5 Best Cycling Shoes For Spin Class in 2023 ( Reviews & Guide )

As all health enthusiasts know, cycling is one of the best workout options that allows you to build your strength, burn out your calories and get rid of fat allowing your lower body to get more toned. What you may not be aware of, however, is how necessary it is to select the right shoe for your spin class.

Hello there! My name is Diana, and I have been a gym instructor for over 6 years now. Over the years, spin classes have become more and more popular. Every week there are thousands of individuals reaping all the health and fitness benefits.

One thing about spin classes, however, is that you must invest in the best pair of compatible cycling shoes for yourself. Wearing trainers during a spin class can lead to an increased pressure strain. The best  shoes for your spin class are designed to help you properly grip the pedals of the cardio bikes and your lower body will be provided with maximum support.

Spinning shoes are a very big investment and it is important that you do your research before you make a purchase. In this article, we list the best spinning shoes that will allow you to reap major benefits from the exercise.

The 5 Best Cycling Shoes For Spin Class – Comparison Table

SPD Cleats
Buy Here
Venzo Bicycle Black
Mesh and Synthetic
Yes, included
Venzo Bicycle Delta Cleats Shoes
Mesh, Synthetic
Yes, included
Tommaso Pista
Synthetic leather
Yes, included
Tommaso Strada 100
Synthetic leather
No, not included
Shimano RP2W
No, not included
Tommaso Strada 200
Synthetic leather
No, not included
Triseven Premium Nylon
Synthetic, Microfibre.
Yes, included


Venzo Bicycle Black

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The Venzo Black shoe is designed with award-winning features and technological improvements that allow you to perform perfectly on peloton bikes. The shoe is made with an aerated mesh design that quickly dries out and absorbs sweat giving you a really cozy feel.

In addition, the shoe is designed with a textile lining that can be easily removed and reattached. There are also 3 velcro straps that make it easy to wear and remove the shoe without experiencing a lot of issues.

Unlike many other peloton compatible shoes, the Venzo black is designed with a low cut construction that ensures that the shoe always feels lights whenever you are taking part in your spin class. This design makes it feel good when you are riding your bike both indoors or outdoors.

The shoe is also made with an extensive synthetic material that ensures that no foul smell is flowing around your feet. It also ensures that the shoe is safe to use and easy to handle.

This shoe is quite ideal for those who are big on investing in comfortable shoes that are of high quality.


  • A great option for riding spin bikes
  • You are guaranteed that you will not feel any pain with these shoes
  • Comfortable and firm shoes
  • Very classy design
  • These shoes are very affordable


  • A number of buyers have mentioned that they could not find their right size

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Venzo Bicycle Delta Cleats Shoes

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The Venzo brand has really done well in releasing this new model ideal for spin classes as well as road riding. It provides you with the most ideal platform that works well when working on all kinds of pedals.

Consumers get to benefit from the assurance of 2 years. This goes to prove that buyers can put their trust in the great features and quality of these shoes. The brand also provides you with great service ensuring that you are never dissatisfied with the product.

The shoe is made in Taiwan. The footwear is very soft and flexible. The running heel is beveled which is great as you get the chance to walk from one point to another quite normally. You are also very well protected from any kind of slips.

This shoe is also designed with a cleats option and a floating angle of 9-degrees. This means that these shoes make it so easy for you to ride, even in any position. The shoe ensures that you will get better riding ability than other shoes that are designed with a  fixed cleat.

Basically speaking, this shoe is the most ideal option especially if you are looking for a strong yet flexible and comfortable shoe for your spin class. The shoe is also designed with a very tough sole that is quite stiff. This kind of sole protects your feet from a lot of heat.


  • It is the best option especially for those who are just joining a spin class
  • The shoe is of very high quality and is very light in weight.
  • The cleats can be installed easily
  • This shoe model comes with very accurate shoe sizes
  • One of the most comfortable shoes for your daily workout routine


  • The shoe package does not come with any grease

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Tommaso Pista

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The Tommaso Pista cycling shoe is one of the most recent creations. This shoe is especially nice for ladies who enjoy cycling indoors, spinning, and even road biking. The dual cleat of this shoe is compatible which is great as this feature allows you to spin all day long achieving your maximum potential.

The shoe is designed with a durable synthetic leather upper, as well as the right amount of padding. This allows the shoe to hug your foot all day and you are also assured that you will be comfortable. The shoe is designed with mesh portions that act as ventilators and come in handy when lowering the temperatures of your feet.

The Velcro straps of the shoe are very low profile and users are provided with a shoe that is designed with an accurate ergonomic fit. This adds to the comfort and security of the shoe allowing you to completely benefit from all your rides.

The sole of the shoe is reinforced with fiberglass material which means that you will be provided with the most advantageous stiffness and the power transfer will be maximized. This kind of technology allows you to work out for a much longer time and at a higher speed while consuming even less energy.

