Trek Bike Reviews – Is Trek The Best American Brand of Bikes?

You wouldn’t want to buy the wrong Trek bike. Read this comprehensive review.

I’ve grown with and around Trek bikes – and my first bike was a Trek. Born in a home of outdoorsy enthusiasts where bike riding was the ultimate definition of epic family time, a space where we were nurtured and shown how to ride and even help with diagnosis and the next fixes for bicycles, we have always loved cycling. I’ve participated in a number of triathlons from the time I was a teen, and to date, our best bonding experiences involve some bike riding.

Don’t get me wrong, biking might not have been a hobby that picked up on my own, and it wasn’t forced on me, but the decision to drop it later in my teens, young adult, and adult life was always open.

While some of my siblings said goodbye to the sport and only ride very occasionally, bike riding has stuck with me, and it didn’t come as a surprise to me when my son and daughter picked up the sport as soon as they could ride. They are quite competitive, which makes for more family fun.

I have used a number of Trek bikes and other brands over the years, but something stands out from the Trek Bikes. The bikes might not be the cheapest, but they provide great value for money.

All About Trek and Trek Bikes

Headquartered in Wisconsin, Trek is one of the biggest American bicycle manufacturing company with a huge global impact and strong local values.

However, what you might not know is that what is now a global leader in the world of bicycles didn’t start out big, and no one expected the brand to amass such a huge stake in the market.

Trek was founded in 1976 by Beville Hogg and Dick Burke ((who still hold the fort to date), two gentlemen who had the idea to make bikes while drinking beers at Lake Mills’ Pine Knoll Supper Club in Wisconsin.

While the idea was finalized, the drinking sesh in this bar was one that carried the debate that would bring to life the brand name of their would-be cycling company.

After hours debating and brainstorming, the settled on Trek, a name that seems to have kicked off and oiled the wheels of success for the brand. Trek has its roots in Africaans, where the word means ‘to Journey.’

Soon after, and with an initial investment of $25,000, Beville and Dick started working on making their first bikes in a small barn located between Milwaukee and Madison.

With a total of 5 fulltime employees, the small company came up with the company’s/ brand’s first bikes. These bikes were made of steel-touring frames as a way for Trek to battle it out with some of the biggest brands in Italy and Japan.

In 1983, Trek debuted its first mountain bike, and it wasn’t until a few years later that it came up with the carbon fiber bike models. In 1984, the company launched its aftermarket accessories and parts line, under the TCG or Trek Components Group company.

The biggest technological advancements and introductions were made by Trek between 1985 and 1991. Trek’s first bonded-aluminum frame bikes called The 2000 were introduced in 1985. This was followed by the 2500 Trek bikes whose frames were made of a 3-tube carbon composite – this was the brand’s debut into the carbon fiber frame world.

1992 saw the introduction of the Optimum Compaction Low Void or OCLV frames – these were super-lightweight bike frames. OCLV frames are designed from a process called Optimum compaction, in which carbon sheets are layers into a mold the optimized through exposure to pressure and heat, in a perfect ratio.

Low Void, on the other hand, represents the minimization of the space between the carbon sheet layers, hence an ultra-lightweight, durable, and a high-strength frame.

The company has been making innovations and introducing new models ever since.

By the 1990s, the brand had expanded its product range to include kids’ and hybrid bikes. Trek also prides itself on being a forefront brand designing the best of female-friendly bike designs – the best of the Women-specific bike designs plus accessories were introduced in 2000, and the brand has since been at the forefront, supporting women’s cycling.

Today, Trek’s headquarters is close to this barn that allowed the brand to come up with its first bikes.

The growth of Trek has seen the brand expand its range of products to include mountain bikes, road bikes, e-bikes, women’s bikes, as well as hybrids. Trek bikes are often seen used in the highest professional and competitive levels. It, therefore, means that if you are planning to invest in a Trek bike, you would be making a good investment.

