The 5 Best Pedals for Your Spin Bike in 2023 ( Reviews & Guide )

The right cycling pedal can turn your good spinning class into a great session. Once you take the time to make the switch from regular pedals to great cycling pedals, you will experience so much comfort, efficiency and it will also be a lot safer for you.

Browsing for the most ideal pedal for your spin bike can be a very stressful task? I have gone through this whole process very many times. My name is Harris, I am a businessman and I am also an indoor cyclist enthusiast.

I have always enjoyed the sessions that I have on my spin bike. The exercise is great for your body and the final results are so amazing, however, to benefit from this workout, you need to invest in great pedals for your bike.

Purchasing a spin bike pedal is not really an easy job. When out in the market searching for these tools, you will definitely need some assistance.

You are in the right place as I have taken some time to list down an entire set of the most ideal pedals for your spin bike. I have highlighted the main features as well as the advantages so that you can have a clear mindset of the item you would like to use.

The 5 Best Pedals for Your Spin Bike – Comparison Table

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Shimano Ultegra Pd-R8000 Pedals
Weight – 248 grams.

Height – 10mm

6-Degree float.

Shimano PD-R540 SPD SL Road Bike Clipless Pedals Silver
Weight- 330 grams

Body – Chrome-moly


Newsty Bike Pedals
Weight- 9.6 Ounces

Height- 9/16 “

Material – Resin and Alloy

Shimano SPD Pedals
Weight- 3.52 Ounces

Material – Chromoly


Shimano PD-M324 SPD Dual Platform Pedal
Weight – 568 grams

2-Bolt Cleats



Shimano Ultegra Pd-R8000 Pedals

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If you are looking for a pedal for a spin bike that allows you to get to a performance level of a professional, then these pedals are exactly what you need. These pedals are designed out of Chromoly steel and carbon composite.

Because of these factors, the pedals are very light in weight and they are very well built and also quite strong. The pedals are designed with a stainless-steel plate that really helps to reduce the wear that forms on the body of the pedal. The pedal plates also increase the float by having a smooth surface to fasten the cleats.

The pedals only weigh 248 grams which means that they are very easy to use. The pedals are also designed with a very large surface which makes transferring energy more efficient and the pressure applied is distributed in an even form. As we all know, clipping can prove to be a hard process, especially if you are a beginner, but with these pedals, the clipping process is quite simple.

The pedals can be adjusted and they are also designed with a release tension feature that allows you to set the required tension from your workout session. Therefore, when you want a really relaxing session, you can choose the option for low tension, however, if you are interested in a more challenging workout session, you can set the pedals at high-tension


  • The pedals come together with cleats.
  • The pedals provide you with a wider platform giving you a lot of comfort.
  • The pedals are designed with spring tension allowing your cleats to be easily adjusted.
  • It is very easy to install these pedals.


  • The pedals have a very wide surface

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Shimano PD-R540 SPD SL

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If you are looking to purchase pedals with cleats that are completely functional and are purchased at a very rational price, this set of pedals is just what you need.

These pedals are designed out of chrome steel and aluminum material making them a very strong and durable option. The pedals are also designed with a very large surface area and this feature plays a major role when it comes to transferring power effectively.

The pedals are designed with a sealed cartridge of very low maintenance. This means that in the long run you spend a lot less. Another advantageous feature of this tool is the release tension that is adjustable. The release tension allows you to set how easy or hard it is to unclip your shoes from the pedals of the bike. The pedals come in quite handy allowing you to maintain your feet in a very stable position. This limits the distraction that couples with trying to keep your foot on the pedals. These pedals allow you to keep your focus on the work out session.

The Shimano SPD pedals ensure that power is efficiently transferred to the pedal allowing you to maintain a lot of control over your spin bike. With these pedals, you are ensured that you will enjoy a comfortable workout session with additional efficiency.


  • The package comes with cleats which are great for beginners.
  • It is so easy to install these pedals.
  • A number of users have mentioned that these pedals are very comfortable.
  • You can modify the tension to increase and decrease the ease of the clip of the pedal.


  • It can take a long time to find out how the clip should be detached.

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Newsty Bike Pedals

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The Newsty Bike Pedals is delivered to you having already been installed with toe clips and straps. These pedals allow you to quickly and easily slide your foot out.

With these pedals, you are guaranteed that the grip will be excellent so you do not have to worry about your shoe sliding off the pedals while you are in the middle of your spin session. With these pedals, all your focus will be on cycling and not on your feet slipping.

If you are looking for pedals that provide you with a lot of control as you pedal, then these Newsty bike pedals are exactly what you need. These pedals are designed with nylon straps on the top portion and metal grips on the bottom and these features keep your feet in a very stable position.

The pedals are also made from alloy and resin material. This feature is great as it eliminates the risk of rust and your pedals are always strong and durable.


  • The price of these pedals is quite reasonable
  • The pedals are strong and stable
  • The clip, as well as the straps, are strong and durable


  • A number of users have mentioned that these pedals are not weighty
  • The pedals can be very still when they are brand new.

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Shimano SPD Pedals

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This model from the Shimano Pedaling dynamics allows cyclists to pedal with an increased amount of efficiency. The pedals also allow you to choose the best shoes from the many options that you have available.

These pedals are manufactures with Chromoly. Chromoly makes them very strong and durable and also light in weight. The pedals designed with a very elegant design and at the same time the pedals are very stable and they feel quite cozy.

The pedals are also designed to ensure the smooth-shifting operation. This is quite effective as the loss of power will be quite minimal. If you are in the market searching for pedals that make it so simple to clip in and out of your bike, then this is the most ideal option. The pedals are also very light in weight as they are only 3.52 Ounces.


