Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike Review

Are you looking for a fun and convenient way to tone up your body without breaking your bank account? The Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike is an ideal option as it offers up to thirty different exercise routines for your upper body. Let us take a look at its top features and analyze its performance.

Since the birth of my second-year-old, I have neglected my body. I rarely exercise since I am always caught up with my work, family, and other responsibilities. As a result, I have started experiencing the repercussions of my unhealthy lifestyle, leading me to decide to make some necessary changes. Being a busy mum, I knew I had to find a convenient solution to accommodate my other responsibilities.

Amid my frantic search, I stumbled upon the Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike, a multipurpose semi-recumbent exercise bike offering both upper and lower body strength training. Additionally, it provides all the benefits of stationary bike workouts, and it is affordable as well, making it the perfect companion to help me get back on track.

Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike review and breakdown

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The Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike is an excellent fitness companion that comes with a folding frame, making it perfect for those with limited storage space. It is a compact, convenient, portable, and versatile home exercise bike that offers total body workout. It comes with a robust steel frame and a durable painted finish, giving it a sleek and attractive appearance.

Featuring the belt drive system, the bike operates smoothly and quietly as it has both the front and rear stabilizer bars for added stability. It also has transportation wheels at its base for easy transportation from one location to another. Many users have also stated the bike is very comfortable as it has an oversized and cushioned seat with a backrest that is height adjustable and ergonomic side handles that provide support during working out.

The bike also features eight magnetic resistance levels, allowing the users to adjust the intensity of their workout to their preference using the easy-to-reach tension knob, placed underneath the seat. Another impressive feature of this bike is its textured pedals that enable your feet to stay in place, even when pedaling hard and fast.

Furthermore, a multi-functional monitor that is backlit displays workout metrics, including the current riding speed, distance traveled, workout time, and calories burned. It also comes with a scan feature that works by pressing a button to analyze these metrics using its inbuilt computer.

However, the bike does not offer pre-set workout programs, nor does its pedals come with safety straps to secure the user’s feet in place while exercising. It also does not come with a water bottle holder, which can be somewhat inconvenient.

What I liked;

  • Offers over 30 different body workouts
  • Smooth and quiet in operation
  • The bike comes with free online access to 2 on-demand workout videos led by a personal trainer
  • Large, comfortable, and adjustable seat
  • Compact, portable, and affordable
  • Eight levels of magnetic resistance
  • Soft and padded grips in the bands
  • Easy to assemble

What I didn’t like;

  • Pedals do not have safety straps
  • No water bottle holder
  • No pre-set workouts available

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Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike Specifications

Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike
Multi-purpose semi-recumbent stationary exercise bike
Recommended for
Users new to exercise, people rehabilitating from an injury, and seniors
Maximum user weight
Drive mechanism
Belt drive
Resistance system
Magnetic resistance
Foot Pedal Style
Textured pedals
42 lbs
Product dimensions
33.5 x 8.4 x 20.7inches

Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike features

Design and build quality

Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike design and build

The Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike features a compact and multipurpose design that enables users to work on their core and legs while toning their back, arms, and shoulders. Measuring 33.5 by 8.4 by 20.7 inches and weighing 42 pounds, the bike is made of a sturdy and robust steel frame, ensuring the durability of the device.

The bike is also foldable, requiring less storage space, and it supports a weight capacity of 113 kgs (250 pounds). It is also vital to note that the bike comes with transportation wheels at its base to allow easy movement when needed.

Seat, pedals, and handlebars

Seat, pedals, and handlebars

Equipped with a large and cushioned seat with backrest, the bike ensures the user is very comfortable while exercising. The seat also comes with side armbars, often referred to as wonder arms, which offer the user added support when they choose to work out without using the resistance bands. As a result, users of different shapes and sizes can enjoy using this bike as the seat height is also adjustable. However, the bike is best for users between the heights of 5″ to 5’10” for the best experience and results.

This bike’s arm resistance bars are also adjustable to more than 180 degrees for an effective upper body workout. They feature a smooth bungee cord and pulley system for efficient upper body workout that works out by pulling an easy-to-reach adjustment knob. Thanks to these arm resistance bands, users can perform over 30 different exercises comfortably and efficiently.

These armbars’ handgrips are fully padded with soft rubber foam material for a secure and comfortable grip while exercising. The bike also comes with textured pedals for maximum comfort and stability. Even though the pedals do not have safety straps, their textured surface ensures your feet remain firmly in place as you workout.

Resistance and drive system

The Stamina Winder Exercise bike features a manual magnetic resistance system with eight different levels. By using the dial tension knob, users and pedal exercisers can easily adjust to their preferred workout intensity for the best results. Alternatively, users working on their upper body can adjust their workouts’ intensity by pulling the adjustment knob in their bungee cord resistance and pulley system.

Additionally, the bike has a belt drive system with a small flywheel, a belt, a pulley, crank arms, and a crankset, making the bike’s operation smooth and quiet. Therefore, you can comfortably use this bike without worrying about disturbing your neighbors or the rest of the family. Furthermore, this drive system is easy to maintain, as it does not require any adjustments or periodic lubrication.

Resistance and drive system


Located at the top of the drive, near the tension knob and below the seat, the bike sports a small and basic console that features a multipurpose monitor that shows all the essential workout data, including time, distance, speed, and calories burnt. The monitor also has a scan function that rotationally displays and analyzes all the workout data by pressing a button.

Assembly and maintenance

It is relatively quick and easy to assemble this bike as it comes with a detailed instruction manual and the required tools in its packaging. Many users have reported that it takes approximately an hour to complete putting it together if you opt to do it yourself. However, you can also choose the ‘expert assembly’ if you do not want to do it yourself.

Likewise, this bike’s maintenance is minimal as it comes with a magnetic resistance and belt drive system. However, users have to ensure the bike is free from dirt and sweat at all times. It is also crucial to inspect the bike for broken or loose parts from time to time.

Who is it best suited for?

The bike is most suitable for users looking for a light to medium intensity total body workouts. As a result, it is ideal for workout beginners, people rehabilitating from an injury, and seniors.

Are there any alternatives to the Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike?

Yes. Among the included alternatives to the Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike include Sunny Health and Fitness Elliptical Exercise Bike, Marcy Magnetic ME Series Elliptical Exercise bike, and the Schwinn Elliptical Exercise bike.

Features of the alternative indoor stationary bikes

Sunny Health and Fitness Elliptical Exercise Bike
Marcy Magnetic ME Series Elliptical Exercise bike
Schwinn Elliptical Exercise bike
Indoor exercise bike
Recumbent exercise bike
Recumbent exercise bike
Max user weight
Drive system
Belt Drive
Belt Drive
belt drive
Magnetic resistance
Magnetic resistance
Magnetic resistance
Weight of flywheel
28 x 17 x 57 inches
32 x 18 x 48 inches
61.7 x 28.3 x 40.2 inches

Final verdict: So, should you get the Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike?

Yes. The Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike is a fun, affordable, convenient, and compact semi-recumbent bike suitable for most fitness enthusiasts. The two-in-one exercise bike offers a total body workout by targeting the upper body muscles and providing all the stationary bikes’ benefits. Furthermore, its adjustable upper body system allows users to set it to different angles to perform various exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of batteries does this bike run on?

The meter uses two AA batteries.

How wide is the distance between the handlebars?

It is about 19 inches.