7-speed cruiser bike reviews – An incredible ride can transform your day

Get a stylish, feminine bike that lets you enjoy the fresh air during your relaxing time. Fito Modena II 7-speed cruiser is a convenient and comfortable bike. Our 7-speed cruiser bike reviews will help you learn more!
My wife’s birthday was approaching, and I wanted to do something unique for her. We were going through a rough patch. We barely had time to bond as a couple since both of us had demanding jobs. Over the previous years, I always gave her jewelry as birthday gifts, but she rarely wore them. I wanted something different that she could find useful and incorporate it in her daily life. I decided to get her a comfortable bike that she could use daily. Fito Modena 7-speed cruiser saved my marriage since it melted her heart. We even started making time to hang out as a couple.

Fito Modena II 7-speed cruiser

This is a 26-inch bike which is ideal for ladies who are not too tall nor too short. It comes with 7 speeds which increase versatility to suit the needs of different riders. The light pink on the bike is appealing for many ladies. The bike also contains white flowers which add aesthetic value.
Fito Modena is a comfortable bike that you will enjoy riding along the beach, park or streets. It has a wide seat which is also soft. You may not be able to assemble this bike on your own. Hire the services of a professional to save yourself from the confusion of assembling it. An expert can also ensure that everything is tight enough to prevent you from frustrations when you start riding the bike.



The producers use a high tensile steel frame to make this bike. It is a lightweight material that makes the bike last long. The frame is extended in such a way that the bike can fit both light and heavy riders. It offers sufficient space for all kinds of riders.

Brakes and speeds

Fito Modena cruiser bike contains brake arms and brake levers which increase its efficiency. The brakes provide efficient stopping power even as you ride downhill. It includes 7 speeds which make your bike fast and convenient to use on different surfaces. Thanks to the seven speeds, you can use this bike to commute or even work out. This bike also includes a Shimano derailleur and Shimano speed shifter that put you in control of your bike.

Saddle and seat

Like other cruiser bikes, Fito Modena 7-speed cruiser bike has a wide seat to suit the natural physique of ladies. The extra padded saddle also increases its comfort level. It includes rubber to provide you with a secure grip. The handlebars and the seat are positioned well to help you maintain a good sitting position without bending. You can tilt the seat slightly to fit your height.

White wall tires

The white wall tires of this model increase stability on different grounds. You can balance your bike even as you use different speeds. The wide tires give you a cushioned ride for smooth rolling. It also includes fenders on the front and rear tire which keep you clean and dry as you ride your bike on a sandy beach.


Fito Modena 7-speed cruiser is a cool bike that can help you leave a style statement. It does not have shouting colors that draw too much attention. The light pink makes it a simple, yet elegant bike. The red seat adds some contrast to the overall body.

  • It is comfortable and fast
  • Impressive design
  • Solidly constructed


  • It is difficult to assemble
  • Has some flimsy components

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Women have an eye for elegant items, and Fito Modena II 7-speed cruiser does not disappoint. It is an attractive bike that does not fail to turn heads. The bike provides room for different types of riders since it is comfortable and easy to cycle.
You can easily balance and control the bike due to the inclusion of features such as Shimano derailleur, cushioned white wall tires, and 7-speed gear system. If this model is not for you, feel free to check out other 7-speed cruiser bikes such as Huffy comfort cruiser and Fito marina alloy cruiser bike. Go through the 7-speed cruiser bike reviews to learn the distinguishing features between each type so that you choose the right one.