The NordicTrack VR21 Exercise Bike vs The Schwinn 270 Exercise Bike – Which is the superior exercise bike for your home?

Are you looking to incorporate exercise into your morning or evening routines? The NordicTrack Vr21 and Schwinn 270 are some of the best exercise bikes in the market and one of them is the best fit for you.

Exercising in the house is my go-to solution when the weather isn’t good for outdoor activities. So as not to ruin my exercising routine, I am thinking of getting an exercise bike for those bad weather days. They are lighter compared to the standard and electric bicycles and many of the models today are easy to use and also foldable allowing you to reduce its storage space. Both the NordictrackVr21 and Schwinn 270 are Exercise exercise bikes. In this article, we go over some of the features and differences between the two bikes to find out which suits you best.

The Differences between the NordicTrack VR21 and Schwinn 270

The NordicTrack VR21
Schwinn 270
25 resistance levels
25 levels
Seat type
Seat with Lumbar support
59″ L x 22.25″ W x 52″ H
13″ L x 67″ W x 27″ H

The NordicTrack VR21 vs The Schwinn 270 Exercise bike- How do they compare?

Frame and Design

The NordicTrack VR21 comes with a Exercise frame. This is stationary and allows less stress on your lower body and back. You can pedal with your legs in front of you as you lean back on the seat. Its back seats have a similar comfortability to office chairs with high back support. The seats are adjustable vertically and horizontally to fit different rider’s needs. The Schwinn 270 Exercise bike comes with no barriers to access the chair and much closer to the ground compared to others. Its chair offers good lumbar support and lets air flow through to keep you cool while exercising.


To provide enough resistance for a thorough workout, the flywheel must be very heavy to make the first couple of rotations hard. On the NordicTrack VR21, you can easily change the resistance settings depending on what you want to do. You can change the settings to burn calories, cardio workouts, and physical therapy. It has 25 resistance levels to keep your muscles toned and lean. The Schwinn 270 Exercise bike uses the Quiet eddy current brake resistance. With a 17-lb magnetic flywheel system, the bike provides more than enough resistance.  It also comes with 25 levels of resistance ensured to give you a thorough cardio workout. The increments are small allowing you as a rider to move up more quickly.

In-built Programs

The NordicTrack VR21 will save you a lot of time planning and looking for ideas for a great workout. The bike’s console comes with 32 installed workout apps. You don’t even have to pay for them. These workouts are designed to increase your performance on the bike, burn more calories and give you more certainty while working out indoors. Choose a goal category, select one program of your choice and you are good to start riding. On the other hand, The Schwinn 270 Exercise bike also comes with built-in fitness programs that offer a lot of training support. With 12 profile workouts and heart rate control workouts, you can get the most out of this bike whether you are a beginner or a veteran in bike riding.

Heart Rate Monitors.

It is a good thing that both these bikes come with installed heart rate monitors. It is important while working out to gauge your exercise intensity. This will give you an indication of how hard you are riding. The Schwinn 270 Exercise bike has a wireless telemetry and grip heart rate monitor. The chest strap for wireless monitoring is however not included in the purchase. The VR21 is compatible with a Bluetooth chest strap for wireless heart rate monitoring. This is sold separately. The handlebars also have grip pulse sensors to check your heart rate.

The Schwinn 270 Exercise bike vs The NordicTrack VR21- A comparison Overview

NordicTrack Commercial VR21 Exercise Bike

The NordicTrack exercise bike is an above-average bike meant for home use. This is one of the lowest-priced Exercise bikes from Nordic Track. NordicTrack is a world leader in the production of exercise equipment. With a NordicTrack VR21, you get 25 resistance levels, a heavy 23 pounds flywheel, 32 inbuilt workout apps and much more. It has a height of 54.6 inches with a length of 61.1 inches and can carry a maximum weight of 350 lbs.

The flywheel weighs 20 pounds which are designed to enhance effective inertia and give you more of a natural stride while riding. This machine comes with ergonomic pedals. These are large and have adjustable straps. This is important to have for safety and reduce risks of foot injuries. You can adjust the straps according to your comfort levels. You can do very vigorous exercises and be assured that your feet remain firmly on the pedal.

If you are looking for a comfortable exercise bike for burning calories, lower body toning, and training, this is ideal for you. It can also be essential for physical therapy because it is designed to reduce unnecessary joint pain and back stress. Another great feature is the provision of google maps. This will help you navigate different parts of the world with different terrain without getting lost

The computer comes with an adjustable display to show your stats like time, speed and calories burned in live time. The built-in sensors monitor your heart rate allowing you to perform specific zone training to reach your fitness goals.

