Trek vs. Fuji hybrid Review – Handle rough terrain with ease

Hybrid bikes are great for daily commute and occasional hikes to the mountains during weekends. In our review of trek vs. Fuji hybrid, we examine two top hybrid bike manufacturers for the ultimate hybrid bike.
Hi, my name is Jessica. I am a mother of four. After, having my last-born I noticed that I had put on some extra pounds. I was struggling with self-esteem issues at the time. I tried joining a gym but dropped out after a few weeks.
I met a friend from college days and I was envious of her lean figure. I got her contacts and we met over lemonade at my front porch. She is the one who recommended that I try a workout program that involved bike riding. I went out shopping for bikes but there were so many models in the market. I finally settled on a hybrid bike because it acted as both a road and mountain bike.
What are the differences between Trek FX 1 and Fuji Absolute 1.3? How do they compare

Trek FX 1
Fuji Absolute 1.3
Tektro alloy linear pull
Tektro Auriga Hydraulic disc
700X35c Bontrager H2 tires
700X28C Vittoria Zaffiro
7-speed Shimano Altus EF500
27 speed RapidFire shifters

Trek vs. Fuji Hybrid – Quick Roundup
The Trek FX comes in a sturdy aluminum frame while the Fiji makes use of a carbon fork frame that has a slopping top tube for easy mounting and dismounting. The Fiji offers its bike in three frame sizes – 17”, 19” and 21” while the Trek FX 1 comes in 15”, 17.5”, 20” and 22.5” frame. If you are six feet and above then we would recommend you go with the Trek FX due to its large frame.
Hybrid bikes are not designed for speed but they have multiple gears to handle steep hills. The Fiji Absolute 1.3 27 speed RapidFire shifters offer you more options unlike the Trek FX 1 7 speed shimano shifters. The Fiji will has better low gear ratios and this enables it to perform better in steep ascends and cruising in flat surfaces.
You need the best brakes to help you come to an immediate halt when riding through muddy and flat surfaces. The Fiji Absolute has Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes with the front having 160mm rotors and the rear having 160mm rotors. With just a gently press the brakes come to life and are really responsive. The Trek FX 1 Trekro Linear pull brakes are no much for the Fiji.
Fiji Absolute 1.3 Review
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The Fiji Absolute comes in a lightweight carbon fork frame that is ideal for cross-country rides and daily commutes. The bike comes in one color – red. To accompany the alloy frame are three tire sizes – 17”, 19” and 21”. You also get a slopping top tube and this makes it easier to mount and get off the bike. Bike performance is enhanced through the Shimano Shora 27 speed gear shifters. This helps the bike take steep hills easily and it makes it relatively easy to cruise on flat surfaces.
The braking on the Fiji Absolute is responsive and fast due to front hydraulic disc 160mm rotors. The rear has 400 mm. The bike handles well even in muddy surfaces. The Vittoria Zaffiro 700X28C tires are large enough to handle rough terrain with ease. Due to their light threading, the tires give you superior handling when navigating sharp corners and slippery roads.

  • Lightweight carbon fork frame
  • Fast gear shifters
  • Large wheels for fast navigating of corners


  • Bike relegated to one color option


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Trek FX 1 Review
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The body for the Trek FX is made from aluminum. This makes it lightweight for daily commutes and mountain climbing. You have the option of a 15”, 17.5”, 20” and 22.5” frame. This means people of all sizes can ride the bike; from 4 feet can ride the bike to six feet. The Trek offers fast stopping due to its use of tektro alloy linear pulling braking discs.
Trek FX comes with Shimano 7 speed gear shifters. These are efficient for navigating steep hills and cruising on flat surfaces. The Bontrager H2 tires offer the rider a smooth ride irrespective of the terrain.

  • Large wheels for all terrain
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Bike suitable for people of all sizes


  • Slow gears


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In our review of Trek vs. Fiji Review, we have a clear winner – the Fuji Absolute 1.3. The bike stands out due to its hydraulic braking discs, fast gear changing system and sturdy frame that is lightweight. This is the ideal bike for your daily commutes and occasional cross-country travels.
Can I use my Hybrid Bike for touring?
Road bikes are created with thin tires suitable for riding on flat, tarmacked roads. If you use your road bike on rough terrain with sharp rocks, you run the risk of constant punctures.
Which bikes are best for daily commute?
You can use your hybrid bike for short, daily commutes to the office or grocery store. Hybrid bikes have the added advantage of larger tires than the road bikes and this makes them ideal for commutes and cross-country rides.
What is the difference between a mountain and hybrid bike?
The mountain bike has larger wheels and suspension but the bike frame for the hybrid bike is similar. The hybrid bike is a cross-breed between the road bike and mountain bike; it has narrower tires and lighter frame when compared to an ideal mountain bike.
What is the average speed of a hybrid bike?
It will depend on the experience of the rider. Hybrid bikes come with multiple gears, so expect to do an average of between 18km/h and 20km/h; professionally riders can hit speeds of 30km/h to 35km/h.
Can I use my hybrid bike for long distance rides?
You can use your hybrid bike for daily exercises and long distance travels. The multiple gears and large wheels make for a comfortable ride. Expect to do daily rides of 80 km.