Tricycle vs. Bicycle – What do you need for your cycling sessions?

To keep in shape, the tricycle and bicycle are two quality options for you depending on how comfortable you are with hitting the road. Which then between the two is the best?

Hi there. Do you like cycling? Are you the more adventurous type or you dare not fall riding your bike? If you have answered yes to any of those questions, this is the article for you.

Two of the quality options to get your fitness going and your heart pumping are the tricycle and bicycle. The bicycle is the two-wheel cycling equipment while tricycles on the other hand are two-wheel bikes with the extra side wheels to keep you from wobbling about. Right off the bat you can tell they are quite different but how do you know which one is best for you?

What are the key differences between the Tricycle and Bicycle?

Maximum user weight
3, 24-inch sized
2, 26-inch sized
Heavy-duty steel
High carbon steel
Flywheel Speed

Tricycle vs. Bicycle – How do they differ?


Aside from the fact that bicycles have two-wheels and tricycles have additional side-wheels, there are still many design differences with these two popular products.

First, tricycles and bicycles do come in a really wide array of models all with their unique designs. For the tricycle, some of the most popular versions include the recumbent, midi and maxi tricycles.

Bicycles on the flipside also come in a wide variety of options. Some of the most common bicycles include mountain bikes, Cyclocross bikes, BMX, hybrid bikes and commuting bikes among others. The design you settle for ultimately depends on your needs. For instance, if you are one to hit the off-road many times, mountain bicycles are the best options for you.  The triathlon bike on the other hand is designed for fast timed races.

Bicycles offer a wider range of designs from the recumbent bike which is best for your comfort to air bikes that are high-impact beasts.


Right from the first glance, you can tell that tricycles and bicycles do have their subtle differences and similarities from the kind of stability they offer to ease of use. All these weight into the kind of performance you can expect. With the tricycle you get loads of stability because it is designed like the regular bike only with side wheels to boost your stability. A traditional bicycle, on the flipside has a two-wheeled bike that you need lots of guts and balance to go riding on. With a bicycle, you make turns by leaning into them but you cannot exactly do that with the tricycle without risking a fall.

Also, with the tricycle you can sit when you are not cycling. This is not possible with a bicycle. For example, if you have to stop at a traffic light, you will need to haveyour feet on the ground with the bicycle.

A tricycle is better built for stable and secure performance as it has you stably on the ground even on fast rides.


Aside from the extra wheels on the tricycle, you get the same sort of accessories with both these equipment. For example, quality tricycles and bicycles come fitted with water bottle holders as well as a media shelf to hold your phone or tablet. Also keep in mind that you can modify your own bicycle into a tricycle by purchasing side wheels.

Both tricycles and bicycles are fitted with handy accessories.

Tricycle vs. Bicycle – A Comparison Overview

Tricycle – Overview

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Tricycles come in very many different models each with their own unique characteristics. However, there are a few elements that do cut across the board. First, most riders opt to go with the tricycle because of the stability you get with it. Aside from being insanely comfortable to ride, the side wheels on a tricycle keep you from wobbling about even when you are not too sure about your riding skills.

Secondly, all tricycles come with low centers of gravity as you are quite close to the ground on them. Actually, in some models, the distance between the side wheels and the ground is just a few centimeters. Another winning feature with tricycles is that you can easily pedal backwards. With the right kind of pedals, you can cycle back or easily turn while you are out on the rides. This is not quite as easy when you are riding on a bicycle.

Finally, do keep in mind that tricycles for adults are a whole lot different from those designed for children. With tricycles for adults, you get side-wheels that can be with or without suspension. You can also have you rear wheel entirely replaced by the two side wheels for your added stability.

It is not without fault though. For example, making a turn on your tricycle requires proper handling so that you do not fall over.


  • Usually comes with additional space for your luggage
  • Stable and balanced enough
  • Comfortable and lightweight


  • Can be quite difficult making a turn

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Bicycle- Overview

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A bicycle is a pedal-driven and person-powered equipment with two wheels attached to a preferably stainless steel frame. Since the creation of the first bicycle in the late 19th century, a whole load of bicycle versions have popped up. For example, time-trial/ triathlon bicycle is designed for fast racing. The mountain bike is specially tweaked to handle the rough off-road while a commuting bike is what you need if you want something easy to use as you move from one place to another. They are designed to be great for errands you want done on the go.

To add, bicycles have always been the favorite among so many people because of the kind of workout you can get from it. An hour biking can help you lose anywhere between 450 to 750 calories. This is good enough for weight loss, toned muscles and better heart health. A pumped riding session can even boost your moods and give you better sleep.

The only imperfection with the bicycle is that you do not get any form of extra support for your balance. It requires you to be stable enough on your own if you do not want to fall over. Also, tricycles usually come with extra space to carry your luggage. Bicycles rarely come with a lot of extra space for your cargo.


  • Great cardio workout
  • Works your upper and lower body
  • Can be challenging enough for proper weight loss
  • Strength and endurance training


  • Needs you to have balance

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Conclusion: So, which is better- Tricycle or Bicycle?

Your choice between the tricycle and bicycle really depends on your budget as well as your specific needs. For example, if you are terribly afraid of falling on a bike, you might want to start with the tricycle. However, the best value for your money is a bicycle because of how well and long they can last without needing a replacement.


Who can use a tricycle?

Both children and adults can find tricycles perfect for them. Adults who have stability issues or temporary injuries can find a three-wheeler that will still have them cycling on the road.

Can you modify a traditional bicycle to become tricycle-like?

Yes. To modify a bicycle, you can fit in trainer wheels and have pedal straps for a snug fit like on a tricycle.