The workout fan adjusts automatically according to the intensity of your workout to keep you comfortable. You can easily change the resistance levels using the one-touch controls. If you find it hard to get a reliable workout to stick to, don’t worry, the NordicTrack comes with an iFit Coach and 32 built-in workouts to keep you engaged with programs made by professionals.

The frame has a 10-year warranty with parts having a 2-year warranty. Nordic Track offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the bike. This is one of the more affordable bikes making it more preferable.


  • Excellent for injury rehabilitation. The reclined body position is good for riders with knee or back injuries.
  • The pedals in front reduce the tension on knees and ankles compared to having them underneath.
  • The design helps reduce tension on your upper body.
  • The seat is very comfortable reducing soreness similar to other traditional bikes.


  • The bike needs regular tightening of the bolts and added lubricants to keep it functioning properly.
  • The chest strap is not included with the purchase.


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Schwinn 270 Exercise Exercise Bike

If you are interested in cycling at home, this is a good choice whether you are in your early 20s or a senior. It is very easy to use because no handlebars are hindering your access to the chair. With an impressive list of features, it is worth the price you pay for it.  This bike is known for its comfortability allowing even elderly cyclers to sit and pedal for as long as they wish. The chair-like seat offers good lumbar support to reduce tension on the back.

The Schwinn 270 Exercise bike is 64 inches length, a width of 27.7 inches and a height of 50 inches. It also comes with centre support for added stability. The maximum user capacity for this bike is 300 pounds. This machine is not heavy, weighing 88 pounds it can be moved from one room to another.

The position of the LCD screen is slightly higher making it easier for the rider to see without having to bend down all the time. It is adjustable so you can position it to your face height, a little upper than eye level.

The computer of The Schwinn 270 Exercise bike also comes packed with great features. The LCD comes with two backlit windows. These windows are called DualTrackTM which allows the rider to easily read up to 13 different feedbacks. With 12 programs to choose from, you can enjoy a variety of challenges and fun rides.

A unique feature of The Schwinn 270 Exercise bike is USB data transferability. If you are a fitness junkie and like to keep close track of your training, this feature might be great for you. This machine has a USB drive for storing data which can later be uploaded to the Schwinn Connect website.

If you want to share the Schwinn 270 with your family members you can create at least four profiles. This feature helps you save your workouts and progress while still giving others the chance to enjoy the full experience of this Exercise bike.

The bike comes with additional features like a water bottle holder and a speed fan to cool you down. There is also a USB charging port for your portable electronics. Do you like listening to music while working out? It helps the clock tick faster. The Schwinn 270 Exercise bike has a sound system for playing MP3s.


  • Has a reliable heart rate monitor that reads data from the chest strap.
  • 25 resistance levels
  • 29 installed exercise programs
  • It comes with transport wheels to easily move the bike around.


  • Tall riders won’t be able to extend their legs far enough on this bike.
  • The Flywheel weighs only 17 pounds which is light. Many prefer a heavier one to offer more resistance while cycling.


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If you are a ride looking for a comfortable, functional and low-impact exercise bicycle, you are probably spoilt for choice. Hopefully, this article helped to clear up what to look for in terms of resistance, comfortability and design specifications.

Both The Schwinn 270 Exercise bike and NordicTrack VR21 are amazing Exercise bikes. They have many similarities like the adjustable seat, the frame and computer features with inbuilt apps. Before making the decision, you should consider how much floor space you have, your fitness goals and how frequently you intend to use the bike.

Verdict. So which is better? The NordicTrack VR21 or The Schwinn 270 Exercise bike?

Although both bikes are Exercise and used as home exercise bikes, they still have some key differences that will help you make a decision. The NordicTrack VR21 is the better option. Despite their similarities, The NordicTrack is not limited to riders of a certain height so other members of the family can also use it.

With a heavy flywheel, it offers enough resistance with each rotation giving you a more intense workout.  It is a superior bike that has its pedals at the front and not underneath making you more comfortable to ride. The level of comfortability of this bike is to cater to riders with injuries by reducing joint tension and back soreness. No matter the time of day the NordicTrack is the best choice for your exercises.


  1. Will The Schwinn 270 Exercise Bike come fully assembled?

Most of the time, you will not get a fully assembled exercise bike straight to your doorstep. When you buy one for your home, you will have to assemble it yourself before you can ride. If purchasing from a specialized store, for a little extra, they can assemble it and have it delivered ready for use.

  1. How frequently should I clean a NordicTrack VR21 Exercise Bike?

The NordicTrack VR21 exercise bikes do not require a lot in terms of maintenance. This is because they are stationary and depending on where you place just regular cleaning will do. The chain drive model will require oiling.

  1. Is the resistance on the NordicTrack VR21 too hard?

No, the resistance is not too hard. With 25 resistance levels, you can adjust according to the intensity of your workout. Pedal with the lowest resistance setting first then build from there.