In this review of the best Trek bikes, I’ll help you make the best choice by reviewing some of the best options on the market, and what they are ideal for.

Trek regards itself as the American Success story of a small town, a company that’s guided with deep values such as craftsmanship, hard work, responsibility, and a daily commitment to meeting the needs of its customers.

These values are also regarded as Wisconsin values. Thanks to these values, Trek is now a leading global cycling brand that makes use of top-notch and industry-pioneering technologies to make the best bikes.

Trek’s Bike – What’s Unique About Trek?

To help you understand the rich history of Trek Bikes, we’ll take a look at the models offered b this brand over the years, as a way for you to understand and appreciate the history and the growth of this brand.

Project One – Elite Design and Labor-Sourcing Program

As the name suggests, this was the pioneering stage by Trek. While the earliest models of the Trek bikes were made in the US, one of the main reasons for the popularity of the brand has to do with Project One, a Trek program that offered a curated option.

Project One allowed customers to choose bike features and specifications, from the components and the frame to the graphics and paint color of their bikes. With more money, you’d have more customization ideas. These bikes would be assembled in Waterloo, Wisconsin, then shipped to the local retailer.

You’d have to pick the custom bike from Trek’s headquarters, or allow for the professional fitting and the design of the bike from the headquarters; all thanks to the Trek Travel business by the company.

IsoSpeed – Technological Advancements

One of the biggest technological advances made by Trek is IsoSpeed, an industry-leading technological feature that’s available at the rear and the front of some of the bike models by the brand. IsoSpeed is the result of the works of leading Trek engineers, and Fabian Cancellara, the famous classics specialist.

With the use of the IsoSpeed technology, the rear decoupler is placed right at the junction of the top tube and the seat, while the front decoupler is at the top of the bike’s headset.

The front decoupler allows for a magnified flex for the fork steerer tube, and this flex is more than what would be felt if the decoupler was fixed at the upper headset cup – this design feature results in the dampening of most impact from the bike.

The rear IsoSpeeddecoupler, on the other hand, is designed to increases the deflection of the vertical seat tube, allowing for smoother rides.

The best part is that the rear decoupler system in the Domane and Madone Trek models is adjustable,  which means better adjustment of the compliance level, for personal needs, or when riding the bike in areas with unpredictable terrains.

This decoupler also makes the bikes superior to other brands and models because it means that you won’t have to work around or adjust your rear slider for smoother experiences on the road.

Having ridden the Domane Trek bike, I can tell you that this bike has the most comfortable and the smoothest effects on cobbles, asphalt, and other rough terrains, thanks to the decouplers.

The Newest Design Developments by Trek

As expected, the brand has bolstered its efforts around the smooth-riding technologies. However, what appears to be one of the biggest advancements made is the new bike designs that have seen the incorporation of internal-storage compartments in the mountain and road bikes’ down tubes.

These trap doors are handy, and you get to experience its full benefits in the Fuel EX and Domane models. The upgrades to the bikes also include an organizer roll with pockets to be used with the tube, an inflator head, a CO2 cartridge, as well as a tire lever.

The other changes, improvements, and features in Trek bikes include the adoption of Trek bikes for everyone through the introduction of unisex sizing for the bikes, a feature that gives customers access to all bike build kits, paint colors, and sizes.

More exciting bikes are also being produced, including the new and popular Domane Roadster, and the revamped Top Fuel and Fuel EX mountain bikes.

What all these mean is that Trek offers something for everyone, and whether you prefer the new models or the older models, this brand has something for everyone.

That said, we’ll review some of the best Trek bikes on the market today. By looking at the features and benefits, and the drawbacks of some of these bikes, you’ll have a better chance of selecting the best Trek bike for you.

It’s also worth noting that Trek has numerous bike models under its name, and that means that we’re only looking at some of the Trek bikes that offer great value, exceptional performance, a wide range of important features, and some nifty technological features.

