Sole R92 Vs Schwinn 270 – Which One Has More To Offer?

 Recumbent bikes seem to be all about comfort and back support. What is there to think about besides these two elements? In this Sole R92 vs Schwinn 279 comparison we look other advantages each bike has to offer.

I’m looking for a recumbent indoor bike for my father who has been recovering from a back injury for months. I know Sole and Schwinn make quality spin bikes and would rather choose from their recumbent line up.

Here is a Sole R92 and Schwinn 270 comparison to shed light on the strengths and weaknesses of each bike to help you decide which one is a better pick.

What Are The Differences Between Sole R92 And Schwinn 270?

Sole R92
Schwinn 270
Programmed workouts
10 (few options)
29 ( many options)
Resistance levels
Console display
Dual track ( displays more info)
Single track ( displays basic info)
20 lbs. (9 kg)
17 lbs. ( 7.8 kg) – perimeter weighted
All well-padded ( very comfortable)
Lower padded, backrest vented (less comfort more aeration)


Sole R92 Vs Schwinn 270 – How Do They Compare?

Programmed Workouts

Just about any indoor bike you come across in the market today comes with programmed workouts. Some have a few and others have so many you could use the bike for months never getting through them all. They are helpful because they remove the guesswork from the process of achieving an intense beneficial work out.

The Sole R92 comes with 10 programmed workouts. These are a set of 6 standard, 2 custom and 2 heart rate programs. The Schwinn 270 on the other hand offers much more on this front.

It comes with 29 programs. These are 12 profile programs, 2 fitness tests, 9 heart rate programs, 4 user profiles for storing personal information and workout statistics and 1 recovery test program.

Resistance Levels

Resistance is one of the most important parts of an indoor bike. Without resistance the bike ceases to be challenging and useful to the user. These two bikes differ in the number of resistance levels they offer.

The Sole R92 has 20 resistance levels while the Schwinn 270 has 25 levels. Lower levels mimic riding an outdoor bike on flat ground while higher levels give you the feel of riding on a steep climb.

The advantage to numerous resistance levels is that it makes sure you never outgrow your indoor bike. Even as your fitness level rises, there is still more than enough room for growth with levels which continue to challenge you.

Users have admitted that these levels are more than enough to challenge even super fit professionals.

Console display

This is a stark difference between the two bikes. The Sole R92 has one large 9-inch monitor which has a blue backlight useful when you are riding in dim light.  It displays standard parameters such as distance, RPMs, speed, calories burned and the like.

In the Schwinn 270 the first thing you will notice is that it has 2 screens. One average sized one and a smaller one under it.  Its dual track technology allows you to monitor more details.

This bike displays 13 statistical parameters which are split into 2 columns. One displays results of the ongoing workout session. The other displays progress of the specific rider based on their workout goals. The lower screen therefore works as a motivator to show you how you are doing as you inch closer to your goals.


Seat comfort is one of the most important aspects in a recumbent bike. Unlike spin bikes which have smaller, uncomfortable seats, recumbent bikes feature large, comfortable seats. Many users of recumbent bikes use them because they suffer from back pain and want to stay in shape without putting much pressure on the back and legs.

The Sole R92’s seat is padded on the lower section and upper back rest. The Schwinn 270’s seat is also large and padded but the padding is only on the lower part of the seat. The backrest in this bike is not padded but is instead vented to allow fast and easy cooling.

Sole R92 Vs Schwinn270 – A Comparison Overview

Sole R92 Overview

Sole R92 Overview

Sole Fitness is a renowned home fitness brand. The R92 is one of the company’s 2 recumbent bike models.  It has a standard footprint for this type of indoor bike with a length of 57 inches and width of 30 inches.

It is designed for semi-home use such as apartment complex gyms and hotel gyms. This is why it would be considered large for a small apartment.

It has a sturdy steel tubing frame with an aluminum shroud which ensures you never experience any wobble no matter how hard you pedal. This makes it strong enough to support even heavy users, with a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds (136 kg).

