Strider Review: Diapers Can’t Stop Your Kid from Riding

A strider bike can make your child’s first day of riding memorable. As you will learn from this Strider review, balancing on a bike is the first thing a kid should learn.
One of the joys of parenting is getting to teach your kids new tricks. This includes how to ride a bicycle. My son, as any other child would struggled with the concept of bike riding. He took a while to learn because he did not grasp the concept of pedaling while steering. When his eyes are on the pedals he loses focus on the steering. We all can guess what happened next. I soon discovered the easiest way to make him learn how to ride is by practicing on his balance first. I got him a Strider bike and It was a success!
Strider Balancing Bike
With the fear of falling taken away, your child can experience the fun and freedom of riding a bicycle. Let’s face, kids at the age of 5 or below have a hard time learning new things. A bicycle has a lot of riding instructions a child cannot grasp on day one. A Strider bike makes the first day of riding fun for your child. With the pedals taken away, all your kid needs to do is push and balance on the bike. This way they can keep their eyes front enjoying the ride than enduring it.
A strider bike packs a plethora of features to make your child’s riding experience fun and memorable.
Strong Frame
Children love to explore and discover new things for themselves. In the process, most of their toys succumb to the abuse of experimenting kids. A Strider bike is durable because it has a strong steel frame. It will be able to withstand the constant falls, riding through hedges, crashing against other bikes or the objects thrown at it. Your kid will outgrow this bike without it succumbing to wear and tear.
Thick Tires
Strider bikes feature EVA polymer-foam tires. They are thick enough to withstand impact and can never run flat. Your child can ride over jagged rocks or through a thorny field without ruining their bike tires.
Comfortable Seat
The seat is wide enough to ensure comfort while your child sits on it. The bike’s frame dips around the saddle to ensure your child’s feet are in contact with the ground. If your child is losing balance, they only have to put their feet down bringing the bike to a halt.
The Strider saddle adjusts 11 inches to 19 inches upwards. A built-in height clamp allows you to adjust the seat without the need of undoing knobs. As your child grows, adjust the seat so they can continue to ride their bike.
Ergonomic Handlebar
The handlebar comes with mini-grip handles to fit a child’s hand. The handlebar adjusts upwards to fit a growing child as well. The grip handles allow full control of the bike and even provide room for little stunts.
Grip-tape Footrest
The forks for the rear tires have grip tape on both sides. This gives your child a place to rest their feet while cruising on their bike. There is enough space between the rear forks and rear tire. This gives room to steer the bike while standing on the grip tape. Your kid can learn how to be a stunt biker at such an early age.
Strider bikes come in several colors. They are available in black, blue, orange, and green. You can also buy them in shades of pink, red, and yellow. Whether you are raising a boy, girl, or both, there is a strider bike that suits their taste.

  • Strong durable frame
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar
  • Puncture-proof tires
  • Easy to balance


  • No safety brakes
  • No reflectors for night riding
  • No room for pedal fixtures


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If you want your child to take their time learning how to ride a bike, get them a Strider bike. This is a bike built for kids from the age of 18 months to 5 years. Since there are no pedals, your child focuses more on steering and watching where they are going. A Strider bike is an ideal tool for teaching your child riding confidence while they are young.
We hope this Strider review was helpful to you. You can compare this product with other models from Strider. Two suitable ones include Strider Pro Balance bike and Strider Classic Balance bike.