Sunny vs Schwinn – Which One Meets Your Needs?

The primary reason we get on spin bikes and cycle for hours is to lose weight and achieve better heart health. Does it really matter if the bike has much technology incorporated into it? Do the pricey extras really make a difference?

Here is a Sunny vs Schwinn comparison which helps you answer those questions.

Hi, my name is Emery. I am a Sports Science student working part-time at a fitness studio. I often get clients at the studio asking for advice on the kind of spin bike they should buy for home use. Are the pricey bikes with advanced technology and lots of bells and whistles really worth it? I have access to the latter at the studio and very basic spin bikes at school so I can’t help but compare them all.

Here is a Sunny vs Schwinn comparison. We pit the Sunny Fitness SF – B1805 bike against Schwinn’s IC4 to help you decide which kind of bike would suit you best.

What Are the Differences Between Sunny and Schwinn?

Sunny SF – B1805
Schwinn IC4
48 x 23 x 45 inches
48.7 x 21.2 x 51.8 inches
Flywheel weight
44 lbs.
40 lbs.
Bike weight
139 lbs. ( 64 kg)
106 lbs. ( 48 kg)
Max weight
300 lbs.
330 lbs.

Sunny Vs Schwinn: How Do They Compare?


The IC4 comes with a simple console that allows you to keep track of basic workout stats such as distance, time, RPMs and resistance.

The Sunny bike doesn’t come with a console but you can add or pair sensors or a monitor to get important statistics such as speed, distance, time and heart rate but not resistance and power.

It is important to note that the interactive training which is IC4’s primary selling point, still cannot be done using the basic console it comes with. For this, you need a tablet or phone.

IC4 is a better bike because it has a console albeit basic, to help you keep track of workout stats.


The pedal design is a key feature to think about when buying an indoor bike for home use, especially if it shall be used by multiple members of the family.

The Sunny bike has a single-pedal design. It comes with toe cages that have adjustable straps. With these users can wear regular running shoes to use the bike.

The Schwinn IC4 has dual design pedals. One side of the pedal has two cages and the other has SPD clips. Users have the option to wear running shoes or cycling shoes which easily clip onto the pedal to firmly attach the foot to the pedal.

If you have a Sunny SF- B1805 bike and need SPD pedals, you can always swap them out. Replacing them with pedals of your choice is a quick and simple process that doesn’t require complex tools.

The IC4 is better because it gives you the option to choose between toe cages and SPD clips. This is especially convenient when there are multiple people using the bike.

Power Requirement

The Schwinn IC4 has a power cable because it needs to be plugged into a wall socket. Electricity is used to power the console through which workout statistics are displayed.

The Sunny SF-B1805 on the other hand doesn’t need to be plugged in because it doesn’t have a console. Everything is manual.

You can still use the Schwinn bike for a decent workout without plugging it in, but the console will not come on.

The Schwinn IC4 is a better bike in this regard because it can be used with or without power. You have the option to use it plugged in or not.

Riding Experience

Both bikes have a heavy flywheel which is responsible for smooth pedalling motion. Although there is some debate on the benefits of heavy flywheels, it is generally believed that the heavier the flywheel is the smoother the bike.

The Sunny bike has a 44-pound flywheel while the Schwinn bike has a 40-pound flywheel, therefore, giving it a slightly smoother feel compared to the Schwinn.

It is easier to adjust and keep track of resistance in the Schwinn bike. This bike has 100 resistance levels with a micro-adjustable system, therefore, making it easy to make small changes. It also helps that there is a console that displays resistance so you can easily keep track of levels.

In the Sunny bike, there is an adjustment knob on the frame just like in the Schwinn bike but there is no console to display resistance. You can only estimate your resistance levels from the feel of the bike.

Micro-adjustment is impossible because you turn the knob only 8 or so times to get from least to maximum resistance.


In regard to comfort, the Sunny SF-B1805 has a wider, more padded seat compared to the Schwinn bike’s seat. This makes the Sunny a lot more comfortable to use and rarely causes discomfort during or after rides.

Schwinn’s IC4 gives you a better riding experience because there are so many resistance levels to choose from. The Sunny bike carries the day when it comes to comfort.

Sunny Vs Schwinn: A Comparison Review

Sunny SF – B1805 Overview

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This is a mid-range bike that doesn’t have the bells and whistles of more pricey indoor bikes. This range does promise a quality build and the SF-B1805 doesn’t disappoint. It has a strong, sturdy steel frame with the capacity to hold users weighing up to 300 pounds.

Both the seat and handlebars are 4-way adjustable so it is easy to find a perfect fit even for taller riders. Users ranging from 4-foot-6 to 6-foot-6 will be comfortable on this bike.

It is a relatively heavy bike, weighing 139 pounds (64 kg) so the transport wheels at the front of the bike come in quite handy when you need to move it from place to place.

One common complaint about this bike is the fact that it doesn’t have a resistance display. There is a resistance knob on the frame which is used to increase and decrease resistance levels but there is no way of telling exactly how much resistance you are riding on.

If you stream live or download workout sessions, you know that the instructor usually tells you where to set your resistance. Not knowing exactly where your resistance is could prevent you from enjoying the full benefits of the workout session.

There is a single bottle holder to keep your hydrating drink within reach throughout your workout.


  • Strong steel frame
  • Toe cage pedals with adjustable straps
  • Comfortable seat
  • Transport wheels


  • No resistance display
  • Slight vibration during fast rides

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Schwinn IC4 Overview

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The Schwinn IC4’s primary selling point is its interactive training ability. When you buy the bike it comes with a basic console so you need to get your own higher-tech computer to enjoy its full potential. Once this is done Bluetooth connectivity lets you stream interactive training sessions from a variety of fitness applications like Peloton, Zwift and Explore The World.

Peloton lets you stream live spin classes, Zwift lets you compete with other riders and Explore the world lets you explore scenic trails around the world.

When using different applications, remember that data connectivity varies. This means that some only display RPMs, others display heart rate and power and others display all workout data in real time.

Multi-grip handlebars let you vary your hand positions. Changing hand positions not only helps to reduce fatigue, it also helps you work for different muscle groups.

This bike also comes with a Bluetooth heart-rate armband and a set of dumbbells to help you work your upper body muscles as you go. 2 dumbbell holders below the handlebars keep the weights safe when not in use and conveniently within reach when you decide to use them.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 100 resistance levels – micro-adjustable
  • Multi-grip handlebars
  • Dumbbells and heart rate armband included


  • Interactive training requires own console
  • No, pre-set workouts

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Both these bikes have a heavy flywheel and magnetic resistance which are responsible for smooth quiet rides. Both have transport wheels which make it easy to move them around. The Sunny SF-B1805 is a basic bike without the frills in pricier bikes while the IC4 is the bike for users looking to monitor workouts stats closely as well as for variety in terms of interactivity.

Verdict: So Which Is Better Sunny Vs Schwinn

From this, we can conclude that the Schwinn IC4 is a better bike. Although the seat can be uncomfortable, there are more merits and options to choose from. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to access a wide variety of live workout sessions and virtual trails. You can make micro-adjustments with 100 resistance levels to choose from.

The pedals give you the option to use either running shoes or cycling shoes.


Why does my Sunny indoor bike make clunking noises when I pedal?

This could either be caused by a loose bottom bracket or a loose pedal. To tighten the bottom bracket, you have to take out the crank arms first

Where can I find a manual for my Schwinn bike?

Assembly guides and owner’s manuals for this and other Schwinn products are available here.