State Bicycle Review: Ditch Your Wedding Limousine for This Bike

Limousines are expensive and SUVs are such a cliché. Read this State Bicycle review to find out why a bicycle is the perfect getaway ride at your wedding.
A lot of to-be newlyweds stress over what car to get for their wedding. People seldom remember the classy cars that graced a wedding. People will remember an intimate wedding where everything was simple but creatively organized. Instead of a lavish car, I would recommend riding a bicycle to your wedding. Before you brush me off as cheap, I will tell you why this is my preference in this review. My choice for a getaway ride for the bride or groom is a State Bicycle. It is elegant, durable, and a creative way to leave a wedding. Hang a ‘Just Married’ sign under the saddle and the wedding entourage is complete.
State Bicycle Pardi B Bike
Organizing transport for a memorable event like a wedding should not be costly. A little thinking outside the box is all you need to make an event successful and save money. A State Bicycle is elegant and makes for a perfect ride to any ceremony. It has an interchangeable drivetrain and boasts of a quality metal frame that lasts. State Bicycle also comes in a variety of colors to suit everyone’s taste.
Metal Frame
One of the important aspects of designing a bicycle is determining what material to use on the frame. State Pardi B Bicycle features a 4130 Chromoly frame. Chromoly is a superior metal that is light and hi-tensile. Using this metal as a frame sheds a significant amount of weight on a bicycle. The bicycle moves faster and is easy to handle. A hi-tensile frame also withstands the abuse from riding in harsh conditions.
The frame is well-spaced between the saddle and handle. You have enough bar spin clearance and reduced toe overlaps. The frame is strong enough for the bride to sit on and ride away with the groom.
Versatile Drivetrain
State Bicycle comes with a flip flop hub for interchanging the drivetrain. This allows you to switch between single-speed and fixie whenever you want. A free-wheel bike is perfect when you are wheeling your bride out of the venue. If your destination wedding is in a hilly region, you might want to engage that single-speed cog.
Unique Handlebar
Riding a State Bicycle to an important venue is literally taking the bull by its horns. This bicycle features a bull-horn design handlebar. Your entire body leans forward when riding the bicycle which is great for aerodynamics. Your body and the bike remain streamlined so picking up speed will not be a problem.
State bicycle handlebar may also come in a drop-bar design. The handlebar curve towards the rider resembling a classic racer bike. Your body still leans forward for streamlining. You may also replace the curved or bullhorn handlebar for a Riser Bar. The bike still maintains its performance.
State bicycles have bothfront and rear brakes. This provides a reliable braking system when you want to stop for a rest or during an emergency situation. Other State Bicycles may feature rear brakes only or no brakes at all.
If you are an event planner, you will love the color variety this bicycle comes in. Our choice State Bicycle is the Pardi B version which features red and blue color accents spread all over the frame like confetti. The frame’s base color is white allowing the blue and red to pop out more.
State bicycle comes in 9 other colors as well. The colors have human names and may feature single colors or a combination of hues. State Bicycle Bernard version features black, brown, and grey colors. Their Carolina bike is all blue while La Fleur 3 is a combination of black, pink, blue, and white.
This bike is also available in all yellow or Marigold. You may also order it in pure Matte Black 6.0. A variant of this is matte grey also known as The Montecore 3.0. Order this bike in other shades like Nightshade (plum), Rutherford 3 (navy, white, pink), and Montoya (red, black).

  • Lightweight and durable frame
  • Vibrant colors
  • Versatile drivetrain


  • Thin tires


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You do not need to overspend to have a successful wedding. If you still have no idea what kind of entourage to have in your wedding, consider State Bicycles. They are cheaper to own or hire and come in various colors for your whole entourage. State Bicycles feature a sturdy frame that takes the weight of two people and still rides smoothly.
We hope our State Bicycle review gave you an idea on how to reduce cost while planning a huge event like a wedding. If you prefer this bicycle in a fixed handlebar design, check out State Drop Bar Bike or State Rise Bar Bike.