Trek vs Giant road bikes, who will win?

Road bikes are the fastest most versatile bikes I know. They are built to perfection to give you high performance and to keep you comfortable throughout the ride. Here is an in-depth Trek vs Giant road bikes comparison pitting two top of the chain bikes against each other.
Some tips I find useful when road biking is number one, to find a bike that is not going to give up on me. Number two, always put on the right protective gear. At first, I thought road biking was as easy as a walk in the park. After all, what could be so hard about riding on a paved road?
But as I would soon find out I was wrong. Olympic track pro cyclists have admitted to road biking being very hard. See it is not so much about the ground you are riding on as much as it is about, the endurance, balance, energy, and concentration needed to see you get to the other end.
Did you know that you can burn up to 900 calories by going for a vigorous ride at 16 to 19 miles per hour? If you are buying a Trek or a Giant road bike to keep fit or lose weight, then this right here is reason enough to take your cycling seriously.
Here, we look at two bikes I consider man’s best invention. A true representation of high quality and perfection merged into one. This Trek vs Giant road bikes comparison dives deep to dissect intricate tidbits just to see which one comes top.

Trek road bike
Giant road bike
Gear, speeds
11 speeds
9 speeds
Frame material
Carbon fiber
Aluminum alloy
Disc brakes
Hydraulic disc brakes

Trek vs Giant road bikes differences and similarities
The Trek road bike is every road rider’s biggest dream. If the numerous ‘best bike of the year awards’ are anything to go by, you instantly know that this bike is the real deal. It is designed to move smoothly even at high speeds. This is all thanks to a Shimano Di2 11 speed gear that makes shifting from one gear to another seamless. Here a good gear doesn’t come at the expense of performance, with the Trek road bike you can have it all.
Giant road bikes, on the other hand, come with a simple yet high quality 9 speed Shimano Altus gear. It may not have as many options but for an ordinary road rider who’s only out looking for some fun and adventure, this gear will suffice.
Frame material
When they say that the Trek road bike is indestructible, I had no idea they meant it in the literal sense. Made from 600 Series OCLV carbon, you know that there’s no place too far for this bike to reach. See, this is the strongest type of carbon fiber made only for the serious road biker. This bike stays unbothered and unmoved by harsh weather or rough terrain.
The Trek bike is capable of moving at cutthroat speeds, with the most precise controls to support your riding demands. It is shaped perfectly to take advantage of the wind to propel you further forward with the least amount of resistance.
The giant road bike alternatively frame is made of Aluminum alloy. It is light in weight but when compared to its counterpart above it may be heavier. Aluminum alloy is a durable frame material but needs servicing frequently to keep it in superb conditions and to avoid rusting.
For you to achieve a smooth ride, you need good wheels. Trek bikes can have enough tire clearance fit different sized wheels but for the best performance, you need 700x25c wheels. They are strong and are built with enough traction to grip the road and move faster. They are highly resistant to punctures and will last you a significant number of long rides before you need to have them replaced.
Giant road bikes do well with 700×27.5c wheels. These are wider and therefore bound to give the rider much more stability. These tires are excellent on the road and do an amazing job of keeping you relaxed and comfortable. Whether you are riding on a rough road or a paved road, uphill or downhill, you can fully depend on these tires to get you there without the need to keep on changing tires or stopping to check or make adjustments.
Both of these bikes feature disc brakes. Some Trek bikes particularly the older models also feature rim brakes with some men’s and women’s bikes featuring mechanical drive trains. Disc brakes are more effective than rim brakes and rarely get damaged. This unlike rim brakes which owing to their close proximity to the ground can take a lot of beating which causes them to get damaged quicker.
Giant road bikes come with Hydraulic disc brakes which are much more efficient compared to any other type of breaks. They are very reliable and highly effective. They will not break down irrespective of how rough the road is, how harsh the weather conditions are or how long you will be riding.
Trek vs Giant road bikes detailed reviews
Trek road bike review
Trek Madone Road Bike Review
The most exciting feature for me when it comes to this beautiful work of art is the seat. This seat is designed to rotate by itself all thanks to a tube right under the seat. This tube is detached from the seat stay junction and is aimed at bringing flexibility to accommodate the rider’s moves and posture when riding at high speeds.
Another thing that grips my attention is the IsoSpeed decoupler, a unique gadget that makes your rides smoother which is quite accommodating when riding on a rough road or when riding for a long distance. Here you are able to pedal efficiently, with less effort. This bike is designed to fit people who are between 4.1ft and 6.5ft tall who are no more than 275 pounds in weight.

  • Superior shock absorption qualities
  • Sleek lightweight design for faster speeds
  • Powerful 11-speed gear


  • This bike is limited to a maximum load of 275 pounds which is much lower compared to what other bikes in the same category can carry.


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Giant road bike review
giant talon 4 review
Ideal for beginner road racers, this bike offers you enhanced stability and incredible performance. It is full of impressive features that keep the riders yearning for more. It’s most impressive qualities include powerful effective disc brakes, 9-speed gears, and a strong, durable aluminum frame. The moment I got on to this bike I was amazed by how sturdy it is and how easy it is to maneuver.
Switching from one gear to another is easy, pedaling is smooth and its shock absorption capabilities are commendable. This bike is so light it felt like I was riding on a cushion. It is significantly more affordable than a Trek bike, which would lead many to dismiss it assuming that it lacks quality. I can tell you for a fact that getting this bike is a sure steal considering the value you are bound to get in return.

  • Powerful 9-speed gears
  • Wide tires give you better balance
  • Designed with highly effective disc brakes


  • Aluminum alloy has its own shortcomings in regard to how durable it is when exposed


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Final say
I love drafting behind a group of riders as a means to save energy while covering more distance. With time I realize that I may be forced to get out of my comfort one if at all I want to test my skills and become better. The goal is to become a pro-rider one day, and I am sure that a Trek bike comes with all the qualities to get me there fast. Going by this Trek vs Giant road bike review, you will understand which bike is best suited where and make your choice favorably.