7 Best Flat Pedals for Road Bike in 2023 (Reviews and Guide)


As a cyclist, you become aware of the different kinds of cycling activities and you even take part in many of them. In just the same way, you also become aware of different pedals, their features, their advantages, and also their disadvantages. The type of pedals that you use is a personal choice and will determine your control and style of cycling.

I own a bicycle shop that is found right in the middle of my home town, have a great passion for biking, and I have participated in a ton of cycling events. Owning a bike shop has made me an expert when it comes to cycling and bike components. However, for a large number of years, I always overlooked the importance of the bike pedal. Pedals are a very important part of your bicycle and they impact your level of comfort and safety.

In this article, we take some time to go through the most ideal flat pedals for your bike. The pedals mentioned in this review are of very high-quality and are guaranteed to allow you to get the most out of your bicycle.

The Best Flat Pedals for Road Bike: Comparison Table

Main Features
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The Polyamide Bike Pedals for BMX Road from Imrider
It has excellent grip

It is affordable

The PD-EH500 Bike Pedals from Shimano
The pedals are of high quality

These pedals have a dual-platform.

The Trade Road Mountain Bike Pedals from ThinkTop
Great value for your money
The PD GR500 Bike Pedal from Shimano


The pedals are very comfortable perfect for long distance riding
PD-A530 SPD Dual Platform Pedals from Shimano


The cleat tension can be adjusted easily

The pedals have dual platform

The PD-603B Road Mountain Bike Pedals from Lumintrail
It is light in weight

The pedals are multi usage

The MG-1 Sealed Platform Pedal from Wellgo


It is light in weight

It is sealed in alloy

The Best Flat Pedals for Road Bike – how do they differ?

The Polyamide Bike Pedals for BMX Road from Imrider

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Many bikes are designed with plastic pedals, however, these polyamide bike pedals have been manufactured with stringed steel which makes a huge difference when it comes to the grip of the pedals. The grip is quite excellent and even when compared to high-end platform pedals, this model has the best grip that you can find in today’s market.

When cycling with these pedals, users do not have to worry about issues such as slipping from the pedals. All you need is a decent pair of shoes and you are guaranteed that you will have a safe and fun experience with these pedals.

These flat bike pedals are also made with the anti-skid nail surface, and this ensures that you will not slide on the platform. The pedal has a large wide shape making it ideal for pedaling activities and providing you with comfort during long rides. The polyamide of these pedals is of very high quality. This makes them resistant to factors such as abrasion and corrosion. The pedals measure 125mm x 108 mm x 18 mm making them the best fit for most of the bikes in the market. These pedals are also very affordable and several experts have recommended them.


  • The pedals are durable and have a good build
  • The pedals are very light in weight
  • The pedals are of very high quality and are available at a very affordable price
  • They have a very casual design


  • The ends of the screw are so sharp and this reduces some of the comfort levels.

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The PD-EH500 Bike Pedals from Shimano

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The PD-EH500 model is dual-sided. One of the best advantages of the pedals is that they are very flexible and multi-purpose. One side of the pedal is designed with a traditional platform while the other side has an SPD step-in-design. This is great as users get to use the pedal with any kind of shoes, such as your regular shoes that you would wear when out on the street or even your SPD shoes for cycling.

These pedals are the most ideal for cyclists who split time between cycling shoes that come with SPD cleats and regular shoes. The flat pedal is designed with a hex head screw in grippers. This works well in maintaining the position of your foot. This is if you are not cycling with the clipless side. The pedals come with SM-SH56 multi-release cleats from Shimano that have a warranty of 2 years.

The pedals can be used for a different number of things making them an ideal choice for activities such as mountain biking, road touring, urban biking, and even commuting. The flat side of the platform is designed with detachable traction pins and this allows you to feel the great grip and control of the pedals even when maneuvering on the road on a rainy day. Each pair weighs 383 grams.


  • These are dual pedals and are of very high quality
  • The flat side has a lot of grip because of the screw in studs.
  • The pedals are very light in weight.


  • The pedals are not ideal for cyclists who have wide feet
  • Installing these pedals is not an easy process

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The Trade Road Mountain Bike Pedals from ThinkTop

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These pedals are a great option for individuals who are searching for pedals that perform perfectly and also serve as multipurpose flat pedals. The design of the pedals is one of a kind and you are guaranteed that you will perform perfectly even on very rocky and steep terrain. The pedals are very light in weight. The bearings are sealed keeping them safe from external factors such as rust and dust ensuring that the grazing is kept at a minimum level and the paddling life is extended.