These shoes are available in four different attractive colors that are white, pink, blue, and black. Another great advantage is that the shoe is available in different kinds of sizes.

The Pista cycling shoes are designed with a power transfer that is quite stiff. This comes in handy providing you with the best ride ever. With these shoes, you benefit from 100% Fit Guarantee, a manufacturing warranty of 2 years, 100% free fit returns, and as mentioned earlier the cleats that come pre-installed.


  • After taking part in a spin class you are guaranteed that you will not experience any kind of pain on your knee, your leg, or your foot.
  • You will not have to deal with any kind of cleat adjustments. The delta cleats are securely attached to the pedals.
  • The shoes are very light in weight. They are very comfortable and quite stylish.
  • The shoe is designed with very high-quality material. It is affordable and also quite stylish.


An individual who has narrow feet or average width length may need to purchase a shoe that is a size above their normal.

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Tommaso Strada 100

[amazon box=”B077NRK1FQ” template=”horizontal” ]

The Tommaso Strada is of very high quality and high value. It is one of the best options when it comes to spinning.

The shoes are very affordable and quite comfortable, allowing you to have a very nice and easy experience during your work out session. In addition, you will not have to deal with any kind of unnecessary costs that could be included. This is honestly quite a relief for very many users.

The shoe is a very flexible option that comes in handy allowing you to take care of different purposes. Not only can you attend spin classes with this shoe, but you can also road ride, tour, and commute with the Tommaso Strada 100.

The shoe comes with a precision fit that is quite comfortable. This allows the user to keep the shoe on for an extended period of time without experiencing any discomfort or pain.

The shoe is also designed with a fiberglass sole. The sole comes in handy as you can easily experience the power of stroke and you can enjoy the ride with a lot of capability.


  • The shoe is designed with a material of very high quality
  • The shoe also a low profile hook
  • Clients get to enjoy a warranty of 2 years
  • The shoe increases the power during your spin classes
  • The cleat area of the shoe is compatible


A number of users have complained that the instructions that come with the package are not clear.

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Shimano RP2W

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The Shimano brand is one of the leading brands in the industry and for years the brand has continued to deliver quality shoes of very good value that you can make use of when cycling. IThe shoe is designed with a glass fiber sole that is reinforced with nylon.

This allows you to really enjoy your riding session during your spin class without having to worry about the durability of the shoe. The RP2W model is also designed with great heel support that allows you to pedal, ride, and walk without experiencing any kind of problem.

The RP2W shoe is also designed with cleat compatibility which is quite simple to install. This brand does not come with cleats, however, it works really well with the brand cleats for Shimano, and you can purchase this separately.

This shoe brand comes in two different colors, white and black, and you can choose the color that you love the most.

This shoe has a very unique design and its use is quite simple. Users also get to make use of the size charts that you can compare with your shoe size ensuring that you enjoy a comfortable ride.


  • The shoes are very simple and comfortable allowing you to enjoy your spin class.
  • Value for your money
  • It is one of the best shoes for beginners
  • It is a lightweight shoe
  • Users get to enjoy really good service.


  • The shoe is designed with a number of tiny materials that are very fragile.

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Strada 200 from Tommaso

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The Tommaso Strada 200 model is the most ideal to use if you are going to be working with bikes that are designed with amazing features. The product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years.

These shoes are also very comfortable and wearing your shoe is very easy. The shoe is not only great for spin classes but they are also ideal for other activities such as touring.

The shoe also has power transfer at a maximum level and the energy use is much quicker. The strap also comes in really handy, proving you with a lot of safety while spinning.


  • The lacing ability is amazing allowing you to fit in the shoe perfectly without experiencing any kind of trouble
  • It is so easy to slip in and out of your shoe
  • The shoe comes in many different sizes
  • The shoe is very light weight and also quite durable
  • The shoe has excellent features both externally and internally.


  • This model is quite expensive

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Premium Nylon from Triseven

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The Triseven shoes are the best for trainers to foot pedal with as it comes with a safety strap keeping the shoe in a comfortable and secure position even as the work out continues to get more and more intense. This shoe is designed with nylon material as well as a cool synthetic mesh that is very breathable.

The Triseven premium nylon shoe is a favorite amongst many individuals who frequently take part in spin classes. The sizes are quite accurate and it also comes with many different colors. It is also a great option for professional riders as well as stunning bikers. A great advantage of this shoe is that it is adjustable which gives you a lot of confidence when you are on that bike.


  • The shoes are designed with amazing quality allowing you to easily cycle both indoors and outdoors.
  • The shoes are adjustable meaning different sizes can fit amazingly into the shoe
  • It is easy to wear and the value of the shoe is great
  • The shoe comes with adjustment screws that allow you to loosen or tighten the fit.
  • Users are provided with 1 year of warranty service.


