Specialized Roll vs Crossroads – Which Bike is More Comfortable?

Hybrid bikes have long provided us with the best kind of fitness regimen fit for all ages and sizes. The specialized roll and crossroads bikes are hybrids but which bike is the more incredible option?

I have long been a fitness enthusiast and my go-to option has always been the hybrid bike brands available in the market. They inspire you to a confident upright riding position that is both comfortable and effective.

This riding posture became quite important for me to seek out in all my bikes after watched a YouTube video detailing the long-term effects of riding in bad posture. I needed to find a replacement for my cyclocross which had started to give me some aches and pains so I zeroed in on the Specialized brand.

If these are things you are concerned about and actively seek out in your hybrid bike, read on to discover more about these cool bikes.

What is the difference between Specialized Roll vs Crossroads

Specialized Roll
Specialized Crossroads
A1 Premium Aluminum
6061 Aluminum True Comfort
Shimano HG200, 12-32
Belt Drive, 11-9
Shimano Altus, 7-speed
Shimano EZ Fire, 27-speed
Linear pull Tektro V-brake
Tetra 837 Alloy V-brakes
Nimbus II Sport 650b x 2.3â€
700 x 42c Vie Tire

Specialized Roll vs Crossroads: How do they compare?


While the Roll Bike has a standard A1 aluminum build, the Crossroads model has the more premium type of aluminum 6061. It is known for its workability, resilience to corrosion and strength. With that out of the way, both bikes have flat handlebars which are perfect for upright riding that is recommended for healthy cycling.

Brakes built into either bike also differs with the Roll spotting Tektro V-brake linear-pull types while the Crossroads version is fitted with the Tetra 837 Alloy V-brakes. Between the two brake options, the best is the Tektro linear-pull because they have better stopping power and responsiveness compared to the Tetra V-brakes.

While the Specialized Roll has a Shimano HG200, 12-32 cassette, the Crossroads has a belt drive system. None is specifically better than the other but the belt drive system requires less maintenance though at the cost of the durability and strength of the chain drive system of the Roll bike.

Specialized Crossroads features a belt-drive mechanism which is better in quiet operations while the Specialized Roll bike has a chain drive system that is more durable.


Specialized Roll bikes have the Shimano Altus groupset that includes a premium quality rear derailleur that is more long-lasting. It is further compatible with 7-8 speed bikes making the rear derailleur adjustable.

Specialized Crossroads, on the other hand, has the Shimano EZ Fire, 27-speed groupset that has two levers for shifting with the upshift positioned at the top for easy visibility and access. For those into some friendly and casual sports riding, this is the bike to pick.

Roll has grippy tires with a puncture-proof rubber and a quick-release clamp helps you adjust the seat post-mid-riding. they offer riding options in all three categories; Small, Medium, and Large to accommodate all proportions of riders.

Crossroads’ bikes are fitted with V-brakes which are great for providing great control and precision even in wet conditions. They are easy to operate and unlike the rim-style brakes, they don’t take much effort to manipulate.

Specialized Crossroads also provide riders with two chainrings at the front with 9-11 cogs in the rear. Other models that spot three front chainrings have a problem in shifting precision while those with a single chainring simplify shifting and minimize maintenance but may not be supportive enough for those uphill climbs.

The Specialized Roll is best suited for beginners or medium-level cyclists who aim for light exercise and the Crossroads serve the medium to experience cyclist with a knack for some hard training regardless of the weather.


Specialized Roll bikes allow you to add a fender at the rear and a small basket on the flat handlebars equipping you with the capacity to get around more efficiently. Built for comfort, these bikes feature a large saddle and ergonomic grips to enhance this bike’s levels of comfort over many miles.

Added features such as the inflation gauge have been added, this gauge has a green indicator that is visible when the tires are well pumped. If they need air, the green indicator will disappear to indicate this.

The paint job done on the Roll bike is intentional as well because it reflects light which boosts your visibility in bad weather.

Crossroads has a hub that has been internally geared and sealed from external elements.

Specialized Roll has more added benefits and extras such as the inflation gauge to enhance your experience as compared to the Crossroads version whose only special effect is the internally geared hub.

Specialized Roll vs Crossroads: A Comparison Overview

Specialized Roll Review

These bike models are built with comfort in mind. These commuter-friendly rides are perfect for those who suffer from back pain, stiff neck, or numb fingers after riding for a while. Their riding experience can only be matched by the cruiser bikes except for the ability to haul cargo onto the frame.

The seat tube is designed into a lean-back position which makes it easier for your foot to reach the ground while at a stop. The step-over frame is quite low making it suitable for riders of all levels of physical abilities and mobility.


  • Upright Riding Position
  • Wide and comfortable saddle
  • Low step-over frame
  • Great for all experience levels and ages


  • Not suitable for extremely hilly terrain


Specialized Crossroads Review 

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The Specialized Crossroad bikes feature flat handlebars that provide better control over the bike and support an upright riding position fit for keeping your eyes on the traffic. They have a shorter stem than other bikes and this gives them a longer reach guaranteeing ample handling.

Bike models that spot three front chainrings have a problem in shifting precision while those with a single chainring simplify shifting and minimize maintenance but may not be supportive enough for those uphill climbs.

There is the belt drive system in place of the chain and it comes with a low maintenance system compared to the standard chain and derailleur drivetrain.


  • Accommodates all rider sizes and capabilities
  • Internal gear hub low maintenance
  • Puncture-proof
  • Reflective tires


  • Not suitable for extremely hilly terrain



Both bikes can give you ample workout and have all the necessary features to make your ride a great experience.

Specialized Rolls have a wide and fully-supportive back and precise steering. To relieve pressure from your tailbone, they created a cutout in the middle of this saddle.

Specialized Crossroads have a belt drive system that is super effective and easy to use because, with the use of one shifter, you can control everything.

Verdict: Which is better – Specialized Roll vs Crossroads?

The Specialized Roll stands out as the best bike for the best riding comfort. If you worry about your riding posture, this is the hybrid bike for you.


What makes the Specialized roll a comfortable ride?

The Cup saddle is the name given to the seat on the bike which is equipped with Body Geometry. It works to cup your sit bones and this in turn reduces pressure without feeling restrictive.

How can I determine the size of my Specialized bike?

Do a Demo. While most websites provide a Size Chart, sizes are subjective. To get your exact fit, requesting for a demo would be your safest bet.