The pedals are also very affordable and provide you with all the ideal functions that expensive pedals give you. These flat platforms are dual-sided and are designed with a non-slip grip feature. This feature provides you with an anti-fumble smooth ride. The three bearings are lubricated and sealed. Installing these bearing is not a difficult task. Cyclists are assured of a lot of comforts and this is mostly because of the additional grip and the nail design of the pedals.

The trade road mountain bike pedals also come with very attractive colors that improve the look of your bike. The pedals also have amazing grip giving you the chance to cycle aggressively, especially on bumpy and rough road trails.


  • The pedals provide you with excellent performance
  • The pedals have an amazing combination
  • The platform is double-sided making them easy to shift
  • These pedals are very affordable


  • The studs are anti-slip making them fall out quite easily

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The PD GR500 Bike Pedal from Shimano

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The contact area of this pedal is concave providing you with an improved device grip. This makes the pedals very comfortable, ideal for long-distance rides. Because this is a flat pedal, you can be sure that it is not designed with any kind of cleat and clip function. There are only pins that are used to attach the bottom side of the casual shoe or the flat-soled shoe.

The pedal measures 0.8 x 7.9 x 3.9 inches. This makes them wide enough for cycling activities. The pedals are designed from Aluminum material. They also have 9 bearings and are well and solid. A great advantage is the height of the adjustable pins. This is a great practical feature.


  • The pin height is adjustable
  • Installing these pedals is so easy.
  • These are the best option for commuting


  • The pedals are heavy
  • The pedals come in only one single color

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PD-A530 SPD Dual Platform Pedals from Shimano

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The PD-A530 pedals from Shimano are double-sided. On one side of the pedals, there are flats and on the other side, there are SPD clippings. The double-sided function makes these pedals the most ideal for touring. The feature allows you to make use of trainers, flip-flops, and cycling shoes as you ride your bike.

The design of these pedals is the best for road courses. You can easily enjoy your ride at the park or your daily commute to the office. Other amazing features are the sealed bearings and the steel distaff that make your pedals very durable lasting for many cycling expeditions. The PD-A530 pedals are designed with a spindle made of chromolly steel and a platform made of aluminum. The cartridge bearings are sealed and the spindles are designed with Allen wrench mounts. This allows them not to require a lot of maintenance.

The pedals are the best for individuals who cycle regularly as well as cyclists who may be looking to enjoy a nice leisurely ride. Setting up this pedal is very easy. The cleat tension can be easily adjusted allowing you to close this pedal tightly or allow it to remain loose giving you a controlled release and feel. As you enjoy the feel of your bike, you can choose to increase the stress. It is a great choice for anyone who is embarking on a rough ride


  • The step-in setup of this pedal makes your pedaling platform very steady
  • The pedals do not have to be maintained often
  • The pedals have a dipped and steady platform


  • The grip of the pedals should be improved

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The PD-603B Road Mountain Bike Pedals from Lumintrail

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This model from Lumintrail is very light in weight proving that they are ideal for leisure cycling. The anti-skid design of the pedals as well as the aluminum cage ensure that the pedals are ideal for activities such as racing. The wide platforms provide you with a maximum level of comfort and a lot of stability.

The pedals are designed with solid aluminum making them very strong. The pedals also come with safety reflectors that ensure your safety in dark areas. The pedals also have a bright metallic finish. They also come in several different colors allowing users to choose a pedal that has the best look for their bike. A wide platform provides you with a lot of stability and these pedals are great for all cycling activities. To ensure that your pedal lasts for a long time, it is designed with a solid and reliable aluminum alloy. The pedals also come in many different designs and colors making them very stylish.

The pedals also have a very strong grip preventing any case of sudden disconnection. The reflective bars also work well in increasing your visibility on the road.


  • The pedals are light in weight
  • The grips are great giving you a lot of confidence when riding
  • The ball bearing is quite advanced


  • The pedals are designed with nothing to grab
  • The pedals do not have a slot that allows a screwdriver.

