Spinner L1 Spin Bike Review

Are you looking for a good spin bike to use at home? The Spinner L1 Spin Bike is one of the best bikes for an all-round workout at the comfort of your home.

Working out is one of my favourite pass time activities. This has been more challenging because of my heavier work load this year. Anytime I feel stressed or want to release some tension I work out or go for a run to clear my mind. To better achieve my cardio workout goals I needed a machine in my home.

I decided to go for an indoor bike for a thorough and intense cardio training. With many options in the market to choose from, I settled on the Spinner L1 Spin Bike. It is an amazing bike for indoor cycling that I use every day. It is strong, lightweight, and has transport wheels for easier portability.  This is a great indoor bike for cardio workouts, strengthening your hips, shoulders, and keeping you healthy.

The Spinner L1 Spin Bike Review and Breakdown

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This is a stationary indoor bike for all your workout and cardio needs. This is a comfortable spin bike for cycling with a road like feel that Spinning is known for. That road like feel is due to the chain drive system that mimics an outdoor experience. This bike is durable and comes compatible with the Spinning Digital app.

This app with a 3-month free subscription where you will have access to expert coaches and great instructors. The Spinner L1 Bike also comes with a water bottle holder and a durable frame coated with rust and sweat-resistant powder. The padded seats ensure you are comfortable while working out. It is one of the most comfortable spin bikes in the market. This is a quality indoor bike for the price.

What we liked:

  • This bike comes with an adjustable seat for increased comfort and a more custom fit.
  • The flywheel and drive chain gives the user a smooth road bike feels when working out.
  • The transport wheels make this spin bike more portable.
  • The spinner L1 bike has stabilizer feet to prevent the bike from shaking while you work out.

What we didn’t like

  • It does not have a digital monitor

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Spinner L1 Spin Bike specifications

Product dimensions
44 x 10 x 33 inches
96 pounds
Flywheel weight
Weight limit
250 lbs

Spinner L1 Spin Bike Features

Seat and handlebars

This is one of the most comfortable spin bikes in the market. The seat is adjustable so that you are comfortable while riding. It is also wide and comfortable so you can cycle for longer. You can make adjustments for a more personalized fit depending on your height. The handlebars on this bike are also adjustable.

The adjustments can be made using the adjustment knob on the frame. The knob on this bike allows you to make smaller adjustments using the umbrella style approach. This protects the internal mechanical parts from sweat. It is a great feature to have on a spin bike.


The Spinner L1 Spin bike has a stylish black design that will attract any user. This bike has a solid frame to ensure your stability when exercising. This allows you to use the bike as long as you want without worrying about it moving unnecessarily. A stable bike is much safer to reduce chances of accidents.

Although this spin bike is very light, it has a 31lbs flywheel that will keep it grounded as you ride. This bike has a durable frame made of steel to keep you stable while cycling. The frame is coated with rust-and sweat-resistant powder to make it more durable.

Belt drive system

This drive mechanism will give you the same feeling you had when riding a bike as a kid. You will be more comfortable and motivated to work out for longer on this spin bike. This system is responsible for smooth and quiet operation while working out.

Assembly and maintenance

This bike comes with a manual to help you in the assembly. If you follow the instructions given, you will be able to assemble under an hour because some parts come pre-assembled. This bike does not require that much maintenance because of the belt-drive mechanism.

Due to the pre-lubrication on these parts you just have to make sure the bolts are tight enough. Cleaning this bike is not hard because of the transport wheels which makes mobility much easier.


The Spinner L1 spin bike has a weighted flywheel weighing 31-lbs. This weight is loaded on the outside perimeter of the flywheel to make your exercises more comfortable and fluid. The heavy-duty belt on this flywheel doesn’t stretch too much ensuring that you have this bike for a longer time.

You will also be ensured of a noise-free workout so that you can listen to music or have peace when training. This bike has great momentum for low intensity and high-intensity workouts.

Digital app

The Spinner L1 bike is compatible with a mobile application to help you better keep track of your progress. You get a 3-month free subscription to the Spinning Digital app when you purchase this bike. With this app, you can better optimize your home workouts and track your speed, and heart rate while exercising.

You can save and share your data with other apps or social media sites. This app gives you access to coaches and planned workouts to achieve your fitness goals much faster. This app is available for android and apple products.

Additional Features

This bike comes with transport wheels to make it more portable. This makes cleaning and maintenance easier. You can also move it to other rooms for storage when not in use. The stabilizer feet on the Spinner L1 bike keeps the bike stable while you exercise.

This bike comes with 4 free spinning DVDs to keep you on track to achieving your fitness goals. It comes with a water bottle holder to quench your thirst whenever you need it.

Lastly, the Spinner L1 is compatible with a tablet holder. Although you will have to purchase this separately it is very useful for users who want to work or listen to music while working out.

Who is it best suited for?

The Spinner L1 bike is an ideal choice for anyone looking for an affordable spin bike to use at home. This is a durable bike if you are looking for an intense workout. This bike comes with workout DVDs to keep you motivated when exercising.

This is a great bike for spin instructors too if you are looking to buy bikes for commercial use. It will comfortably fit users from 4″10 to 5″10. With a weight limit of 250lbs, this is a good bike for a variety of users. If you are tech-savvy and want to use a spin bike that is long-lasting and adjustable, this is the one for you.

Are there other alternatives to the Spinner L1 Spin Bike?

If you are looking for an alternative to the Spinner L1 Spin Bike, then you should try the Keiser M3i Indoor bike or the Schwinn Fitness indoor bike. These other indoor bikes are durable and great for home workouts.

Features of the alternatives to the Spinner L1 Spin Bike

Keiser M3i Indoor bike
Schwinn Fitness Bike
Product dimensions
45 x 26 x 49 inches
44.3 x 38 x 11.4 inches
85 pounds
112.4 pounds
User weight limit

Verdict: Should you buy the Spinner L1 Spin Bike?

In conclusion, if you are looking for a quality indoor bike for your home workouts, this is the one for you. The Spinner L1 Spin bike is a comfortable and durable indoor bike for your home exercises. This bike offers a smooth and quiet resistance when you are working out to keep you focused.

It is affordable and with the 3-month subscription, you can take advantage of the free coaching and workouts. With adjustable handlebars and seat, you will have a great experience using the Spinner L1 Bike. Get this bike for an intense workout at the comfort of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a tablet mount included with this spin bike?

No, there is no tablet mount included when you purchase the Spinner L1 bike. You can purchase the tablet holder which is available from the same manufacturer.

  1. Is it easy to assemble the Spinner L1 Spin Bike?

Yes. This spin bike comes with an instruction manual to help you assemble the bike. It is very easy and straightforward to put together.

  1. Can this bike fit a person who is 5″ feet tall?

Yes, it can. This bike is designed to fit users between 4″10 to 5″10. It also has adjustable seats which can be adjusted vertically to better fit your height requirements.