Specialized Ariel vs alibi – find a bike that keeps you fit

Specialized bikes come in all manner of shapes and forms. This is a deliberate move aimed at catering for different rider’s needs. If you are looking to stay fit, here’s a thorough Specialized Ariel vs alibi review for you.
As much as I want to always stay in shape, I have never been one to go for these intensive types of workouts I see most of my friends performing at the gym. I am a more laid back fitness enthusiast always looking for the nearest shortest route towards meeting my fitness goals.
Recently I have been thinking about ditching the gym. I want to adopt a friendlier, less draining way to stay toned and within my ideal weight. I have noticed a sharp increase of people in cycling groups from my workplace and my neighborhood. I thought to myself that I have always loved riding bikes, so why not give it a shot?
While scouting for the best bikes to help me embark on my new found fitness journey, I stopped at two high potential bikes, the Specialized Ariel and Specialized Alibi.
What are the main differences? Specialized Ariel vs Alibi;

Specialized Ariel
Specialized alibi
Frame material
10 speed
7 speed
Hydraulic disc brakes
Linear pull

Specialized Ariel vs alibi- what are the differences and similarities?
Frame material
Most bikes come in doubles. There’s a bike made for women and another one made for men. The difference is usually very slight. The Specialized Ariel bike is simultaneously both female and male-specific. The strong, premium aluminum frame slants at an angle from the handlebar down towards the rear. As it turns out men also need easier access. The specialized alibi bike also has an aluminum step-through frame. Here you won’t ever need to come up with an ‘excuse’ for not riding your bike based on the clothes you have on.
A good, well-functioning, easy to engage gear is the difference between a breathtaking ride and an underwhelming ride. See the gear is what powers the bike to help you, the rider, to steer it without having to pour out all your energy. The Specialized Arial bike prides itself for its 10-speed gear, capable of turning hillsides into virtually flat ground. As I took a ride on this bike I was able to prove this to be true. The Specialized alibi, on the other hand, comes with an impressive 7-speed gear with enough clout to tough out steep ascends.
A compact bike that is easy to ride, the Specialized Ariel bike is quickly sweeping me off my feet, quite literally. This bike is fitted with hydraulic disc brakes on both rear and front wheels. Disc brakes are known to be the best brakes you can have on a bike because they are weatherproof. Due to their strategic positioning disc brakes are less exposed to dirt, murky water, and mud and hence more effective. The Specialized alibi comes with linear pull brakes whose effectiveness may be limited to paved roads. Linear pull brakes can also limit the wheel’s durability by leading to faster tear and wear.
Specialized Ariel vs alibi reviews
Specialized Ariel review
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To get in shape faster, I have come to realize that one must be creative. Sticking to just one training method is the fastest route to procrastination and eventually lack of fitness. Aside from the gym, I find that bike riding is my go-to fitness method any time I feel like I am getting too bored of what I am doing at the gym. The specialized ariel road bike is one that has so far awed me in so many ways. It has a strong aluminum frame, the most effective hydraulic disc brakes, and a low maintenance chainset. With all these qualities you have a complete package in a bike that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

  • This bike comes with hydraulic disc brakes on both front and rear wheels
  • Has an easy to engage 10-speed gear


  • After a few couple hundred miles, you may have to spend time to take your bike for routine maintenance


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Specialized alibi review

A tough bike for the hardworking rider chasing the horizon. The Specialized alibi road bike is incredibly light. It comes with slots where you can attach your rack for that day you are looking to ride around town conducting errands. You also have an allowance to mount fenders for when you’re riding on a road full of puddles or murky waters or on a road with coarse sand or gravel particles. Getting your bike professionally adjusted and fitted in accordance with your height means you are comfortable enough to yield more from each ride. You can also achieve lightning speeds as this bike is built to promote high-efficiency levels.

  • Geometrically aligned to fit your body size and to enhance comfort
  • Lightweight and built for endurance


  • You may face challenges trying to brake effectively if you ride this bike on unpaved roads


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Right off the bat, I have had my eye on the Specialized Ariel bike. But being one to delve deeper just to see if my eyes are pointing me in the right direction, I scrutinized this bike inside and out trying to identify its good and bad side. I must say that this bike makes the cut. This detailed Specialized Ariel vs alibi review shows the upsides and downsides of both bikes. I can turn a blind eye on a lot of things but when it comes to quality and comfort, I remain smitten and loyal to the specialized Ariel road bike.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the price of a used Specialized Ariel bike?
Different owners and sellers have different prizes for their bikes. Aspects such as how old the bike is, how well it has been maintained and its general physical conditions may lead to variance in prices.
Can I switch the v brakes to disc brakes on my specialized ariel bike?
Originally, the specialized alibi bike comes fitted with V brakes. If you happen to ride on dirt roads more than you do paved roads, it is better to switch the V brakes for more effective disc brakes.
Specialized or Trek, which bike which one is best?
It all narrows down to preference because these two bikes are very similar. Some riders prefer Specialized bike for their features, others prefer Trek bikes for their looks and vice versa.
Can a beginner ride the Specialized alibi bike?
If you have a good trainer, then yes, a specialized alibi hybrid bike is beginner friendly. What’s more, you can ride it on both paved and unpaved roads. It is designed to guarantee you proper balance and comfort at all times.
What is the weight limit for the Specialized alibi bike?
Bikes are designed to fit particular riders weights and heights. Failure to this you may end up having the worst riding experience.