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The MG-1 Sealed Platform Pedal from Wellgo

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For years the Wellgo industry has been producing many pedals that are of very high quality. The MG-1 model is one of the best with its body been manufactured from Aluminum. Each of the pedals only weighs 310g, making them one of the lightest pedals in the market.

The pedals are not the best for riders who have very wide feet. If your foot size is larger than 11, you should avoid this type of pedal. The pedals will not be able to maintain the position of your feet and you will not have proper control and grip.

They are, however, the most ideal for cyclists who do not enjoy been locked in.


  • The pedals are very light in weight
  • The pedal studs are very grippy
  • They are of high quality giving you a lot of value for your money


  • The pedals are quite small
  • Users are provided with a warranty of only 1 year

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What to Consider When Purchasing the Best Flat Pedals for Road Bike  

The Aluminum

The most commonly used material when designing flat pedals is Aluminum material, chrome, plastic as well as steel. Aluminum is great at manufacturing very light products that are very strong. Aluminum is also quite ideal as it acts as a shock absorber and it is less prone to rust.

The Steel  

Steel is quite heavy but also very strong and durable. The small parts of a flat pedal, such as the bearings of the pedal should be designed with steel. The outer layer of the bearings is of great importance and should be made from a material that ensures that the bearings will be flexible.


Plastic is not the best choice when it comes to flat pedals however, plastic makes the pedals easy to produce and very affordable. If you are in the market searching for affordable pedals that are entry-level, you can select these pedals. It is important to remember that this kind of pedal is very fragile and they are not the best for cycling on very rough trails.

Surface Area

A wide pedal is great because a larger surface area increases the chance of shoes fitting onto the pedals. Cyclists can comfortably ride even with large sized sneakers or heavy winter boots. Wider pedals provide you with a lot of room adequate for foot placement.

Pedals with a much smaller surface area do not provide you with enough room for foot placement. You can be assured that your feet will slip off at any time.

A pedal with a larger surface is designed with additional pins around them and this increases the grip of the pedals. When it comes to stability the thickness is also a very important factor. Flat pedals that are much thicker will not bend over.

A thick pedal is less likely to break or get damaged in any kind of accident. Do not purchase any thick pedals that will affect the stability of your bike.

Clipless Pedals  

These kinds of pedals are commonly used with cycling shoes. This is because they require a certain type of shoe that can be attached to them. Through the cleats, the shoes will be mechanically attached to them. The clipless pedals come in handy as they enhance the hold of the feet, therefore they do not slip off. The power transfer is a lot easier and the pedaling efficiency is increased. This is a great feature that ensures your safety, especially when cycling on rough roads.

Clip Pedals

These types of pedals come with an attaching mechanism through the strap and the cage. These pedals are very convenient and safe. Cyclists are guaranteed that they will improve their biking skills with these pedals. They are available in different sizes and a number of them are designed with plastic, rubber, and metals.


Bike pedals are one of the most vital elements of a bike. That is why you must purchase a pedal that fulfills all your cycling needs. The flat pedals that you purchase should be of very high quality ensuring that you get the best grip possible. In this article, I have listed the most ideal flat pedals in today’s market. I have also ensured that I mention the renowned manufacturers allowing you to browse through all their different products. Road cycling is a very enjoyable activity and all the pedals mentioned here are very comfortable and you are guaranteed that you will be provided with all the necessary features.

Frequently Asked Questions  

  1. Does having a lot of pins on your flat pedal mean that you will get a stronger grip?

A large number of pins on your pedal means that you will be provided with a lot of stability and a very strong grip. It is important, however, to make sure that you do not have a large number of pins on your pedal. This is because they will be uncomfortable and not helpful. Pedals that are designed with replaceable pins are the best as you can easily replace the pins as soon as they wear out.

  1. Is the weight of my pedal vital to ensure efficiency when cycling?

When it comes to flat pedals, it is important to purchase one that does not weigh too much. Heavy pedals require you to exert a lot more force than much lighter pedals. That is why many bike components are made of aluminum as the material is very light in weight.

  1. Why are flat pedals considered a better choice?

Flat pedals come with many different benefits. The power transfer is a lot better, the range of your rotation and foot position is greater. Adjusting your heels down is very easy and removing your feet from the pedals is so easy. The position of your body, the angulation as well as the range of motion is maximized with the use of flat pedals.