Stages SC3 vs. Peloton bike – Which is the better option for indoor cycling?

To get your heart muscles healthy and even better sleep, you should go for a quality indoor cycling bike to have in your home.

Hi there. Whether you had fitness goals for this year or not, it is always a great time to try to get into proper shape. Luckily for you, you do not even have to renew your gym membership because a good exercise bike can give you the best cardio workout at the comfort of your home.

Being in this fitness industry for almost 7 years now, I have used many bikes trying to find the best for indoor workouts. After all this time, Stages SC3 and Peloton have stood out over the years for me. Because it would be too expensive to have both bikes in your home, I have done a review of both to help you find the one that is the best for you.

What are key differences between the Stages SC3 and Peloton bikes?

Stages SC3
24.5†W x 43.5†L
24†W x 48†L
Product weight
96 pounds
135 pounds
Drive system
Carbon belt
Carbon belt
Aluminum frame
Welded aluminum frame
Magnetic resistance
Electromagnetic resistance

Stages SC3 vs. Peloton- How do they differ?


The frame of the Stage SC3 is made of aluminum which is the same for the Peloton with welded aluminum. As for the pedals, the Stage SC3 has the SP3 pedal type which comes with cleats and toe cages ensuring safety and that your foot sits in place. With the peloton, it has the delta compatible pedals that will have you investing on a pair of clip shoes and cleats which all adds on the price of the bike.

As for the resistance, the Stage SC3 has magnetic resistance and a carbon belt drive which ensures that your workout runs smoothly and quietly. With the Peloton bike it has an electromagnetic resistance which is also smooth and quiet. For both, there is a dial that allows you to change up the resistance levels but with the Stage SC3 there are increments of 1% while with Peloton it depends on how hard or low you are on the levels. With both, the handlebars and seat can be easily adjusted for your comfort.

They both deliver on smooth performance with their magnetic resistance and easy adjustment features for your best feel.


Both of these indoor bikes have an eye-catching design but they do have their differences. With the Stages SC3, you get an eco-friendly console that is back lit for clear view. With this bike, is a stage button which allows you to collect data and also record your workout intervals.

For the Peloton, it is more compact and can easily fit into small spaces while blending in with décor. You also get a 21.5†1080p touch screen that delivers on crisp and clear videos. Another difference with these bikes is that there are 2 bottle holders underneath the console and a rack for weights with the Peloton. This feature is not available in the stage SC3.

With its transportation wheels and environmentally friendly build, the Stages SC3 wins out with its practical yet efficient design.


On the Peloton bike, you can connect to the Peloton app which gives you access to multiple on-demand and live classes. Also, you can connect with other riders and set up challenges together for added motivation. You can even use the 5 megapixel camera to video chat your fellow riders. There is also Bluetooth connectivity which is mostly used to pair the bike with a heart rate monitor.

With the Stage SC3 on the flipside, there is Bluetooth connectivity you can use to keep track of your progress and save your stats once it is connected with your smart phone. This bike also comes with a USB port that allows you to collect data by connecting the bike to your phone. It does not have video chatting options though.

The Peloton bike is has better tech-features from the video chat to the Peloton app that gives you a real sense of community.

Stages SC3 vs. Peloton – A Comparison Overview

Stages SC3- Overview

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This indoor bike has a carbon belt drive which feels quite different and is quiet as it retains a slight, chain like vibration. It has a magnetic resistance with the Sprint Shift technology which helps quickly change the resistance between 3 settings. There is also a big dial in the middle for gradual resistance adjustments.

Stage SC3 is also fitted with a comfortable and easily adjustable seat.  The handlebars also offer leverage to power through a steep climb without forcing any overreach. To add, the console of the Stages SC3 is self-powered and backlit showing you your fitness stats clearly. You can also use a USB port for data collection.

Other winning features are that the wires are neatly tucked in the handlebar stem. You also get a water bottle holder and a sturdy aluminum frame that is bound to last you quite a while.


  • Intuitive console that does not use external power
  • Fore and aft adjustments
  • No charges on maintenance
  • Fit Loc lever for height adjustments.


  • Oversized antlers

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Peloton- Overview

The Peloton bike is not the standard indoor bike. First, its app is the rage all around the world. Once you pay the monthly subscription fee, you get a huge library of on-demand and live classes. This app is compatible with Strave, FitBit and many more where you can sync metrics.. Together with the $39 monthly subscription fee, this bike is quite costly.

With this bike, you are also assured of a comfortable ride even after lengthy workouts. The height of the handle bars, the seat’s lateral and display are easily adjustable. For your entertainment, this bike is fitted with a 21.5†touchscreen display with 1080p hence the resolution is clear and feels responsive. Underneath the display, there are 2 bottle holders and 2 racks for hand weights behind the seat. Other tech features include Bluetooth connectivity, which you can use to pair with a heart rate monitor. For added entertainment, there are 10 watt speakers which are loud enough to keep you jamming to your favorite music as you work out. You can also use the headphone jack.

Its only drawback is that you have to be ready to pay up quite a lot of money for the Peloton bike experience.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Effective workout routines
  • Many programs to choose from


  • It is expensive


As much as the Peloton bike is expensive and requires you to buy a pair of cleats, it is still worth every cent. It offers you many more features like the live streaming classes and live leaderboard.


Is it a must I pay the subscription fee?

No, it is not mandatory but it is the only way to maximize the use of the app. Without paying, you will only be able to access the pre-loaded programs but not the on-demand and live classes. So, if you want to enjoy your peloton bike fully, you should pay the subscription fee.

Does the Stage SC3 need batteries to run the console?

No. It does not need any external source of power. The power you produce during a workout is what it relies on.