  • The SPD system adds more power to cycling
  • It is easy to install these pedals
  • Clipping these pedals in and out is very easy
  • It is also very easy to adjust the pedals.


  • The clips that come with these pedals may be much smaller when compared to other pedals.

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Shimano PD-M324 SPD

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If you are looking for the most ideal pedals that you can use with a large number of different shoes, the Shimano PD-M324 is exactly what you need. With these pedals, you can put on the basic street shoes on one side while on the other side, you can make use of an SPD clip.

These pedals are designed with a cleat retention adjuster that allows you to set the pedals to the settings that you would prefer. The pedal is also manufactured with aluminum and there is a barrel finish that you can add to the aesthetics. The pedals weigh only 1.17 pounds and the package also comes together with two cleats.

If you own a number of training shoes, then this pedal is also quite ideal for you especially if you are a fan of constantly changing the shoes that you wear. Also, if the spin bike will be used by different individuals who have different kinds of shoes then it is a great option as the pedals are practical enough for any type of training shoe.


  • The pedals are manufactured with a streamlined design
  • The clip tension can be adjusted
  • The pedals are designed with aluminum and steel making them very strong and durable
  • The pedals are quite ideal for SPD cleats


  • A number of users have mentioned that they found the pedals quite heavy

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Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Pedals for Your Spin Bike

The Durability

When you are enjoying a session on your spin bike, the last thing that you want to worry about is, the straps that could loosen up as you enjoy your work out session, and your pedals breaking off. That is why it is important that you buy pedals designed to be very strong and also durable.

What you may not know is that replacing pedals can be quite costly, and nobody is interested in making their training or spinning hobby an additional expense.

The material of the pedal makes them different from one brand to another, and that is why it is advisable to select a pedal that is designed with very strong fabric such as steel or aluminum. It is also a good idea to pick out pedals that do not require a lot of maintenance.

The Weight of The Pedal

It is important that you equip your bike with pedals that are very light in weight. This is advisable because it is easier to handle light pedals. Therefore, when purchasing your pedals, remember to think about the weight of your pedals. When you are shopping, however, you will realize that various brands have different weights and it may not be easy to realize.

It is important that you begin to research before purchasing your pedals. This is because even if purchasing light pedals is advisable and is a very popular option, the lightweight could also compromise your stability when working out.

The Float

Float is a very popular term used amongst many different cyclists. This term is used to define the estimate of rotation of your foot when it is clipped to the pedals.

When you are buying pedals for your spin bike, search for the pedals that allow your feet to have a lot of space to rotate from one side while it is still attached to the pedals. Flat allows your knee to have a lot of space to flex during your spin session. The float is very important as it gets rid of any kind of injury or strain that you may experience during a workout session.

The Cleats

The cleats that are in your shoe actually play a major role in determining what type of pedals you need to purchase. Therefore, when selecting pedals, ensure that your cleats and shoes are compatible with the model chosen.

There are two kinds of cleats in the industry. That includes the Shimano Pedal Dynamic as well as the Shimano Pedal Dynamic- Superlight. There is a lot of importance placed on verifying the category that your cleat falls under.

Pedal Release Tension Capability

A tension capability that can easily be adjusted is one of the most important factors that you must look out for in your pedals. This adjustable release tension is important as cyclists will be able to exert the amount of force that they need to release your foot from the pedals. If you are new to using clipless pedals, you are advised to start with very low tension. Low tension makes it very easy to clip in as well as release from the clip.

Once you are used to all this, you can add the tension allowing you to attain a stable and strong attachment between the pedals and your feet.

Toe Clips and Pedal Straps 

Toe clips are also very important additions in pedals as the tools ensure that you are able to keep your feet on the pedal as you continue to move up and down while working out. The toe clips are found on your pedal’s topside and these clips are designed to surround your toes.

You also really do require pedals that are designed with straps that you can adjust, ensuring that your feet are maintained on the pedals. This should be achieved without exerting too much weight.


A number of people and even professional trainers feel overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the proper pedals for their bikes. This review, however, has a list of the most ideal spin bike pedals in the market. The pedals mentioned have an extra-large surface allowing you to achieve efficient power transfer. This allows you to reap a lot of benefits from your sessions. A number of the pedals mentioned are also adjustable which means that you can easily adjust the tension level to suit your needs during a work-out session.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

  1. Is tension important?

Tension or the resistance of your pedals is necessary as this tension makes pedaling much harder and it can be adjusted to be a lot easier.

  1. Are there different kinds of tension?

An air fan bike is designed with an open-air flywheel and the resistance increases greatly when you begin to pedal faster.

There is the mechanical resistance that is provided by the tension belt. The tension knob is placed on the frame that is found right inform of the cyclist. This resistance maintains control on the brake pads and applies pressure to the strap.

The last type of resistance is the magnetic resistance flywheel. The magnetic brake system is modified with a tension knob.

  1. What if my bike is too hard or too easy to pedal?

Take a look at your owner’s manual and follow the necessary instructions listed. Alternatively, you can contact your service provider and inform them of the issue that you are facing.

  1. What about maintaining your pedals?

A lot of the pedals in the market require very little when it comes to maintenance. A chain may need to be oiled on a regular basis.

It is important that you keep the pedals clean and wipe off any dirt, or liquid that may have accumulated so that the exterior parts will not corrode in any kind of way. When you dedicate a few minutes of inspection to your pedals, every week, you will definitely be able to use them for an extended period of time.