Specialized alibi vs alibi sport, comprehensive review

How happy would you be if you owned a bike that needed very little to no maintenance? Despite riding it for miles and milesSpecialized bikes are the least demanding bikes in the market. Here’s a comprehensive Specialized alibi vs alibi sport review to answer any of your concerns.
One group of riders do not mind having to repair a flat tire on a bike without even breaking a sweat. The other group would rather incur costs of having to take their bike to the repair shop than have to deal with the grim and dirt that comes with having to do their own bike repairs.
Most riders including me, belong to the second group of riders. I would rather sacrifice a couple of days away from my precious bike than have to get down and dirty oiling chains and fixing tires. I have since realized that I have been spending a lot of money on repairs which has got me thinking that maybe I need a new low maintenance bike.
For some time now, I have had my eye set on two Specialized bikes. Having gathered a lot about these two, here’s a thorough Specialized alibi vs Alibi sport review.
What is so unique about the Specialized alibi and the Specialized alibi sport bikes?

Specialized alibi
Specialized alibi sport
Frame material
Linear pull brakes
Linear pull brakes
7 speed
8 speed

Specialized alibi vs Alibi sport- here’s a thorough comparison
Frame material
Specialized bikes have a crisp clean finish and components each, not an inch out of place. Following in the footsteps of other hybrid bikes, both Specialized alibi and Specialized alibi sport bikes are fitted with strong but lightweight Aluminum frames. This type of frame has the standard shape as seen in many other bikes because this way, it can endure through all sort of abuse and doesn’t need extra maintenance.
By squeezing hard on each side of the wheel linear pull brakes are known to be more effective in slowing down and stopping the bike. Should an emergency occur, you can rely on these brakes to have your back. The specialized alibi and specialized alibi sport bikes have linear pull brakes on both front tires and rear tires.
This braking system is very effective especially for such bikes which people tend to normally ride to work or to conduct errands on paved roads. Whether it rains or there’s sunshine, linear pull brakes will guarantee you superb service.
Majority of riders are rarely keen nor do they focus on the particular specifications on a gear. The number of speeds a gear is said to support means that should you need to go faster, the gear is well able to accommodate your needs for speed. But beyond that, the gears help you maneuver in the event you are riding on irregular terrain through corners, bumps and ascends. This is why the Specialized alibi is designed with a 7-speed gear while the Specialized alibi sport is designed with an 8-speed gear.
Specialized alibi vs alibi sport quick reviews
Specialized alibi review

For those of you that think punctures are a major inconvenience, you are not alone. Thousands of riders think the same and have traveled far and wide to find fuss-free bikes. The specialized bike company has realized that there’s a loophole and has come to the rescue. The Specialized alibi bike means no more sudden trips to the bike shop thanks to foam rubber tires that will never go flat and a chain set that refuses to succumb to rust. This bike is made of high-quality compartments, carefully aligned to guarantee you optimum comfort.

  • Quality maintenance free parts and components
  • Comfortable design


  • After a few miles, you may need to take this bike for a thorough tune-up


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Specialized alibi sport review

Most riders prefer riding their bikes to work or for fun because they are convenient and more importantly to get a good workout. The Specialized alibi sport is built to specifically cater to those fitness enthusiasts ready to get their blood pumping and sweat dripping. Its design is meant to keep you upright for better steering control. Comfortable grips and a wide saddle mean you will not let go or fall off the bike no matter how fast you ride.

  • This bike is built to guarantee high performance and endurance
  • It has a light-weight aluminum frame


  • Ideal for most beginner or mildly experienced riders. Riding this bike for too long on paved roads may feel uncomfortable.


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I am never one to pass a chance to blow off some steam and get a good workout. To know that I can get that from a bike is mind-blowing for me to say the least. This is why I must pick the Specialized alibi sport bike as the winning bike in this dual. It is built specifically for fitness and has the kind of endurance that keeps me wanting to push boundaries. This Specialized vs alibi sport review proves that while durability is important, there are qualities riders are not willing to compromise.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is the Schwinn mountain bike different from specialized road bikes?
Apart from their obvious applications, there’s a huge difference between these two bikes. For example, Schwinn mountain bikes have flat handlebars while specialized road bikes have drop bars. Mountain bikes have bigger sized, knobby tires while road bikes have thinner smoother tires.
What sizes does the specialized alibi bike fit?
Finding a bike that fits you will help improve your performance and reduce chances of you experiencing lower back discomfort or knee pain. The bikes come in different sizes unique to both men and women.
How can I gain speed on my Specialized Alibi Sport bike?
Whether you are a beginner or veteran rider, you will always be looking for ways to stay ahead by riding faster. One trick that always works is by riding with someone who’s faster than you. As you progress, you’ll find that soon you have improved your speed.
Is the specialized alibi sport bike a good commuter bike?
The Specialized alibi bike is a hybrid bike that rides smoothly on both paved and unpaved roads. It is well able to achieve great speeds and get you to work fast on a day to day basis.
Specialized alibi vs Sirrus, which one will give me better value for money?
Both the Specialized alibi and Sirrus bikes may have completely diverse features but they are of very high quality. This makes either one of the two bikes well worth every coin.