Titan bikes review – Your daughter’s irresistible gift!

Do you have a three-year-old daughter? Surprise her with the Titan girls flower princess bike BMX. This bike looks not only adorable but also offers maximum safety to young ones. Our titan bikes review will reveal more!
I was tired of buying bikes that always had more problems than advantages. I am a mother of three boys and a girl. Every year, my older sons would request for new bicycles. I had spent so much on replacing parts that I was a frustrated mother. When I asked my friend about the bikes she buys for her children, she could not stop praising Titan brand. The company seemed to sell different models, and I was confused about which bike to purchase. I could not get my eyes off the titan girls flower princess. I bought it for my last born, and I am finally contented with my purchase.
Titan girls flower princess bike
Every little girl can learn how to ride a bike with this 16-inch model. It is a fun bike that melts the hearts of most users. The design of the bike makes it unique since the manufacturer pays a lot of attention to detail. This is the ideal bike for young girls below four years.
It is not only fun but also safe to ride. Unlike other bikes for kids, Titan comes with safety features that minimize the risk of accidents. You can even let your child ride it without your supervision. If your daughter weighs less than 28 pounds, titan flower princess bike is the right choice.
This is the first feature that most customers notice. It contains streamers, a basket on the front part and a special seat to increase comfort. You can place a water bottle on the basket of the bike for your daughter to remain hydrated as they train to ride. The woven basket can also carry some toys or even snacks. The body is pink while the tires are purple. This combination adds some elegance to the bike.
The main seat of this bike is very comfortable for a child. It is padded to prevent your child from fatigue during cycling. They place the seat a bit low from the rest of the body so that a child does not struggle to access it. It also helps her maintain the right riding position to prevent her from body aches.
Titan girls flower princess is a unique bike which looks different from other conventional types due to features such as a doll seat. This seat is separate from the main seat that the child rests on during cycling. It is situated at the rear part of the bike. Your child can use the feature to bring along her favorite teddy bear during her ride. Since children love adventures, the doll seat enhances their bicycle experience.
The producers add training wheels that make the bike steady. They help a child balance well on top of the bike and add confidence to the rider. She can quickly learn how to balance on the bike without any extra help. You can remove the 16-inch training wheels once your daughter knows how to balance well on the bike.
Titan flower bike also includes wheel reflectors and inflatable tubes to boost the safety of the wheels. There is a white chain guard which protects the child from the chain. Unlike bikes that have unattractive chain guards, Titan adds some fun characters and decorations on them.

  • The bike has an impressive design
  • Contains fun features
  • It is stable and secure to ride


  • Some parts are prone to rust
  • The large wheels make it a bit cumbersome


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Titan girls flower princess bike contains all the fun accessories that every girl desires. The manufacturer aims at making a child have fun during their playtime and learn basic riding skills. It contains safety features such as chain guard and training wheels to prevent your child from injuring herself.
Though the bike does not have a kickstand, it balances well and offers room for imagination. You will also like the price point of this bike since it does not cost too much. To learn more about the brand, feel free to check out Titan bikes review before you make a purchase.