Comparison Table

Bike Name
Suitable for
Unique Features
Extra lightweight
105 drivetrain, 22-speed
Alpha Aluminum
Trek’s Invisible Weld Technology for surface area reduction
Flat-mount disc brakes
Best Cross-Country mountain bike
Front suspension and knobby tires for easy riding ion rugged terrain
hydraulic disc brakes
Best hybrid commuter bike
Alpha Gold Aluminum frame
Semi-Skinny tires that are stable on roads and loose terrains. Also DuoTrap S Compatible for Bluetooth connectivity
Hydraulic disc brakes
Best Electric Commuter Bike
Hydroformed e-bike frame
250W Bosch Performance CX system with 75Newtons max torque; Bosch Purion Display
Hydraulic disc brakes
Best Electric Mountain Bike
Alpha Platinum Aluminum frame
Bosch e-MTB, Bosch Performance CX, and Removable Integrated Battery for top performance. And a Purion Controller for enhanced control. Boost 148/110 wide tires and dropper
Hydraulic disc brakes
Best hybrid road bike
Alpha Gold lightweight aluminum frame
45c puncture-resistant tires

Upright geometry

IsoZone Grips and Handlebar

Shimano hydraulic disc brakes,
Best Commuter Bike
Alpha Aluminium
Low stand over height, and tubeless-ready for all-weather use

Stagger geometry and Gates Belt System

Hydraulic disc brakes
Best Urban hybrid electric bike
Lightweight Bosch Active Cruise Motor.

Blendr plastic mount for GoPro

Hydraulic disc brakes
Best Hybrid bike for long rides
Alpha-gold Aluminum
Tubeless-ready rims.

Fitness tracker

Puncture-resistant tires

Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc

Trek Bikes Reviews

Trek Emonda Review

Trek Emonda Review

Emonda Trek Bikes are regarded as the lightweight bike models by Trek and its users, which means that this bike brand is ideal for climbing.

The bike model launched in 2014 makes use of some of the newest technological and engineering capabilities, which give this model the capacity to negotiate some of the most unpredictable and changing terrains. Trek bikes in the Emonda range come with a tire clearance of up to 28mm and also disk brakes.

The lightweight design of the Emonda bikes results from the use of OCLV carbon. There is also continuous work on the model that has seen further weight in the 640g, 56cm Trek Emonda SLR, and the 1091g Trek Emonda SL, thanks to the use of series 700 Series OCLV and 500 Series OCLV, respectively.

But that is not all, the lightweight design of the EmondaSeries is not entirely the result of the OCLV frame – some of the bikes in the Emonda range feature an aluminum frame.

The aluminumEmonda bikes have since become the most popular models, with the Trek Emonda ALR Disc 5 being one of the top-rated aluminum-framed bikes by Trek. The new Emonda ALR Disc 5 is one super-lightweight bike that boasts a very high riding performance.

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Trek Emonda ALR Disc 5 Bike – Most Lightweight Road Bike

Trek Emonda ALR Disc 5 Bike

This bike not only looks great, but it’s also a total badass aluminum bike with excellent welds and overall form.

With a weight of 1131g for a 56cm aluminum bike frame, the entire bike possibly weighs only 7.8kgs, which means that this bike is the lightest bike made of aluminum on the market today. The bike is competitively priced too.

The other features that make this Emonda bike one of the most popular ones on the market include its sturdy structure that’s well-optimized via a process called hydroforming, hence the stretching and the significant manipulation of the design of this bike into a complex but functional shape developed from the 300 Series of Trek’s Alpha aluminum.

The bike also offers top-quality rides thanks to its carbon-like aesthetic and the strong structure of the bike. And with each of the bike’s tubes fitting into each other perfectly, this bike is made with less welding material, a design function that further results in the bike’s low-weight and slender design.

Note that this bike is also made using Trek’s Invisible Weld Technology, which results in a significant reduction in the surface area of the bike’s frame, adding its strength while cutting down the weight.

