7 Best Bicycle Degreaser Cleaner in 2023 (Reviews and Guide)

Do you remember the last time you invested some time into thoroughly cleaning your bike chain? Several newbie cyclists and even professionals are guilty of neglecting their bike chains and this could lead to wear and tear.  

Hey there! My name is William and I have been riding bikes since I was 13. I have cycled on a ton of different bikes from EWS-ready enduro rigs bikes to aero race bikes, with a ton of other bikes in between.

A constant factor when it comes to all bikes is that a dirty bike chain will hasten the wear and tear of the chain as well as the whole drivetrain. That is why you must take care of your dirty bike chain by cleaning it regularly. In this article, I have listed the most ideal chain cleaners or degreasers in the market. I have also highlighted their main features and their advantages allowing you to find out exactly what you need.

The Best Bicycle Degreaser Cleaner: Comparison Table

Main Features
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The Citrus Degreaser Bicycle Degreaser from Finish Line
  •  It is manufactured with a formula that is manufactured
  • The surface tension is quite low
The Speed Bicycle and Chain Degreaser from Finish Line
  • It is okay for use on both plastic and paint
  • Uses the mechanical agitation process
The Clean Streak from White Lightning
  • It does not require any kind of rinsing
  •  It works very fast
The Oranj Peelz Citrus Bicycle Degreaser from Pedro
  •  It works instantly
  •  It has an amazing scent
The All Conditions Lube from WD-40 Bike
  • It gets rid of grime
  • The foam works quite fast
The Bike Cleaner and Degreaser from Simple Green
  • It is safe for use on painted surfaces and all bike parts.
  • Gets rid of all kinds of grime and grease
The EcoTech Degreaser Bicycle Cleaner from Finish Line
  • It is safe and biodegradable
  •  It effectively cleans rubber.

The Best Bicycle Degreaser Cleaner – how do they differ?

The Citrus Degreaser Bicycle Degreaser from Finish Line

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The Citrus Degreaser product from Finish Line is one of the most ideal products in the market. These products work well in enhancing the maintenance procedure of bicycles. This ensures that eliminating dirt, grime, and debris is so much easier. This Citrus bike degreaser is one of the most effective degreasers in the industry. Not only is it affordable, but it also works very fast and it is reliable.

The degreaser is designed with a biodegradable formula. That means that you can use it safely on plastic and rubber surfaces. It contains non-toxic properties and it is manufactured from orange peels and soy-based components. This degreaser provides users with a lot of coverage. The surface tension is quite low, allowing the degreaser to easily penetrate without any kind of issue. Once you have covered your bike with this degreaser, you can be assured that there will be no trace of any residue such as dirt or grime.


  • This product is one of a kind
  • It provides your bike with a sweet sultry scent
  • It is an affordable product


  • The spray nozzle is of low quality
  • It is not effective.

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The Speed Bicycle and Chain Degreaser from Finish Line

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This chain degreaser is designed with a long-lasting formula. Users are assured that they are making great use of a highly effective degreasing product that works well in keeping your bike well maintained. Many manufacturing industries and consumers consider the Speed bicycle degreaser one of the best and most powerful degreasers in the market. This degreaser emits a powerful and unique sweet scent.

This is a dry kind of degreaser, which means that right after the stripping and cleaning process, no debris is left. The cleaning and degreasing process starts just as soon as you apply the product. The degreaser is designed with a formula that is the most ideal for the decontamination of your disk brake. The Speed Bicycle and Chain Degreaser is a great product designed with a dry degreasing formula that replaces moisture.


  • It is a great product
  • It has a sweet smell that lasts on your bike
  • It is affordable


  • The spray nozzle is not the best
  • Because of the design of the bottle, the contents within the bottle stand a risk of spilling out.

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The Clean Streak from White Lightning

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This product from White Lightning is one of the best clean streaks suited for all kinds of bicycles. If you are looking for a degreaser that begins to work as soon as you apply it, then this is the most ideal option for you. It works perfectly on disk brake rotors, chains, gears as well as derailleurs. This degreaser effectively gets rid of the grime, dirt, and debris that could have accumulated.

This degreaser is defined by many as a self-cleansing tool or product with profitable sales in more than 25 countries across the world. This degreaser functions in a very impressive way. The results are evident after just a few minutes and there is no trace of any residue that is left behind. Additionally, there is no need to clean after making use of this product.