  • These shoes are not the best options for beginners.

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What to Consider When Buying the Best Cycling Shoes For Spin Class

A number of users have confessed to being overwhelmed when in the market searching for the most ideal cycling shoes. In this section we go through some of the different factors that must be put into consideration when browsing through the different options in the market.

Work On A Budget

This is a very important factor that must be put into consideration when choosing any kind of product. If you are looking for a shoe that you will only use strictly during your spin classes then you should identify the price range and set your mind upon the amount that you want to spend. If you are looking to use the shoe during your spin class as well as when you are biking on the road, racing or touring then you should have a budget for that too.

If you are looking for a shoe of very high quality the price is expected to also be much higher. That is why it is important that you make a wise decision depending also on the shoe’s quality.

The Design of The Shoe

The shoe’s design is also a very major factor allowing you to find out the most ideal option when it comes to the appearance and adjustments that the shoe requires. It is advisable to purchase a shoe that does not feel heavy or uncomfortable in any kind of way.

The pair of shoes that you select must be light in weight, stable and breathable allowing you to be able to control your movements when padding and it also allows you to be very efficient. You also like to select from a shoe brand that has many different colors and trendy designs.

A Shoe of The Proper Size

This is a very important factor that you must definitely consider. It is important to get the correct size to use on your forefeet. It is more ideal if you think about the shoe size from the start of your training. This will allow you to avoid getting harmed.

The truth is that you must purchase a shoe that is a larger size. This will allow your feet to maneuver freely and be more comfortable during the work out session. In addition, your heels as well as your arch should be supported completely allowing you to ride without experiencing a lot of difficulty. Because of this reason, you need to choose the right size for your shoe.

A Proper System of Closure

You are required to pick out a shoe that is designed with a very nice closure option. This nice closure option allows you to quickly lock the shoe with either a strap or a buckle. This is something that all beginners must have as you are able to be protected and your feet can move freely while working out.

An excellent closure system is a must have. The indoor cycling shoes must have a  closure system that is ultra modern. This allows you to perform like a professional in the field. You will be able to be supported and it also eliminates the chance of getting into any kind of accident.

Breathable Mesh

This mesh is essential when you are looking for a way to avoid filth, dirt and also sweat. Because of this, it is important that you select a shoe that is designed with a mesh or fabric material that is breathable.

This design comes in handy as the sweat will be much less and the airflow will be amazing. Your feet will definitely be soothed with continuous airflow into and out of the shoe. In addition, the breathable mesh allows you to avoid all the wetness and dampness that you will experience giving you a much more comfortable ride.

Pedals and Bolt Cleats

Pedals as well as bolt cleats come in really handy for fitting. The bolt cleats are essential in supporting the paddle that fits in correctly avoiding any kind of fall off. The bolt cleats keep you safe. The bolt cleats as well as the pedals allow you to pedal much faster and quickly, thanks to the fitting. This gives you a lot of confidence during your workout session. It is a great feature for both men and women shoes.

A Heel Lining That is Non-Slip

A heel lining that is non-slip is the best for shoes that you will use during your spin classes, as this helps you keep a straight position. A non-slip heel lining also comes in handy as it reduces your chances of getting an injury while pedaling. The shoes that you will use for your spin class must  be non-slip. This will allow you to quickly pedal and it also protects you from getting any kind of dirt or spillage.


From all of the items listed above, we hope that you have come across the best pick for your spin class. Each of the shoes mentioned is designed with a feature that is very unique and useful.

However, you may not be willing to take any chances. Therefore it is important to do your part and conduct some research before making this important investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to invest in my own cycling shoes?

A large number of gyms and fitness facilities happily provide their users with a pair of cycling shoes, at a very affordable price. However, a number of users prefer to invest in their own pair. This is because there is a growing number of trainers that consider sharing shoes quite unsanitary.

In addition, there are some people who may not find favor in continuously spending money on renting shoes for each and every one of their spin class, therefore they make the wise choice of investing in their own shoes that are comfortable and just right for them.

What is the difference between a cleat rotation and a cleat float?

Cleat rotation is defined as the physical act of moving the cleat either in a clockwise motion or an anti-clockwise motion. This movement allows the foot to move in alignment with the natural adjustments.

Basically, cleat rotation allows the foot to face the direction that it would like to face. Cleat float is used to define when the cleat freely moves in either an inward or outward position when it is clipped to the pedal. This kind of motion is found in cleats that are quite different by a lot of degrees.

Why is cleat rotation so important?

The presence of a lateral float does not eliminate the chance that a user could still feel a lot of discomfort or pain or many other issues. That is why a cleat needs to be properly rotated.

Failure to do this could mean that your float will not allow your foot to rotate enough allowing you to achieve the best foot position. This will also improve your performance and the final results during your spin class.