It promises a smooth riding experience thanks to the wheel’s excellent clearance, a frame that lowers the bike’s buzz thanks to the long and slender rear stays, and the absence of back archs.

There’s also the geometry that gives the bike its relaxed fit and better performance with the endurance riding styles (Geometry is based off Trek’s H2 formula), as well as a racier and more aggressive performance – also seen in Emonda SLR.

The shifting is precise and quick, braking is quite effortless, and you don’t have to worry about a weight penalty.


  • It has a beautiful aluminum finish
  • Ultra-lightweight, less than 8kgs
  • Great shifting
  • Smooth, high endurance rides on all terrains


  • Handling is not as sharp as that of the rival brands
  • Bike’s endurance needs improvement

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Trek Marlin 4 Mountain Bike Reviews – Best Cross Country Mountain Bike

Trek Marlin 4 Mountain Bike

We are always searching for the best ways of enhancing convenience while saving money, and in today’s world, the options aren’t too obvious, meaning that you need to think harder and smarter for you to find some of the best strategies that work for you.

And with our sedentary lifestyles calling our health into question, some options that would be regarded as unconventional by today’s generations have to be explored.

One of these options/ solutions involves riding as an alternative to driving or catching the bus where the distance is reasonable. To do this, you’d need to invest in one of the best commute bikes, and the Marlin 4 by Trek is one of the coolest options available on the market today.

A comfortable, modern, powerful, and very reliable bike, Trek Marlin 4 might be the best investment you make today for long-term health and financial benefits. The bike is designed using some of the most advanced technologies, and this bike offers the most premium offerings the market could offer.

Some of the features that stand out from this bike include its unique styling and design, features that make this commute bike belonging to the cross country mountain bikes category the best fit for you.

Designed with the features of Trek’s conventional MTBs or Mountain Terrain Bike, it sports an elegant black finish with slight orange highlights, and the down tube features a small kink at the bike’s head tube junction, while the bike’s front set has a narrow feel and look, thanks to its skinny forks.

Its proportions are compact, relative to what you’d see in other high-end bike models, with the positioning of the handlebar and the saddle ideal for all riders, regardless of size.

Its riser is sufficiently wide, with a silver reflector at the middle, then you have the rubber grips for that nice grip, as well as support to the thenar from the brilliant support at the grips.

You might also like the grips because they allow for the convenient use of the brake levers and the trigger shifters, while the handlebar offers good ergonomics, making this bike a great option for anyone looking for a bike for short evening or morning rides.

Unfortunately, the seat is less functional and only looks great, which means that you might want to upgrade the seat – the edgy and narrow proportions of this seat make it uncomfortable, especially for long rides.

The ride and the handling of this bike are pretty good for anyone in search of a bike for daily exercise, thanks to the relaxed but also aggressive riding position. The construction of the bike offers great weight distribution and a good balance. The Marlin 4 is also significantly lightweight, and strong.

The other features that enhance the function and the efficiency of this bike include its Bontrager knobby tires, which provide an excellent grip on city paths, though not a good design feature for off-roading.

It can handle loose sandy areas, though, with the grippy pedals and the wide tire dimensions giving you confidence, especially on fast corners. Its adjustable preload front suspension sports a pretty decent 75mm travel, which means easy maneuvering of simple terrains on daily rides.

The pick-up speed on the front forks could, however, be sturdier – this means that you should expect some vibrations if riding at higher speeds.

Though this bike is ideal for beginners and experienced riders, the 21-gear Shimano system that has the trigger shifters might be somewhat challenging to beginners. The braking is good, but the incorporation of a front disc would have been a great addition.

It’s also quite practical thanks to the lightweight alloy wheels, which make for easy lifting of the rear or the front of the wheels, meaning no need to roll the bike. The preloading on the bike’s coil-spring suspension allows for a great balance.