  • The usage is sufficient
  • Eliminates the need of using any kind of grease
  • Does not require a lot of effort
  • It is affordable


  • To avoid any kind of spillage, once it is open you must use all of it.

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The Oranj Peelz Citrus Bicycle Degreaser from Pedro

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This Oranj Peelz bike degreaser is based on citrus and it is manufactured especially to be used on metal components of your bicycle. This degreaser is designed with a great formula that makes certain that you can easily eliminate tough grease and other stains from different parts of your bike, including the metal sections that are not painted.

One of the greatest advantages of using this degreaser is flexibility when it comes to application. You can use this product on base paints, rubber, alloys, and plastic without damaging your bike in any kind of way. It is designed in a spray tool making the application process so easy. Users are not required to purchase any unique brushes when using this degreaser.

This degreaser allows your bike to maintain a new and clean look every time you use it and many users consider it the best degreaser for their bicycles.


  • It is the best for several different uses.
  • It is not hard to apply
  • The use is very swift, with very little scrubbing required
  • It is designed with non-toxic chemicals


  • Because of the shape of the bottle, the contents inside of the bottle could easily spill out.

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The All Conditions Lube from WD-40 Bike

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This is a cleaning product that provides customers with cleaning goodness of 10 ounces. The primary function of this product is to get rid of all tough grease and grime from your bike surface. The All Conditions Lube is designed with a very swift-acting amalgamation of the WD-40 industry.

Once you apply this product it grips onto your bike surface and the process begins. After the whole operation, there is no trace or evidence of dirt and debris left behind. It is user-friendly, and designed in a specific spraying bottle that enhances the use of the formula in the links of your bike chain.

This degreaser is not designed with any kind of citrus solvents or acids and it has been determined as a very safe product that can be used on your bike parts as a finish. This All Conditions Lube is an excellent way to make sure that your bike will receive great preservation service.


  • It is acceptable for upholstery use.
  • It is not made of any kind of harmful or toxic material
  • It is biodegradable
  • It is not flammable


  • Many users have mentioned that it does not have a pleasant smell
  • In cold conditions, the contents freeze
  • Because of the bottle shape, the contents could easily spill out.

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The Bike Cleaner and Degreaser from Simple Green

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This bike cleaner from the Simple Green industry is designed with phosphate-free properties and it is biodegradable. Another great advantage is that it is available at an affordable price. This bike cleaner is manufactured from a non-toxic and non-corrosive formula that is non-flammable.

The bike cleaner is effective at getting rid of any kind of grime, dirt, and grease from your bike chains and derailleurs without the use of too much effort. Another great advantage is that this degreaser works well on a ton of different surfaces, whether the surfaces have been painted or are plain. The product comes in the form of foam and it comes with a spray. This ensures that you are provided with great precision.


  • It does not contain any kind of phosphate
  • It is biodegradable
  • It is used on both automotive tasks and also different tasks in your home
  • The application process is quite easy


  • This product can take an extended period of time to work
  • It is expensive

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The EcoTech Degreaser Bicycle Cleaner from Finish Line

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The Eco-Tech degreaser is yet another excellent cleaner that cleans your metal, plastic, and rubber surface very quickly. It does not pose any kind of problem and it is the best for all the painted surfaces on your bike.

This bike degreaser comes in two sizes, 12 ounces, and 20 ounces. Each of these containers is designed with a brand-new degreasing formula from eco-tech. This formula is durable enough to get rid of even the toughest grime on your metal surface. It also makes use of a rinse-free formula, and any white residue is absent. Users have mentioned the sweet-smelling herbal fragrance that is emitted as soon as the work is done.


  • It does not leave any kind of stain or residue
  • The formula of this bicycle cleaner is quite effective
  • A lot of users have mentioned that the cleaner emits a sweet-smelling fragrance


  • It is expensive
  • It is not as durable as other cleaners in the market
  • It is not long-lasting

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Factors to be Considered when Purchasing the Best Bicycle Degreaser Cleaner  

The Rate of Operation  

The most ideal degreasers in the market are those that work instantly, getting rid of all the debris, dirt, and grime as soon as they come into contact with the surface of your bicycle. When browsing through the different bike degreasers in the market, it is advisable to avoid a product that uses an extended period.

