Everything you need to know about the Lectric XP Bike [A review]

Are you looking for an affordable and durable electric bike for your cycling adventures? Look no further, the Lectric XP is a quality bike with fast speeds for a great ride.

Having ridden plenty of fast electric bikes, I was eager to try out another model. I was looking for an affordable and quality bike that I could use for commuting and working out too. After trying a couple of bikes and checking out their review, I settled on buying the Lectric XP E-bike.

The Lectric XP bike is a fun and fast bike. It is comfortable and works very well for beginners and experienced cyclists. The fat tires on this bike can roll over anything and with a powerful motor you can cycle through dirt and climb hills. This bike comes with a rack and fenders for a great adventure while cycling. The front and rear lights on this bike make it safe to cycle at night.

The Lectric XP Review and Breakdown

The Lectric XP is made with a standard step-through design for a stylish look. It comes with a 500W powerful motor that lets you reach speeds of up to 28mph. This electric bike is powered with an LG battery that can reach ranges of between 26-50 miles.

There is a computer display on this bike that will show you the speed you are cycling at, the battery level, and the trip distance. The Lectric XP has adjustable handlebars and a comfortable seat for better riding experience.

The tires on this electric bike are 4-inch and puncture-resistant for better stability on the roads and control on off-road. A good feature of this bike is its foldability. This bike can fold down to almost a fraction of its size so that you can transport it easily with you.

What we liked:

  • The Lectric XP is affordable compared to other electric bikes.
  • The extra-wide seat is very comfortable.
  • The front and rear lights are convenient for cycling at night.
  • It is a foldable bike making it easier to transport and store.
  • The adjustable handlebars are comfortable and allow for different riding positions.

What we didn’t like:

  • The battery has a long charging time and only lasts a short period.
  • It is heavier than normal bikes.

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The Lectric XP E-bike Specifications

Mile range
25-50 miles
160mm Tektro Disc brakes

Lectric XP Features


The Lectric XP features an easy step-into frame design that makes it easy to mount and dismount this bike. It comes with a standard rack and fenders for when you are cycling in the rain. This bike is fitted with front and rear lights integrated into the bike’s control system.

This will ensure that you will have very smooth riding experience. The bike has a stylish design in black and white colours. This bike is made of aluminium alloy and weighs 59lbs which may be heavier than most road bikes. The Lectric XP is foldable for portability and easier storage.


This electric bike comes with an LCD display on the centre of the handlebars. This display indicates your riding speed, the distance, and the battery level for your bike. The battery capacity is displayed with indicator bars. When the battery is depleted, the battery display will flash.

The display of this bike comes with different settings like sleep timer, brightness, and distance units. You can change the display settings by holding the up and down arrows at the same time to enter into the advanced settings menu. To adjust the settings click the up and down arrows when needed.

Seat and Handlebars

The seat of the Lectric XP is very comfortable for long rides. It is extra wide and plush for increased comfort. The handlebars on this bike are adjustable so that you can get your perfect fit. The ergonomic grips make the bars more comfortable if you are cycling for long periods. The pedals on this bike are also foldable and you just have to push down and move it outwards to unfold them.


Lectric XP comes with a 7-speed Shimano freewheel that lets the rider maintain a good level of pedalling speed and effort when riding on different terrains. Pedalling using the lowest gear lets you easily pedal up hills.

The highest gear lets you reach much higher speeds on flat terrains and downhill. You shouldn’t change the gears too quickly because this might cause the chain to fall off. You could lose control and suffer a serious injury.


The Lectric XP comes fully assembled so you do not need to do much. This bike comes with instructions for unboxing and getting familiar with the bike before you start riding. You may need to do a few adjustments to the bike because of how bumpy shipping can be.

The box comes with the bike, the Lectric XP charger, 2 battery keys, and a manual. You should ensure that all the cables and connectors for the front of the bike are well connected.  Make sure you read the entire manual before you start operating your bike.


This electric bike is equipped with mechanical disc brakes so that you can stop quickly even when cycling at very high speeds. You can engage the brakes by squeezing the brake levers towards the handlebars. The more force you apply on the brake levers, the more force is applied and the faster you will slow down the bike.

Due to the high amount of friction, the disc brake rotors can get too hot during use. This is due to the friction between the rotor and the brake pad so you should make sure not to touch it right after use.


This bike comes with a 48V lithium battery with LG cells. There is a set of keys that come with this battery turn it on and off and keep it locked to the frame. The battery is marked with 3 positions, On, OFF, and unlocked. Make sure to charge your battery to up to 75% if you are planning on going for a long ride.

The battery on the Lectric XP comes fully charged and you can charge it using the port on the side of the battery. It is removable and you should only charge it with the Lectric charger provided by Lectric eBikes.

Riding Experience

This bike is easy and fun to ride. The gears are easy to shift for a smoother and more comfortable experience. Because electric bikes are much heavier than normal road bikes, the Lectric XP comes fitted with a walk mode. This mode makes walking the bike much easier.

When you hold down the down arrow on the display control the motor will engage at a speed similar to that of a slow walk. The walk indicator will then appear on your display. When you want to deactivate the walk mode, you just simply pull the brake levers to engage the motor inhibitors.

Who is the Lectric XP best suited for?

The Lectric XP is best suited for anyone looking for fun and adventure in an electric bike. This bike can fit a different range of riders with a stand over height of 18.5 inch. It is great for anyone looking for a comfortable and foldable electric bike for easier portability. This bike is a great choice for beginners and experienced cyclists

Are there any alternatives to the Lectric XP bike?

Yes, there are other alternative bikes if you don’t like the Lectric XP. You can choose the RadMini power bike and the Swagtron Eb7 electric bike which are quality electric bikes with fast speeds. These bikes are also foldable.

Features of alternative electric bikes

RadMini 4 Fat bike
Swagtron Eb7 electric bike
Rad Power Bikes
Aluminium alloy
Aluminium alloy

Verdict: Should you buy the Lectric XP bike?

Yes, you should if you want an affordable and durable electric bike. The Lectric XP is made with aluminium alloy with a step-through design for easy mounting and dismounting. This is a foldable electric bike which makes it easier to store and move around.

It is a powerful and fast bike that rides smoothly through different terrains. It is fitted with front and rear lights for safety and a rear rack for carrying goods. This is a bike worth the price for the good performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the Lectric XP safe to ride at night?

For increased visibility, make sure you turn on the front headlight and the rear taillight so that other people on the road can see you.

  1. What is the maximum weight capacity of the Lectric XP?

This bike can safely carry the weight of up to 330lbs. The rack on the rear of the bike can hold 55lbs. You should stick to this weight limits so as not to damage your bike.