  • Only great for short daily commutes, daily rides for soft offroading, and use on simple and soft terrains
  • Ideal for different riders of different sizes
  • Lightweight
  • Good design features
  • It’s practical
  • Ergonomic rubber grip
  • Great positioning of the handlebar
  • Adaptable design allows for relaxed and aggressive riding positions
  • It has a good balance


  • Not ideal for off-road biking
  • No mudguards
  • The saddle and the seat are a bit disproportional for long rides
  • It vibrates at high speeds

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Trek FX 2 Disc Review – Best Hybrid Commuter Bike

Best Hybrid Commuter Bike

Hybrid bikes are ideal for commuting, leisure, fitness, adventure, etc. all thanks to their versatile, comfortable, and fun riding experiences. So, if you are looking for a bike to ride anywhere or a bike for fitness and aren’t sure what to buy, the hybrid bikes would be a good start.

This Trek FX 2 Disc is one of Trek’s top-rated hybrid bikes. It’s quite versatile and stylish, thanks to its disc brakes, which allow for the easiest and the fastest stops, regardless of the weather – you can ride comfortably whether dry or if raining heavily.

It’s an ideal option for commutes, training, and commutes. This bike is also lightweight thanks to its Alpha Gold Aluminum frame constriction, and its efficiency is enhanced by the semi-skinny tires and the 24-speed Shimano drivetrain, which make the bike super-fast on the road, and extra stable on loose terrains.

Its aluminum frame has hydraulic disc brakes, which give the bike an all-weather stopping power, while the wide gearing range is designed to control your pedals, meaning that you won’t be peddling too hard or too soft.


  • A versatile bike that will go anywhere
  • Confident braking system
  • Easily accessorized with a kickstand, lights, fenders, racks, etc. thanks to the built-in mounts
  • Strong hydraulic brakes
  • DuoTrap S Compatibility allows the bike’s integration with a Bluetooth sensor on the frame, hence easy logging of fitness progress and routes
  • Blendr stem enhances its usability
  • Ergonomic grips for better control and added comfort
  • Alpha-Gold Aluminum frame that’s continuously butted and cold-extruded for a higher-strength and weight balance
  • Comfortable seat
  • Gentle pedals
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Internal cable routing protects the cables from the elements while adding to the sleek look of the bike


  • It won’t work too well on mountain roads and needs an extra push

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Trek Super Commuter+ Review

Trek Super Commuter+ represents one of the top-rated range of commuter bikes by Trek. A hybrid bike range, the Super Commuter+ boasts super-refined aesthetics that make this range the most stylish of city bikes.

The bike makes use of an integrated electric motor on the frame to power the bike, hence it’s fast, and futuristic design and performance. The Super Commuter bikes are regarded as car replacements, and though expensive, they would be a great investment.

Some of the bikes in the Super Commuter+ Series include the Trek Super Commuter+ 7, Trek Super Commuter+ 8, Trek Super Commuter+ 8S, and the Trek Super Commuter+ 9.

Trek Super Commuter+ 8S – Best Electric Commuter Bike

Electric Commuter Bike

Introduced on the market in 2018 and powered by the removable 500kWh battery powerpack by Bosch, this bike is a great commuting bike designed to fit riders of different sizes, from 4’9.9” to 6’7.9”.

The frames feature 27.5 inch Alex Volar alloy wheels sporting a 2.4-inch-wide tire (Schwaibe Super Moto-X), as well as the sealed Bontrager bearing hubs.

Its forks are made of rigid carbon, with the frame connected to the axles directly, since the bike has no suspension. The bike’s brakes are made of the Shimano M615 hydraulic disc, and it also sports an 11-speed Shimano shifter, chain, gearset, and a Shadow Plus rear derailleur.

The foot interface is made of Wellgo track-style pedals made of alloy, and the aluminum skid plate protects the bike from bashes and stones. The other features included are the front & rear lights and fenders, plus a rear rack.