The Different Type of Surfaces  

The flexibility of your degreaser is also a major factor that must be considered. Some types of degreasers are designed to work on different kinds of surfaces and materials such as paint, plastic, rubber, and even metal. Other types of degreasers are not as versatile. That is why you must study every type of degreaser before you make your purchase. This will allow you to confirm what kind of product is best for the surface that you would like to clean.

The Mode of Application  

The market is saturated with different kinds of degreasers, and each degreaser is applied differently. Some degreasers come with a spray nozzle that gives users the chance to spray a certain part of their bike. This provides you with additional precision and it also allows you to get to certain corners that you may not arrive at when using other kinds of application methods.

The Brand of Your Degreaser

Ensure that the degreaser that you purchase is from an entrusted industry. In this article, I have listed degreasers that have been manufactured by the world’s leading industries, who have a lot of experience in the field. Some of those manufacturing industries include Finish Line and also White Lightning.

The Customer Reviews

Before making any kind of purchase, you must go through the different reviews from different consumers. Reviews give you a better understanding of the product giving you the chance to determine if it is worth the purchase. The products listed in this review are budget-friendly and can easily be purchased from different cities around the world.

The Price  

One thing that all consumers must understand is that an expensive product does not necessarily mean that it is effective and a cheap product does not mean that it is non-effective. When it comes to the usage, durability, and longevity of the bike degreasers mentioned in this article, I compiled different reports and feedback comments from different users.


Bike degreasers not only ensure that your bike maintains an ideal look, these products also work well by helping you eliminate the dirt and grime that can accumulate in your drivetrain as well as your bike chain. As we all know, lubricants are commonly used on our bikes to provide us with a smooth journey, however, these lubricants cannot be easily cleaned out with soap and water, which is why bike degreasers come in handy in maintaining the state of your bike chain. In this article, I have listed the most ideal bicycle maintenance products that will serve you well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  

  1. How many times should I clean my bike chain?

Professional cyclists clean their bike chains after every single intense cycling activity; however, this is just not possible for other riders who are cycling for exercise or leisure activities. When it comes to cleaning your bike, you should manage your cleaning routine around how often you use your bicycle.

If you are a frequent biker, then your bike must be collecting additional dirt and debris. That is why it is important to take a look at your chain and confirm if it is accumulating a ton of gunk.

The area in which you cycle is also another important factor that must be put into consideration. If you are frequently cycling on dusty and dirty road surfaces, then you will have to clean your bike more often. An important factor that you must keep in mind is that your drive chain is one of the vital parts of your bike that will be exposed to a lot of wear and tear. That is why you must invest some time in caring for your bike chain.

Your bike chain is also open making it prone to external elements such as water and dirt, and this can cause a lot of harm. If you are looking to benefit from the great performance of your bike, then a monthly clean-up session is the best option.

  1. Is it safe to make use of WD-40 on my bike chain?

The use of WD-40 is a controversial subject as many cyclists have different opinions. Some cyclists advise against the use of WD-40, while other cyclists mention that there is nothing wrong with the product.

WD-40 is a liquid degreaser that contains a lubricant that is quite light. The degreaser works by loosening the dirt and the grime on your bike chain. It then leaves behind a thin lubricant film on your chain. Several cyclists do not like using this product because of the light lube that is left on the chain. Some cyclists believe that the lubricant is not thick enough to work on fast-moving bicycle parts.

I believe that using the WD-40 is quite okay, especially as a degreaser and a cleaner. However, it is vital that after the use of this degreaser, you follow up with a certain bicycle lubricant that is designed to have a firmer hold on moving bicycle parts.

  1. Can I use dishwashing soap to clean my bicycle?

Many people often question if it is okay to use dishwashing soap to clean their bike chains. Dishwashing soap is a more affordable option than the bike chain degreasers that are in the market and it is evident why many cyclists are interested in using this as a cleaning alternative. According to many experts, cleaning your bike chain with mild dish soap is quite okay. The only problem is that this method of cleaning eliminates the oil from your bike chain. Therefore, it is advisable to add a lubricant after the cleaning process. Cleaning your bike with a dish soap is not as effective as making use of a degreaser, however, it is not a harmful option.