Vilano Review- A Jack of All Trades

If you have been looking for a versatile commuter bike that doubles as a race bike, you will appreciate the Vilano road bike. This Vilano review will be helpful to anyone who wants to push their limits on a 21-speed racer bike.
As a professional rider, I was on the market looking for a bike that can switch to a commuter easily. I love pushing my speed limits which is why I am drawn to 21-speed cycles. Then there are other things I look at like the quality of grip in both handles and tires, sturdiness of the frame, riding comfort, and general bike design. Buying a 21 speed is a huge investment so every component on the bike is a deal breaker for me. It took me a while to go through various brands before I settled on a road bike by Vilano.
Vilano 21 Speed Bike
Whether you are a daily commuter, a pro rider or a mix of both, a Vilano 21 speed bike is a worthy investment. It is aesthetically pleasing and comes with features you will find handy. The seat is comfortable and the frame spacious enough for your arms to stretch. The tires have impeccable performance though some reviews say they are not industry standard. There are many other features and components that may make or break your decision on whether to buy this bike.
So is a Vilano 21-speed bike worth your penny?
The Vilano 21 speed is a true beauty. It comes in three colors which are black, white and grey-red. Vilano stepped up their craftsmanship on this bike when compared with their other products. The construction feels solid right from holding the handles to cranking the gears while in motion. Simply put, this is a bike worthy of a pro rider’s praise.
Sturdy Frame
Vilano road bike boasts of a 6061 double-butted aluminum frame. This frame is both tough and lightweight. A lightweight frame also helps the bike pick up speed since there is less weight to wear it down. Aluminum frame bikes are also durable.
Vilano road bike is a 21-speed bicycle. You may also opt for a free-wheel cog which supports a 7-speed drivetrain. This bike gives you the convenience of switching to a track bike and push your limits as a pro rider. When training is over, switch back to a freewheel for that enjoyable cruise through a park or the city. The drivetrain is a top tier Shimano operated by A050 shifters.
Comfortable Sit
The saddle is large and cushiony to accommodate your weight. It does not get uncomfortable even when you ride this bike for hours. Adjust the seat so it accommodates your height better. The handlebars are adjustable as well to boost riding comfort.
Vilano road bike is available in three sizes. The smallest is 50cm in length which is suitable for people with a height between 4 feet and 5 feet. The medium size bike is 54 cm ideal for people with a height between 5 feet and 6 feet. The large bike is 58cm recommended for people taller than 6 inches.
This bike comes with 700c x 25c tires which are thick enough to hold both the bike and rider’s weights. The thick tires have a wide surface area to grip the road better. the wheelset contains 700cc forks which are the standard for speed bikes.
Tough Brakes
The brakes have alloy calipers for increased tenacity. This is helpful when wanting to break suddenly at high speeds. Top tier breaks also help in the general handling of your bicycle.

  • Built for pros
  • Durable lightweight frame
  • It is pocket-friendly


  • Not suitable for short people


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If you are looking for a professional racing bike that switches into an urban cruiser, you are looking at a Vilano road bike. It comes in a durable frame that is also lightweight to help the bike move faster. Vilano built all the bike’s components with premium material so they work with precision. If you wish to switch to a free-wheel, you still have a 7-speed bike to push to the limits.
Vilano road bike is definitely value for money. If you are looking for something cheaper, you can opt for a Vilano Commuter road bike also a 21 speed. Compare the features in this Vilano review and see whether the trade-off is worth it.