The power of this bike is enhanced by the 350-watt Bosch Performance Speed motor packaged into the frame. It also features high-quality units like the seat post, stem, grips, seat, and ergonomic saddle and handlebars.

Note that the other Super Commuter + (7 and 8) series have less power than the 8S, while the Trek Super Commuter+ 9 has more power (500w motor).


  • Easy to use and flick through the power modes
  • Great pedal level assistance
  • The handling is fun
  • Great drivetrain and power
  • It has nice integrations and accessories, including fenders, lights, and a rack
  • High-performance hydraulics
  • Ergonomically designed


  • It’s expensive
  • It’s tiring on poor surfaces because of the rigid ride
  • It’s heavy

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Trek Powerfly 7 2019 Review – Best Electric Mountain Bike

Electric Mountain Bike

Designed stealthily for long travels, this Trek Powerfly 7 2019 is one of the best all-mountain electric bikes on the market. It has a longer wheelbase, as well as an adjustable seat tray, which optimizes the bike’s geometry, allowing to smooth climbs and descends.

This bike makes use of the top-performance Bosch e-MTB system as well as an Alpha Platinum Aluminum frame, which enhances the performance and the durability of the bike.

The RIB/ Removable Integrated Battery conveniently covers the 500Wh battery for power. The power of the bike is further enhanced by the ergonomic Purion controller, which enhances the use and control of the bike’s functions, and the Bosch Performance CX motor.

The Bosch motor makes the bike ideal for use on rugged terrains by giving you a high torque up to 75-newton meters, hence power sustenance in the high cadence range.

It also features a RockShox suspension (air), a dropper, and a 1×11 drivetrain by Shimano, all designed to make this MTB the perfect fit for you if you need a powerful electric mountain climbing bike.

The other features of this bike include the 23-wheel Tubeless-ready BontragerKovee, the 11-speed Shimano drivetrain (SLX/ XT), a100mm fork (RockShoxSektor RL) that features the ultra-plush DebonAir spring, and the Bontrager dropper post.

The bike is also lighting read as it’s wired internally, and it can take on extra lights. The rack-mount means the easy carrying of accessories for long rides.


  • The wheel size is smart, with the perfect level of control and responsiveness
  • Alpha Platinum aluminum frame makes the bike lightweight
  • Wider dropouts for wheels’ stiffness and pedaling efficiency, with no effects on the q-factor
  • Durable bike
  • Ideal for long rides
  • Capable dropper post
  • Versatile, and ideal for recreation, commuting, and fun adventures on trails
  • RIB is easy to use
  • I’m ever impressed by the Bosch Performance CX Motor


  • It’s expensive
  • The Bosch Motor is heavy, and I’d have preferred something lighter
  • It’s rather noisy

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2020 Trek Verve 3 Review

2020 Trek Verve 3

One of the high-end models by Trek, the 2020 Trek Verve 3 Disc comes with upgrades for the drivetrain and the disc brakes, and these upgrades are the reason behind the bike’s stopping power in different weather conditions. The handlebars have been designed to reduce vibrations, as are the grips, hence more comfortable rides.

This Verve 3 Disc might be a great option for you if you need a comfortable everyday bike for long and short rides, commutes, or fitness.

It’s fitted with some of the best features and components for top-performance, for example, and the Alpha Gold lightweight aluminum frame that comes with mounts for fenders and a rack, as well as the IsoZone handlebar plus grips that will absorb the vibrations from bumpy roads.

The other features include the 18-speed Shimano drivetrain, wide 45c and puncture-resistant tires for stability and extra confidence, the hydraulic brakes by Shimano, and the suspension seat post, which offers smooth rides.


