging workouts and is perfect for light commercial environments like home gyms, fitness studios, and physical therapy studios. The SOLE LCR light also comes with a lifetime warranty.

The SOLE LCR Light Recumbent Bike Review and breakdown

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The SOLE LCR Light is a self-generating indoor bike that is great for home workouts. It is designed with an adjustable seat and a durable steel frame to withstand intense workouts. The self-powered bike is comfortable and suited for riders of all ages. Being a recumbent bike it is comfortable and safe for physical therapy.

The bike has a 30lb flywheel for stability and a silent, vibration-free workout. The weight capacity on the bike is 350lbs, and it comes with 40 levels of magnetic resistance. The SOLE LCR bike has a 12 position seat and comfort features like a cooling fan and bottle holder. There is also an iPod or MP3 player plug for entertainment as you work out. It is a good indoor exercise bike for cardio training.

What we liked:

  • The LCR bike has a steel frame sealed with a layer of aluminum that makes it durable.
  • The bike comes with a resistance level of 40 which is very impressive.
  • It is self-generating and does not use electricity.
  • There is a cooling fan on the bike for added comfort as you exercise.
  • Warranty is offered on various parts of the bike.

What we didn’t like:

  • This bike is self-generating which is not a favorable option for everyone.
  • The heart rate chest strap is bought separately.

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The SOLE LCR Light Recumbent Bike specifications

145 lbs.
57.0 x 30 x 50 inches
Resistance level
User weight capacity
Flywheel weight

The SOLE LCR Light Recumbent Bike Features


The SOLE LCR bike is simply designed to be used by a variety of riders. Its low step-in design allows riders easy access. It has a strong steel frame made of thick tubbing, drive, and resistance systems that are covered by aluminum for an elegant look. The bike is 57 cm long and a bit heavy weighing 157lbs but has transport wheels on the base to move the machine around your house.

The transport wheels are found at the front base while the rear base has a handle for easy movement of the indoor bike. The pedals of the SOLE LCR bike have adjustable straps and are self-adjusting. This is a safe recumbent bike that can also be used by seniors. The stylish design of this bike will be great to add to your workout equipment.

Seat and Handlebars

The SOLE LCR has a well-contoured adjustable seat with foam cushioning to adapt to your body. The 110-degree angle of the backrest offers comfortable back support reducing upper body weight from your pelvic area. The indoor exercise bike’s seat distance can be adjusted to 14 different positions.

The bike has rear handlebars that have two bottle holders. The front handlebars have handgrips covered with rubber foam for a firm grip. Rubber grips are more comfortable for long rides. The SOLE LCR handgrips incorporate pulse sensors to be able to track your heart rate.


The SOLE LCR bike is a self-generated machine that uses a small power generator to create power as you pedal in order to operate the console and brake system. The bike’s resistance system has an eddy current brake which means the resistance is adjusted from the console with 40 resistance levels available. An impressive feature that will give you multiple intense workout programs to choose from

The 30lbs flywheel allows smooth pedaling and consistent momentum. The pedals each come with a toe strap and 5 adjustment settings. The SOLE LCR bike has a heavy-duty v belt that is stretch resistant and contributes to the quietness of the indoor bike.


There is a multi-functional console on the SOLE LCR exercise bike. It features a 9″ LCD display with backlit that shows all workout data such as speed, time, distance, watts, calories, heart rate, and the resistance setting. The indoor exercise bike has 10 workout programs built in the console unit and a custom program to personalize your experience.

There are also 12 direct keys for resistance adjustment with each program having its key on the dashboard. With a self – generating bike the console powers on when you begin to pedal and goes to sleep when you stop. The internal battery ensures data is saved after every workout. The SOLE LCR console also comes with a fitness test program to specifically determine fitness level according to your cardiovascular performance.


The SOLE LCR light is shipped pre-assembled with only a few parts to be fixed. The bike comes with an easy to understand manual with tools like a Phillips screwdriver and wrenches needed to put together the bike. The parts include the backrest, the saddle, the console mast, handlebars, console, and the frame bases.

This process will take you close to two hours then the indoor exercise bike will be ready to use. The bike is easy to maintain, you only need to periodically check the bolts and joints. The parts are pre-lubricated with industrial-grade lubricants that lasts over a long period. The bike does not require internal maintenance since it is belt-driven.

Additional features

The SOLE LCR features a 2-sound system that is loud enough to not need earphones. The top part of the console has a cooling fan to keep you comfortable as you pedal. The bike is also compatible with most devices such as MP3 players, smartphones, and tablets. There is a tablet tray and storage compartment.

Who is the SOLE LCR Light Recumbent Bike best suited for?

The SOLE LCR Light recumbent bike is great for riders of all ages from beginner level to intermediate level. This bike is great for riders looking for various workout programs similar to those offered in gyms. Its design that offers low impact training is especially suited for elderly users and those going through physiotherapy sessions.

The indoor exercise bike is built for riders between 5″ and 6″5 and has a weight capacity of 350lbs which is inclusive for a lot of people. It is good for anyone looking to have a healthy cardiovascular system and building stamina. If you are looking for a bike to burn some calories, then this is a good choice for you.

Are there any alternatives to the SOLE LCR Light Recumbent Bike?

Yes, there are other alternatives to the SOLE LCR Light bike such as the SOLE LCB4 light recumbent bike and the SOLE R92 recumbent bike. The two are quality indoor exercise bikes for light to intense home workouts.

Features of alternatives to the SOLE LCR Light Recumbent Bike

SOLE LCB4 Light Recumbent Bike
SOLE R92 Recumbent Bike
48.5 x 23.0 x 60.0 inches
57.0 x 30.0 x 50.0 inches
User weight capacity
Resistance level

Verdict: Should you get the SOLE LCR Light Recumbent Bike?

The SOLE LCR indoor bike is a quality exercise machine that is guaranteed to help you with your fitness journey. It is good for home gyms and can handle intense workouts due to its strong build. The console comes with a cooling fan and sound system to keep you entertained as you work out.

The 9 inch display is easy to use and features 10 built-in workout programs for cardio training. With a high resistance level, you will be able to get an intense session. The exercise bike is ideal for many riders of different fitness levels and ages. If you want an effective, indoor bike for your home workouts then this is a great pick.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. What is the resistance level on the bike?

The LCR bike comes with 40 resistance levels twice the number of most indoor exercise bikes for intense workouts.

  1. Does the bike come with afan?

Yes, the SOLE LCR light bike comes installed with a cooling fan in the console to give you maximum comfort. This fan keeps you cool and comfortable during an intense workout

  1. Is the bike fit for tall riders?

Yes, the indoor exercise bike is good for tall and short people. It is recommended for people between 5″ to 6″5 in height.