Specialized Roll Sport vs. Elite – How to Choose

Cycling is a wonderful way to stay in shape, spend time with friends and family, and explore new regions to name a few. However, the selection process is not always an easy task to accomplish as you have to choose between various alternatives – such as the specialized roll sport vs. elite.

As a bike enthusiast, I take great care in choosing any particular model as I know that even the smallest things in a certain option can make all the difference. If you’re new to the cycling game, you might think that all bicycles are the same – but this cannot be further from the truth. They may offer the same functionalities and work in a generally similar manner – but there are a variety of elements that differentiate the many options available in the market. This means choosing the right bike for your needs is not always a straightforward objective.

If you’re looking for a reliable brand in the market, then the specialized roll is definitely something you should consider. These bicycles are available in a variety of models – so you need to take the time to compare your options before making a final decision. Trying to decide between the specialized roll sport vs. elite, for example, will require you to gather a slew of information on both bikes. The same manufacturer might make them, but each alternative offers a different experience to its users – depending on their particular needs.

There is no wrong or correct answer when choosing between these two options. It’s all about your particular needs, tastes, and preferences. In the end, the kind of experience you’re going for will determine the specific version that is most suitable for you.

Some of the similarities and contrasts you can identify when looking at both bikes include:

Specialized Roll Sport
Specialized Roll Elite
Forged Alloy, Square Taper
Specialized stout, Forged Alloy
Shimano Tourney, 7 Speed
Sunrace, 8 Speed
A1 Premium Aluminum

Specialized Roll Sport vs. Elite – Which best suits your needs?

Nimbus Sport Tires

Both the Specialized Roll Sport and the Elite come with Nimbus tires measuring 650bx2.3. These wide tires enhance the stability you can enjoy with your rides. If you’re a beginner hoping to navigate some tricky escapades, then these tires could prove the difference between a smooth ride and constant stutters along the way as you try to maintain your balance. The enhanced stability available also offers higher levels of safety, helping you avoid any unnecessary injuries in the process.

Body Geometry Saddle

The specialized roll sport and elite also come with a modern saddle referred to as “The cup†which enhances the levels of comfort you can enjoy during your rides. This can be a highly essential feature if you’re planning long trips with your bicycle, as other options might require you to make frequent stops as a result of the uncomfortable seating.

Aluminum Frame

The Specialized Roll elite’s lightweight A1 premium aluminum frame reduces the overall weight of the bike, making it easier to manage when riding or carrying it somewhere. This makes it easier to navigate difficult areas such as rocky regions and uphill climbs. The lighter weight ensures that you don’t have to exert too much effort when using this bicycle.

The Specialized Roll sport, on the other hand, provides a steel fork which offers a stronger and more durable element to this part. It also helps pros properly navigate the harder trails while riding, without having to worry about any potential damage being done to your wheels.


The Specialized Roll elite boasts a 24-speed drive train that allows for faster acceleration should you wish to fly down your route. It’s an awesome choice for those looking for an adventurous experience, and the structural capability of the bicycle reduces the risk of you taking a tumble as you race through an area.

The specialized Roll sport comes a gear lower, but the 7-speed bicycle still offers plenty of thrust for those trying to push their limits. The bike is designed for prolonged escapades through complicated routes, meaning the potential ease of navigation surpasses the need for speed.

Specialized Roll Sport vs. Elite Product Review

Specialized Roll Sport


If you’re looking for a premium bicycle that will offer you all the bells and whistles that will provide a comfortable ride, then look no further than the specialized roll sport. This high-quality bicycle is a great fitness option for those hoping to reemerge into the cycling arena. Its wide tires offer excellent traction, while the seat post comes with a spring suspension that enhances the comfort you can enjoy as you ride.


A body geometry cup saddle that increases the comfortability enjoyed from a seating position as you ride.

• Specialized city platform pedals for an easier grip and balance as you cycle.


• The bike comes with a steel fork which although offers great control, can make it more cumbersome to handle.



Specialized Roll Elite


The Specialized Roll elite is one of a kind when it comes to the comfort offered to urban riders and cycling enthusiasts. Its Aluminum frame makes it easier for you to navigate any uphill stretches, while the 8-speed gear system provides greater speed for your travels.


• The aluminum wheel allows for a broader set of tires, enhancing stability and improving the bike’s shock absorption capabilities.

• Specialized contour lock on the grip handles for better control.


• Larger tires lead to a bulkier frame which can make it harder to carry the bike around.



Frequently Asked Questions

How does the fork affect my power transfer and steering?

The fork acts as a medium between your front wheel and your handlebars, meaning the better the quality – the better the control.

Will a wider tire slow my progress?

A wider tire allows you to enjoy better stability and traction, giving you an advantage over those with thinner wheels. However, the increased size will have a minimal impact on how fast you can potentially go.

Would a rack and fender decrease my potential speed?

Although the bike may offer a more streamlined figure without these additions, their weight is not significant enough to visibly reflect on your speed. Unless you’re in the race for your life, it’s safe to add them to your bike.

How does the quality of my pedals affect my progress?

The kind of pedals on your bike can determine the quality of the grip you can enjoy. Plastic pedals, for example, may keep slipping away from soft or smooth soles, making it harder to control your bicycle.

What does upright geometry mean?

An upright geometry refers to the kind of seating position you can enjoy. In short, it means that you can seat up straight while enjoying a ride on your bike.