Specialized alibi c vs sport, find your match

The fitness fraternity have often frowned at the quality of bikes out in the market today. But these new specialized bikes have come to change the game and put a smile back on your faces. Here’s a detailed Specialized alibi c vs sport review.
Some people ride for fun, others for adventure and others to learn. There are so many bikes designed to cater for all these reasons. But what about those people who ride for fitness? I hear all the time that no matter what type of bike you ride, you will always stay fit.
While this is true, what if I want a bike that is purposefully built to help me stay fit? I have gone in and out of more bike shops than I can count looking to find that one bike that fits perfectly. One that is bound to push my boundaries and up to the task. So here’s a comprehensive Specialized alibi c vs sport review.
What are the major differences between the Specialized alibi and the Specialized alibi sport?

Specialized alibi c
Specialized alibi sport
Frame material
7 speed
8 speed
Brakes, wheels
V brake
V brake

Specialized alibi c vs sport- what are the differences and similarities
Frame material
The specialized alibi c bike has a step-through aluminum frame that makes it the go-to all-purpose, all day everyday bike. Whether you are wearing jeans, a dress or some tight fitting sweat pants, you will have an easy time getting on and off this bike. It may resemble a town bike, but it is not. You’ll notice that this bike has a flat handlebar that helps keeps you upright throughout as you crisscross the city streets.
The alibi sport also comes in a durable aluminum frame that almost resembles other road bikes. It is however designed to slant downwards to encourage easier access when getting on and off the bike.
With 42 teeth on the chainring and a Shimano 7 speed drivetrain, you know that quality is fully guaranteed. This is the type of gear on a bike that knows no bounds whether it is sunny or rainy or you are going uphill or downhill. It needs very little maintenance and is designed to go miles and miles without needing replacement.
The specialized alibi sport on the other hand also comes with an equally capable gear but one that supports 8 speeds. This means you can tackle those corners and bumps without having to slow down or risking your safety. What’s more, this gear is made using rust resistant material in a bid to enhance its durability and function.
For the small amount of money you will spend on these two bikes, it is a sure catch to find a bike fitted with V brakes in exchange. While V brakes have their limitations in regard to efficient functioning during harsh weather and on muddy terrain, you can bank on the specialized alibi c and specialized sport V brakes to keep you in control always. This bike is built more for paved roads and gravel roads where this type of brakes are 100 percent effective. Taking this bike on off-road trails doesn’t mean it won’t go but you may find it more challenging than you would on a smoother trails.
Specialized alibi c vs sport reviews
Specialized alibi c review
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This is a bike I love because I can do practically anything with it, I can fix my fenders to ride on a dusty road, or fix my rack to go to the farmers market or even to simply carry out some errands. The icing on the cake is that I may go on and on for miles and miles and my tires will not go flat as is the case with most bikes. They will still be in good condition. This is all thanks to the airless Nimbus tires which will never puncture even for thousands of miles. This combined with a chain that is resistant to rust, a beautifully designed step though aluminum frame. This bike has all the qualities I am looking for in a bike with so much more to offer.

  • Step through aluminum frame design for easy access
  • High-quality brakes, wheels, and gear for enhanced durability


  • V brakes aren’t as effective when riding on unpaved trails as they are on paved trails


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Specialized sport review
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The most attractive thing about this bike is its geometry. It curves, its angles, It’s saddle, its handlebars, they are all placed strategically to accommodate your natural body movements to cause less fatigue and ensure comfort throughout the ride. With most bikes, different components that make up the bike are fixed and fitted without too much attention to detail. But here, every detail has been factored in. Forget about having to stop to stretch your legs and back.
The specialized sport saddle and handlebar has been positioned well to give you a naturally comfortable and upright posture. Its seat post has a suspension system that helps absorb the shock that comes with riding on an unpaved road or through bumps. A bike that will never go out of style for years and years to come

  • High-quality components and fixtures
  • Ergonomically designed to minimize fatigue and enhance Comfort


  • You may have to go for frequent tune-ups especially for your brakes after riding for long distances


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In my quest to stay fit and maintain good health I have found the Specialized sportbike to be the right choice. It has an amazing look, and geometry that is guaranteed to keep me comfortable enough to stay focused towards achieving my goals. This specialized alibi vs specialized sport shows that you can actually be comfortable enough and manage to ride faster for longer. The key lies in finding the right fit for the type of bike you are looking for.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I fix mudguards on my specialized alibi C bike?
Yes. The specialized alibi C bike comes with holes where you can fix your mudguards for when you are riding on a muddy road or a road full of loose sand particles.
Can I find a specialized alibi sport step through design bike?
Yes. This bike comes in both the regular frame and step-through frame designs. It is made this way to improve suitability for both men and women riders.
Rubber foam tires vs regular air-filled tires, which ones are better?
Rubber foam tires are puncture resistant and more durable. Air-filled tires, on the other hand, are strong and good at absorbing shock, especially when riding on unpaved roads. In the long run, it all narrows down to preference.
Does the specialized alibi C quality differ from the Specialized alibi sport?
Both of these two specialized bikes have aluminum frames and come fitted with high-quality brakes and gears. This means that the quality of the two bikes is parallel.
How fast is the specialized alibi c compared to the Schwinn mountain bike?
The specialized bike is a hybrid type of bike. It is easier to pedal and is designed to achieve high speeds and ride seamlessly on any type of surface. The Schwinn mountain bike is designed more for endurance than for speed. This makes it slower than the Specialized bike.