The seat gives users a variety of positions to choose from with 12 adjustment positions depending on your height and preference. It gives you a smooth ride thanks to a 20 pound flywheel and the magnetic resistance system makes sure you can have a quiet ride. Transitioning from one to another of the 20 resistance levels is quick and smooth.

Pedals on this bike are designed with a wide base and a slight inward slant. There is a water bottle holder to ensure you remain hydrated as well as a fan to keep you cool all through.

There is a set of wheels under the machine which helps you move the bike from place to place. Users have complained that this is still a heavy piece of equipment despite the wheels. This is why users are advised to set it up in a place where they will not need to move it much.


  • Strong, durable frame
  • Two methods to monitor heart rate
  • Slanted pedals
  • Cooling fan
  • Water bottle
  • Transport wheels


  • Basic console and parameters displayed
  • Very heavy despite wheels
  • Only 10 workout programs.

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 Schwinn 270 Overview

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The Schwinn 270, also a recumbent bike is a sturdy single-framed piece of equipment, which gives you a feel of stability no matter how old it gets. Its weighs only 86.6 pounds, which is relatively light for a recumbent bike.

Although there are probably several reasons which could be given to explain this, we must consider that the flywheel is a perimeter weighted one.

The 17 pound flywheel (also relatively light) has the bulk of its weight concentrated around its edges. Experts explain that perimeter weighting helps to achieve the effects of a heavy flywheel with a fairly light one.

Heart rate monitoring in this bike can be done using one of two methods. The hand grips have heart rate sensors which measure your heart rate when you grip them. As long as your hands are on the grip, this parameter is constantly being measured. The other option is a chest strap. It comes in handy for users who prefer to ride with their hands free so they never hold the grips.

It has an oversized, well-padded seat.  This seat is marketed as one giving enhanced lower back support and can be adjusted vertically from 19 to 22.5 inches above the ground. To adjust the seat, use the lever underneath the seat to allow for movement then lock it back in place after a comfortable position is found.

One popular feature in this bike is an MP3 player port which allows you to connect the machine to the source of your favorite music. There is a pair of built in speakers through which you can play your music or listen to your favorite podcasts as you cycle. There is also a USB port which allows you to connect to other devices and transfer your data.

A 3-level cooling fan helps to keep you cool when the sweat starts to flow so you never get that overheating feeling. Some users however, have complained that the fan is weak.

When you need to move the bike from one place to another, there is a set of wheels at the front of the bike and a bar at the bottom of the rear. You can easily use the bar to lift the bike and settle its weight on the wheels before wheeling it out.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds (136 kg) which gives a good amount of leeway for just about any user. The user height range stretches from 4 –foot 11 to 6-foot 3. This is fine for most but it does lock out some taller-than -average users.


  • Dual console technology
  • Oversized, well-padded seat and vented back rest
  • 2 heart rate monitoring methods
  • Light perimeter weighted flywheel
  • Plugged to the wall, no batteries needed
  • Built in speakers
  • MPs player port USB port
  • Transport wheels and rear bar


  • Limiting height range
  • Weak fan
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If you are looking for a simple recumbent bike, either of the two bikes will serve you fine. Both give you 2 options on heart rate monitoring, have a maximum weight of 300 pounds (136kg) and have speakers and a cooling fan.

Verdict; so which is better? Sole R92 or Schwinn 270?

If you are looking for a recumbent bike which offers something above standard the Schwinn 270 will be your choice. It has a dual display console which displays up to 13 different parameters and 29 programmed workouts.

It also has 25 resistance levels to choose from and a light, perimeter weighted flywheel. Moving it is easier because it is lighter and has a bar to help you lift it. Enhanced back support and a vented back rest are part of improved comfort for users. 


Why do the Sole R92 pedals have a slight inward slat?

It helps to maintain perfect posture while cycling.

Does the Schwinn 270 have user profiles?

It has 4 user profiles. With these you don’t have to key in your age, weight and gender every time. Simply selectfor example, ‘user 3’ and start getting you individualized statistics.