Specialized Vita vs alibi, where affordability and quality merge

Contrary to what many assume, you do not have to spend a small fortune to buy a good bike. There are some high-quality bikes out there that will check all your boxes. This specialized vita vs alibi review will help shed more light into affordable fitness bikes.
To be honest not many of us are willing or even have the financial strength to spend thousands of dollars on a bike. Not to say that bikes aren’t worthy investments. In fact, I would rather own a bike than own a car! There’s just a convenience that I enjoy with bikes.
My worry has always been that it could be a losing battle for me to find a good, high-quality bike which appeals to me not just going by its looks but also going by how well it works. I have spent a lot of money and bought bikes that had all the indications I was looking for only for it to break down within the first year.
It has become expensive to keep taking my bike to the bike garage to get this and that fixed every other week. So for some time now I have looked online and in bike shops to try and find an affordable bike to purchase.
I found the two most promising bikes, proving that my search was not in vain. Here’s a detailed specialized vita vs alibi review.
What are the notable differences?

Specialized vita
Specialized alibi
Frame material
Linear pull
Linear pull
8 speed
7 speed

Specialized Vita vs alibi- what differences do you need to know?
Frame material
When you ride for fitness you aren’t only looking to take short 30 minute rides but rather ride for hours. This is why you need a bike that can handle the aggressiveness and show endurance. The specialized Vita and specialized alibi both have frames made out of strong aluminum metal. This shows that this bikes are tough enough to take a beating. As I look to break a sweat I need not worry about whether my bike is strong enough.
The gear is the heart of all the major operations of a bike. Without it, riding would be a cumbersome experience that no one would want to engage in. The specialized vita comes with an 8-speed gear which is all you would need especially for town riding or long distance fitness rides. The Specialized alibi has a 7-speed gear that promises to tough out any hills and slopes to keep the bike moving smoothly at all times.
Brakes play an imperative role in keeping you safe and the bike always in your control. Specialized Vita and Specialized alibi are two road bikes built for paved roads and unpaved roads that aren’t too rugged. This is why I think that it is a splendid idea to have them fitted with linear pull brakes on both front and rear wheels. First of all, this means more effectivity especially upon facing emergencies. Second, it means you can monitor your speed at will and stay confident that the breaks wouldn’t suddenly fail and leave you in a ditch with a serious injury.
Specialized Vita vs alibi reviews
Specialized Vita review
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This bike comes in different fits which is an excellent safety measure that many riders ignore. Have you ever hopped on a bike only to find that the seat is too high or the pedals are too far away from your feet’s reach? These are telltale signs that you are sitting on a bike with the wrong fit. Specialized Vita is a bike that prioritizes comfort, reliability, and speed. This is facilitated by high-quality brakes, durable aluminum frame, and a dependable gear. The handlebars are easily accessible from the saddle something that I find really convenient. This because I get to ride as fast as I want without having to ride in a bent or uncomfortable position.

  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Ergonomic design to encourage comfort through longer rides


  • This bike has durable tires but not enough traction to ride confidently on muddy or unpaved roads


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Specialized alibi review

When I heard that this bike is a ready to roll bike, I was confused. Aren’t all bikes supposed to be ready to roll? But once I got to learn more I realized it is all in its tires where it’s greatest strength was hidden. Foam rubber tires. These tires remove punctures and flat tires out of the equation because they are airless! These tires have been built to require little to no maintenance and to have you set your eyes more on getting to the finish line. A chainset that is rust free yet doesn’t require oiling every other day is why the Specialized alibi road bike is the talk of town.

  • Durable, maintenance-free rubber foam tires
  • Strong aluminum frame


  • This bike may be all weather on paved roads but tends to struggle during rainy weather when riding out on unpaved roads.


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Final verdict
When looking for a fitness bike, an important tip would be to find the lightest bike. Heavy bikes are said to be stronger but aluminum frames have managed to merge strength and lightweight qualities in the bikes featured above. For me, I want a bike that can keep me comfortable regardless of however many hours I want to stay on the bike riding. Going by this specialized vita vs alibi review, I say that the Specialized Vita has managed to check all my boxes.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I install mudguards on my specialized alibi bike?
Riding on a muddy road may warrant the need for mudguards. This bike comes with provisions for you to install mudguards on such occasions when you need to stay clean and protected from getting dirt on your clothes.
What is good about airless tires?
Airless tires found on some Specialized bikes have been proven durable and very stable. Many have however reported that the tread on most airless tires is too mild for off-road riding plus they tend to vibrate more compared to air-filled tires.
Is a Specialized Vita bike good for both fitness and commuting?
The Specialized Vita is a hybrid bike made mainly for fitness uses but can prove just as useful as any other hybrid bike. You can use it to go for errands or to commute to work for example.
How tall or short does the Specialized alibi bike fit?
If you are a man or a woman rider, there are bikes specifically designed to keep you comfortable and in the right posture. It is imperative that you leave the bike shop with the right bike size to avoid incurring inconveniences.
Trek or Specialized, which one should I get?
Factors such as your needs for a bike and what your budget helps determine or steer you closer towards the bike you should get. Both the Trek and Specialized bikes are generally high value, quality bikes any rider will be delighted to own.