  • Upright geometry gives it perfect positioning
  • A comfortable hybrid road bike offering great performance
  • Available in different sizes for everyone
  • High-performance, all-weather hydraulic disc brakes
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • The IsoZone grips and handlebar reduce vibration
  • Upgraded drivetrain
  • Affordable road bike, offering great value for money
  • Puncture-resistant tires
  • Blendr stem for easy clipping of gear on the stem
  • User friendly
  • Built-in mounts
  • Great suspension seat post


  • No XS size meaning that some users find it hard to stand upright
  • Some people find the seat u6ncomfortable
  • It’s a little on the heavy side6
  • You’ll have to replace the spokes too soon
  • No front suspension
  • Not the fastest road bike

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Trek L500 Review – Best Commuter Bike

Commuter Bike

The Trek L500, specifically, the Trek L500 Stagger, is one of the modern Trek models for city commutes. This bike is designed to simplify commutes to work or runs to the grocers, but you could take it with you on your weekend adventures.

Its frame is made of the lightweight Alpha Aluminum frame common with most of Trek’s commuting bikes. It sports a relatively low standover height, which enhances the convenience of the bike when mounting/ dismounting.

The Shimano Nexus 8-Speed drivetrain incorporated into the bike’s internal hub boosts its control and operational efficiency, and it also features a low-maintenance Gates belt-drive system, which is also quiet and durable.

Its hydraulic disc brakes enhance use and stoppage power of the bike in different weather conditions, the tubeless-ready wheels are easy to use. It has comfortable and ergonomic grips (lock-on Satellite Elite Grips), as well as the easy to use Blendr stem that allows for easy integration of accessories, lights, mudguards, U-Lock, and a rack.


  • It has a Stagger geometry that gives you extra confidence – ideal for beginners
  • Efficient and powerful belt-drive system
  • All-weather hydraulic disk brakes
  • Good bike for commutes
  • Ease of use
  • It’s versatile
  • Affordable


  • It’s a lesser-known brand

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Trek Verve+ Electric Bike Review – Best Urban hybrid electric bike

Trek Verve+ Electric Bike Review

This Trek Verve+ electric bike is one of the most versatile electric bikes on the market, and it’s one of my best bikes for outdoor use thanks to its bright and amiable headlight, the flashing backlight, and the sturdily-designed paint-matched lightweight aluminum fenders.

The bike’s level of comfort took me by surprise, with the wide tires offering good cushioning and the perfect level of stability. Comfort is further enhanced by the design of the suspension seat post and the saddle, and this means no or a significant reduction in back pain. Its adjustable angle riser works great, and I was also impressed by the ergonomic grips.

The bike further makes riding fun with the mount points for the rear rack and the bottle cage. This Trek Verve+ is also one of the most affordable electric bikes on the market, and it makes use of the powerful and proven 400W Bosch Powerpack – mount is, unfortunately, not compatible with this power pack.

It also comes with a smaller but reliable and fixed Purion display, as well as a compact and portable charger, along with a motor system (Active Line), which is fitted with a shift detection function for great efficiency.


 I love the variety from the bikes, as it comes in 4 different colors and sizes and 2 styles

  • A durable and lightweight frame
  • The fenders are sturdy, clean, and dry
  • Good-quality headlights and backlights
  • Blendr plastic mount allows for easy mounting of a camera
  • Nice 9-speed drivetrain
  • Lightweight Bosch Active Cruise motor
  • It offers very comfortable rides even without a suspension fork
  • Nice spokes
  • Great performance from the powerful Bosch motor
  • Maximum weight capacity of 300lbs


  • No walk mode
  • Not easy to remove and protect the Purion Display
  • The headlight is fixed, and it won’t turn as you steer
  • Slow battery charger
  • Maximum motor speed of 100RPM

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Trek Dual Sport 3 Review -Best Hybrid bike for long rides

Trek Dual Sport 3

This is another high-performance hybrid bike that makes a good fit for anyone looking for a fast and efficient bike to ride on pavements and other soft terrain areas. It holds well on long rides, whether on gravel trails or the city streets, and the lightweight aluminum frame allows for easy accessorizing of the bike with fenders, racks, lights, fitness trackers, etc.

