Trek vs Specialized road bikes – a comprehensive comparison

Road bikes are the most versatile bikes out of all bike ranges in the market. This Trek vs Specialized road bikes review helps shed light into the various qualities that make each bike unique with a recommendation on which bike is the best.
It took weeks upon weeks marred by knee scrapes, ankle injuries and immense fear for me to learn how to ride a bike. I hated riding bikes with my dad, each riding session would end in one of two ways, blood or tears. It took a record three months for me to finally pull myself together and let myself go.
There’s this common saying that goes, ‘it’s all in the mind’ well, turns out I had all the knowledge I needed all that was left was for me to trust myself enough to do it. The feeling of the gentle wind on my flushed cheeks is a feeling I treasure to date.
What I do know now that I didn’t know then was that bike riding would be a solid center of my lifestyle as I grew up. I barely remember a time in my life when I didn’t ride. The beginning may have been tough but everything after that has been nothing but pure bliss.
I have experimented on different types of bikes. Recently I have this newfound crush on road bikes. My inquisitive self has focused particularly on the Trek and Specialized road bikes. So here’s is a Trek vs Specialized road bikes detailed review.

Trek road bikes
Specialized road bikes
19.07 lbs.
19 lbs.
Carbon fiber
Carbon Fiber
Tire clearance
28mm to 32mm

Trek vs Specialized road bikes comparison
I love road bikes mainly because of their endurance and improved comfort levels. But beyond the bike is how you are built. Some riders have longer torsos and shorter legs, others have shorter torsos and longer legs. This is what determines whether or not a bike is a right fit for you. While it is possible for the manufacturers or bike shops to help you adjust the specs of your road bike of choice, it is better to put your money on that road bike that fits you without making any adjustments.
Trek road bikes are built mainly for stability and endurance while specialized road bikes are built more to give you smoother rides irrespective of terrain and support an upright position when riding.
A good road bike should be able to handle all types of weather. For a seamless ride, you want a bike that has enough power to stop when you want it to stop. No wobbling, no hesitation, no loss of control but a smooth stop. This is made possible all thanks to effective brakes. But not just any brakes, disc brakes are otherwise known as calipers have gained popularity over the years and can be found in almost all road bikes.
Trek road bike uses modern disc brakes that give you more control, no tire or tube issues, less brake heat, and much better performance even when riding on a gravel road.
Steel, Bamboo, Aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium steel, magnesium, hardwood, are all examples of materials used to make bikes. All these materials have their good side and bad side. When looking for a good road bike, what you want to consider first is to what extent you are willing to overlook the materialistic flaws of a bike.
For example, it is a common notion that aluminum frames are rough while carbon frames are weak. Having tried bikes made of both types of materials I have found this notion to be inaccurate. Most road bikes such as Trek and Specialized road bikes are made of carbon fiber, a durable, light, and strong material.
Tire Clearance
Technology has made it possible to invent lighter, smaller, short-reach brakes. This reduction in size has culminated into more tire clearance. On average road bikes are designed with a tire clearance of around 28mm. Road bikes meant more for racing have tire clearances of 32 mm to 35mm tire clearance, something that was unheard of before disc brakes were first made. More tire clearance means more space to install wider tires which means more traction, stability, comfort, and safety.
Trek road bikes have a tire clearance of 32mm while Specialized road bikes have a tire clearance of 28mm to 32 mm depending on the tire width.
Trek vs Specialized road bikes reviews
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A high-performance road bike that will face every challenge with such incredible ease. If you want a road bike that can take you to the park for a recreational ride, or down the street for a routine fitness ride, there’s little that this bike can’t do for you. Within seconds, you can achieve very high speeds and stop instantly yet safely all thanks to disc brakes.
This bike has by far proven to have high endurance for each and every one of my uses. Through technology, the Trek bike is able to carry you through steep ascends and descents with immense stability and ease.

  • Easily adjusts to suit all types or riding situation both recreational short distance riding and long distance racing
  • Made of lightweight strong and durable carbon fiber material
  • Each bike has been taken through rigorous computerized aerodynamics to give you versatility and comfort


  • A Trek road bike may be better suited for routine rides as opposed to frequent long distances. This owing to limited endurance levels.


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Specialized road bikes review
Specialized Roubaix Comp 2018 Road Bike Blue Black EV306382 5085 1_Thumbnail
First thing I noticed when I took my first ride on a Specialized road bike is that it is very comfortable. It has been built with all the right proportions, a future shock suspension system, and a modern seat post for a ride you will never forget. It almost feels like you are floating even when riding on a road full of bumps and potholes. Created to grant you maximum endurance it would make sense that the manufacturers of this bike prioritized comfort.
Drop bar road bikes tend to cause you a significant level of discomfort especially on your back and arms. To counter this, the specialized road bikes have a 15mm rise to give you the best performance, with no discomfort whatsoever. You can focus on your journey and ride for hours without worrying about the aftermath akin to long distance riding.

  • Maximum comfort and stability
  • Lightweight carbon fiber road bike
  • Future shock suspension system reduces the impact caused by bumps and potholes for a smoother ride


  • To make room for the future shock suspension system, his bike is significantly higher. This may be a turn off for riders who want a road bike with normal height measurements.


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Final verdict
In regard to fitting, Trek and Specialized road bikes are quite similar. They also have distinct features that separate one from the other. This is what has led me to pick a Trek road bike. This bike is a true exhibit of how technology can make things easier and more exciting for riders like me. To be honest, I want to look like a pro rider but I do not want to face any of the repercussions and difficulties that come with riding long distance. This Trek vs Specialized road bikes review is a true demonstration of how far we’ve progressed and how serious riding is for many.