The Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycle review

If you have been looking for the best indoor bike for your home workouts, you found one! The Sunny Health and Fitness Pro bike is the best choice for you.

Over the years, I have tried out several spin bikes at home. Some were too noisy, others were too weak to hold my weight while working out and would wobble all the time. When looking for my next indoor bike, I decided to get one that was stable, durable and requires little maintenance too. A stylish and quality bike is what I got with the Sunny Health and Fitness Pro bike.

The Sunny Health and Fitness pro cycle is the real deal when you are looking for quality indoor spin bikes. This bike is compact in size, durable, and stylish to have in your home for training. It comes at an affordable price with a heavy flywheel. It offers great performance and has great features that will make your workouts more comfortable.

The Sunny Health and Fitness pro cycle Review and Breakdown

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This is yet another quality indoor bike from Sunny Health and Fitness manufacturers. It is a low priced and durable indoor bike with tons of positive reviews. It is a comfortable bike for your daily workouts because it comes with an adjustable seat and handlebars.

This bike comes with a 40lb flywheel that ensures you have a smooth and quiet session without worrying about too much noise. It also offers more stability compared to other indoor bikes. The Sunny Health & Fitness Pro bike is compact and does not take up too much space. The transport wheels fitted on this bike make it easier to transport and store this bike when you are done using it.

The levellers on this pro-bike keep the bike stable on uneven surfaces and during intense workouts. The caged pedals also make this bike very safe to use because it reduces the chances of injury while training. If you are looking for a compact indoor bike that is sturdy and easy to use, this is the bike for you.

What we liked:

  • The handlebars are adjustable so that you can have a more comfortable workout in different positions
  • The seat on this bike is adjustable or height and proximity to the handlebars for a more comfortable ride.
  • This flywheel is heavy so sure to provide you with a smooth ride while working out.
  • It has a quiet operation even after years of use

What we didn’t like:

  • This bike does not come with a console that will provide you with feedback on your workouts.
  • It does not have a water bottle holder
  • There is only an optional warranty included for $27 with limited protection for 3 years.

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The Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Cycle specifications

Sunny Health and Fitness
Weight limit
Flywheel weight
Drive system
Belt drive
Pedal style

The Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Cycle Features


This bike comes with a heavy flywheel to give you a much smoother ride. The Sunny Health and fitness pro bike has a flywheel that weighs 40 lbs. This is a heavy flywheel that promotes your speed and stability while working out. This heavy flywheel provides a quiet operation so that you can enjoy your workout.

You can cycle for longer periods to achieve your fitness goals because of the momentum created by the heavy flywheel. Regardless of the speed and intensity of your workouts, you can be sure that this bike will be stable enough for you. This is great for long-distance and more experienced cyclists.


This bike is fitted with a fabric brake pad system. This system allows for various tension levels so that you can have an intense workout to burn those calories faster. You can easily change your resistance levels to tone and build muscles while cycling.

The resistance is adjustable via a small knob on the bike. When you turn it left, it increases the resistance while turning it right reduces the resistance on the bike. You can find the best fit for you depending on how intense you want your workout to be.

Seat and Handlebars

The seat on the Sunny Health and Fitness Pro bike is adjustable to fit both short and tall users. The seat is also lightly padded so that you are not uncomfortable while riding for long hours. The handlebars are also adjustable to make you more comfortable while cycling.

The ergonomic design also allows for different hand positions so that you can ride for longer. These grips are durable and can adapt to any condition. The multi-grip handlebars are also padded and slip-free to provide more safety while working out.

Assembly and storage

The Sunny Health and Fitness Pro indoor bike is easy to assemble. Most of the structures of this bike come fully assembled like the mainframe and flywheel. All you need to do is attach the pedals, handlebars, and seat to the main structure. You do not need tools to assemble this bike so it won’t be that complicated.

This will not take a lot of time and within a few minutes, it will be ready to use. This bike is much easier to store and move around because of the transport wheels fitted at the bottom. You can easily move it to a corner when you are done using it because it doesn’t take up too much space.

Additional features

This bike has a steel frame and comes with some additional features that are not found in all indoor bicycles. The pedals include toe clips and straps. These keep your feet secure and reduce any chance of injury while training. Once the pedals are fitted they will be difficult to remove.

This indoor bike, however, does not come with a console or any other form of entertainment. Most indoor bikes come with a console to relay information like speed, and distance while you are working out. The levellers on the bike also reduce wobbling and keep you stable even during intense workouts at home.

Who is the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor bike suited for?

The Sunny Health and Fitness Pro bike is suitable for a wide range of users. This bike fits tall and short users and with a weight limit of 275lbs can accommodate heavier trainees. The seat adjustments and handlebars make it easier to get a custom fit for a more comfortable performance. If you are looking to lose weight or build some muscle at home, this is the bike for you.

You can easily get into shape and tone by riding this bike. For athletes like long-distance cyclists, this is a preferred option. The heavy flywheel ensures you can ride for longer while being comfortable too.  This is a bike for anyone looking to have a compact and sturdy bike to prepare you for bike rides and working out.

Are there any Alternatives to the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor bike?

Yes. There are many alternatives to the Sunny Health and Fitness Pro bike like the Schwinn 170 upright bike and the Schwinn Ic3 indoor bicycle. The Schwinn series indoor bikes are durable and provide great resistance for indoor cycling. They accommodate a variety of users and can be a great alternative to the Sunny Health 7 fitness pro indoor bike.

Features of the alternatives to the Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor bike

Schwinn 170 upright bike
Schwinn Ic3 Indoor bike
Resistance levels
100 pounds
Max. User limit

Verdict: Should you buy the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor bike

The Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Bike is a good choice from a trusted manufacturer for your home workouts. This bike is durable, and comfortable, and offers you an intense and quiet workout. It is height adjustable so you can use it with your family members too.

If you are looking to get value for your money and get a simple bike that will give you a great workout, this is the one for you. It is a quality bike compared to other more expensive options and will be sure to have you sweating in no time. This is the best choice for an adjustable indoor bike on a budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor bike fit for users of all heights?

Yes, it is. This bike comes with an adjustable seat and handlebars which makes it suitable for both short and tall users. The seat can adjust to a minimum of 17.5 to a maximum of 22 inches from the handlebars.

  1. Why does the Sunny health and Fitness Pro bike have a heavy flywheel?

A heavy flywheel keeps the bike stable while you are cycling. This bike has a 40lbs flywheel to support your speed and consistency during intense workout sessions.