Its top performance is enhanced by the tubeless-ready rims, front suspension system, and puncture-proof tires.

The aluminum frame is an Alpha Gold Aluminum frame that offers a high-performance and efficiency to this Sportbike. The frame is butted and cold-extruded, then manipulated into the tubes, balancing the frame’s strength, while enhancing and saving on weight.

Its suspension fork, on the other hand, boasts immense shock-absorbing capabilities as it allows the bike’s front wheels to travel up and down through the bumps while keeping the handlebars steady, hence more comfortable and controlled rides. And for smooth riding on the smoothest of roads, this sports bike will make use of its suspension lockout system.

It also boasts a massive tire clearance that accommodates up to 700x35c tires fitted with fenders, or even the 29”x1.8” MTB tires with no fenders. The bike also boasts a great deal of versatility as it comes with a built-in mount, which allows for the easy addition of racks or fenders. The Blendr stem technology adds to its versatility and user-friendliness, by ensuring cleaner look when you clip gear on the bike.

Finally, it has the DuoStrap S compatible system with Bluetooth integration into the bike’s frame, and this means easy logging of routes, as well as the tracking of your fitness program, whether on your smartphone or your computer.


  • Bluetooth integration makes it a good fitness tracking system
  • Blendr system ensures maximum user-friendliness
  • Riding efficiency thanks to the hydraulic fork’s lockout
  • Several gearing options for elegant control on different terrains
  • The internal cabling means enhanced cables’ life
  • Easy to accessorize and carry extra gear
  • It is affordable
  • Ideal bike for adventurous and recreational rides
  • It’s made using some of the most sophisticated tech features
  • The tires are puncture-proof
  • High-quality drivetrain


  • Few color options

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There’s no denying that Trek bicycles are some of the best bikes on the market today, and with one of the widest range of products on the market for different price categories, the brand could easily be the best option for anyone looking for a bike, whether for daily commutes, adventure on trails, or climbing tough terrains.

The use of the latest and the most sophisticated technologies allows Trek to develop lightweight, high-strength, and high-performance bikes for everyone.


Are Trek Bikes Good?

Trek bikes are some of the best bikes on the market build on quality, efficiency, and top performance thanks to the use of advanced technology and engineering advances.

These bikes come with different features, components, build quality, and components, designed to match different price ranges, meaning that there is something for everyone, and for every use imaginable.

Is Trek better than Specialized?

Both Trek and Specialized are superior bike brands, but there are some differences between the brands.

Some of the differences include

Better parts offered by Specialized compared to Trek.

However, the biggest difference between these two brands has to do with the fork, with the Specialized bikes offering a stiffer, more rigid platform allowing riders more confidence in the bikes. Often, the Trek bikes are seen to be lacking in precision, and the forks are not as good as the ones in the Specialized bikes.

On the other hand, Trek boasts more frame upgrades than Specialized which only offers two bike frame upgrades – aluminum and carbon

Both brands, however, offer high-end bikes with differences in geometry.

The range of bikes offered by each brand includes hardtails, hybrids, and full-suspension bikes.

The prices are also variable for both brands, and there is something for everyone.

But even with these differences, most bikers still opt for Trek. But they are both excellent brands.

What’s the quality of Trek bikes?

Trek is, without doubt, the industry leader when it comes to bikes and the brand prides itself in the production of some of the most sophisticated bike brands.

With the use of industry-leading and advanced designs and the actualization of unique ideas, for example, the IsoFlex in the Domane line of bikes. This system has resulted in the production of the most compliant bike frames on the market. These frames are among the lightest on the market, but you don’t have to worry about compromised quality or structural strength.

Note, however, that the best quality Trek bikes are the high-end varieties.

Are Trek Bikes Worth the Money?

Yes. With the high-quality build, the use of sturdy and high-performance frames and components, these bikes are worth the money.